How I know You are a Creator (Even Though You Don’t Believe It’s True)

creators create their desiresEveryone experiences the desire to create. However, too often, we feel as if we lack the ability to create anything at all. So we lose faith in our own creative nature. We don’t think we are creators.

Plus, we commonly find ourselves creating what we don’t want (rather than what we do want), although we rarely admit these are our creations. As a result, we get discouraged and stop trying altogether.

Think about what you might like to create right now… You might want to create the ability to purchase a new car, the opportunity for a better job, a way to increase your income, a fulfilling romantic relationship, or better health. Or perhaps you want to create a business of your own, a traditional book deal, a painting, a song, a new house, or a water fountain in your garden.

It doesn’t matter what you want to create, you do, in fact, have the inherent ability to create it. And you create things all the time. Sometimes, however, you don’t create what you want because you aren’t as intentional about your creations as you could be. Mostly, you create unconsciously.

You are a Creator

But you are a creator—whether you like what you create or not. You are a creator, even though you don’t see the results that would help you believe this to be true.

How do I know this? I’ve studied spiritual texts, and most of them say the same thing. God, Source, Allah, Yah, or whatever name you use for whatever created the world, is a creator. We are living proof of that fact, as is the planet upon which we live, and the universe in which it resides.

Most of the spiritual texts also say that human beings were created in the image of God. That doesn’t mean we look like God, but we share one important characteristic with Source—the ability to create.

Mystical traditions also have taught us that the ability to focus our thoughts on what we want helps us bring those desires into the physical world. Today, quantum physics has proven that our attention or thoughts have energy that creates change. Indeed, the mind is a powerful creative tool.

If you aren’t spiritual, look to science. Everything is made up of energy…the same energy that created the universe. You are part and parcel of that energy.

The Constant Desire to Create

The mystical texts also talk about God’s first desire—the desire to create something besides itself. And like God, humans, too, feel the desire for something else…for something more.

Think about it… All day every day you express desires. For example, “I want to eat.” “I want a new car.” “I wish I could find a better job.” “I want to retire.” “I want to feel healthy.” “I want to take a nap.”

Each time you feel inspired, you also express a desire, in this case, the desire to bring something new into the world. For instance, “I want to write a book on ‘X’ topic.” “I want to paint a picture.” “I want to share this photo with my friends.” “I want to redecorate my house.”

Your desires continually propel you toward the creation of what you want. But you still need to go through the process of creation, and thinking about what you want is not enough to make it real. Nor can you cause a Mercedes to miraculously appear in your garage. Humans are not magicians.

Why You Don’t Create What You Want

That said, our desires work like magnets…if we allow them to do so. More often than not, though, we don’t allow what we want to manifest in our lives. We block our desires with our lack of belief in our creative nature and our negative self-talk.

However, the number one reason you don’t bring your desires into the physical world is that you don’t take action on them. The proverbial lightbulb turns on, and you see your idea clearly. Then, you dismiss it.

Maybe you think it will take too much time and effort to make that idea real. Perhaps you believe your desire is trivial or not worth pursuing. Or you think you’ll act on what you want to create later, but later never rolls around.

Mel Robbins, author of The Five-Second Rule, describes a five-second window that exists between the moment you have an instinct to change or create and your mind killing that desire. If you don’t act fast, your mind eliminates the option of creating what you want.

Additionally, a negative mental focus becomes an obstacle to creating what you desire. You’ve likely experienced yourself coming up with a great idea or feeling inspired to take action on something new you want to create. And then you find your mind focused on all the reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t create what you want. Initially, the impulse to create inspired you, but now your negative self-talk discounts your ideas or desire, and your inspiration wanes.

You go on with life…and you think you create nothing. In fact, you are always creating something. Just look around, and you’ll see this is true.

Acknowledge the Truth

Here’s the point: Know you are a creator, and take action to bring your desires into reality. Realize you have an enormously powerful creative nature. Believe in it, and use it intentionally.

If you don’t like what you are currently creating in your life or experience, decide to create something different. Feel that desire for something new and better inspiring you. Think about what you want all the time, and take action to bring it into your reality.

Do you believe you are a creator? Tell me why (or why not) in a comment below.

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9 thoughts on “How I know You are a Creator (Even Though You Don’t Believe It’s True)”

  1. I known that I’m a creator for quite some time, but I haven’t always acted on it. Partly due to being unsure if I’m good enough.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Hakan. Many of us struggle to feel good enough…but, we are ALL more than good enough. Tell yourself that daily…and then take action.

  2. Hi Nina,
    I know I’m a creator because I write articles and stories, I sign petitions for change, and I find solutions for problems.
    Best wishes for your continued creations!

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