Monday Motivation: How to Live a Happy Life

InspirationHow often have you complained about a current or ongoing situation or condition? Maybe you’re unhappy about your life, job, relationship, health, or financial situation. You focus on the “problem,” and allow it to make you unhappy. This mindset creates an unhappy life, but what you desire is a happy life.

In all likelihood, you can find a way to make the situation or condition better. And if you can’t, you have the ability to focus your attention on how to be happy despite the fact that nothing has changed or will change. As you do, your life will improve. You will become happier. You will live a happy life.

I’ve heard numerous stories about people who live with illness and pain, who lose their homes and families, and who find a way to see the potential or possibility in the moment or in their life. They focus on what they can do and what they do have, and they seek ways to move forward to what they desire. They find the blessings in their lives, and they acknowledge these with gratitude. As they do so, they feel happy.

They live a happy life.

Too many of us live in unhappiness when we could, instead, live in happiness by changing our perspective. Focus you attention on the positive today. Notice how you feel. Notice how your emotional condition or situation changes. Doing so, in turn, gives you the energy and ability to find ways to change some of the other conditions and situations in your life.

Try this new focus for a day, a week, or a month. Tell me in a comment below if this attitude helps you live a happier life.

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