The Universe Conspires to Help You

universe conspires tohelpDo you ever feel like the universe conspires against you? Does it seem like no matter what you do, some outside force blocks you from achieving your goals or dreams? In fact, the opposite is true. The universe conspires to help you fulfill your desires.

In the words of bestselling author Paulo Coelho, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Why You Don’t Get What You Want

If that’s true, why don’t you get what you want? Simple. Either what you desire is not for your highest good right now, or you are not open to receiving it.

Sometimes the Universal Force, or God or whatever you want to call It, has other plans for you. I honestly believe that there is more at work in our lives than we can conceive or understand. You might find yourself declaring bankruptcy, struggling with cancer, or filing for divorce, and you think, “Why is this happening to me? I didn’t want this.” You may not know for a long time—if ever—the reason for such experiences, but, on some level, you have drawn the experience to you or the Universal Force has decided it is somehow in your best interest.

I know. That’s hard to stomach. If you don’t believe it, fine.

On the other hand, you might be blocking what you want to receive. So, why would you not allow into your experience the things you want? Seems crazy, right?

Your unconscious has an enormous amount of power over your mind. Since thoughts are creative, whatever goes on in your mind affects what you experience.

For example, you might say you want a promotion at work, but you continuously get passed over for that new position and higher pay. Despite your desire to rise in the ranks and your thoughts about doing just that, your unconscious mind continuously repeats thoughts that prevent you from creating what you want. Its recording might sound like “You aren’t good enough to do that new job. You don’t deserve a better position and more pay. That new position will mean more hours at work and less free time. If you get promoted, you’ll have more responsibility, which means more work. You might fail if they promote you. You’ll spend more if you make more.”

Such negative thoughts negate the positive thought “I’d like that promotion.” They don’t allow in what you desire even when you think you are doing your best to visualize, focus on, and affirm something new and good entering your life.

Which brings us back to the Universal Force… If you need to become aware of your unconscious limiting beliefs and negative thoughts—the ones that don’t allow you to receive what you desire, the Universal Force will bring you what you need–and on some level–want to grow and change. You will find yourself in situations that give you the opportunity to discover them. You may not like those situations. And you may not become aware of your negative thinking patterns in those cases, which might mean your situation worsens. If, however, your situation pushes you to figure out why you’ve created these challenges, you begin the path of personal growth. You change your thoughts, and, in the process, you change yourself and your life.

The Universal Forces conspired to give you what you needed and helped you get what you wanted.

Conspire with the Universal Force to Manifest Your Desires

If you want to change yourself or your current situation, or if you want to achieve a dream or goal, work with the Universal Force. You see, you are part of that Force. You have a Universal Force within.

Put your focus and energy together with that of the Universal Force, and begin plotting for the good you want in your life. Combine your force with the Universal Force, and direct it toward creating what you desire.

To do that:

  • Uncover your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • Create affirmations that turn your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs into positive and unlimited ones.
  • Visualize what you want but do so with emotion.
  • Ask your guides, God, the Universal Force, to clear any block what you desire.

The Universal Force can only say one thing: Yes. If you say, “I don’t want that,” it responds, “Yes.” If you say, I do want that,” it also responds by saying “yes.” But if your thoughts conflict, the Universe sends nothing. It says, “You don’t know what you want, so I won’t say ‘yes.’”

So get clear!

What if Nothing Happens?

Don’t give up! Often it seems like nothing is happening. People give up before what they want shows up in their lives.

Remember: You’ve been sending out negative thoughts for a long time. It takes a while to negate all that creative energy focused on what you don’t want. Sometimes you’ve got to wait for all of them to clear out—along with their manifestations (the situations in your life and your experiences).

Once that happens, you’ll gain some momentum. You’ll begin to see things you asked for appearing in your life.

Know that you must also continue working to uncover your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and changing them. Personal growth is a process. Give it time.

As you align with the energy of the Universe, which is positive and giving, you will find yourself able to receive those gifts. Then you’ll experience the Universe conspiring to give you what you want.

Do you think the Universal Forces conspire to help or to hinder you? Tell me in a comment below.

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14 thoughts on “The Universe Conspires to Help You”

  1. I fully agree with these beliefs. I also acknowledge how difficult they can be to overcome. I’m someone who believes the words we use affect us and others much more than most people believe they do, so I try to be cautious in what I say and then how I feel about things. I’m not always successful at it but when I think about it I’m hopefully doing pretty well.

    1. Mitch,

      Thanks for your comment. I try to be cautious an intentional about what I say as well. You are right…it’s not always easy. We are a work in progress, but if we realize that we can influence our experience, we start making more progress!

  2. I used to be very optimistic but situation has never changed since’s been hate,evil plots and spells,frustrations here and there.This has turned me into a perssimist and all I see and hear is NEGATIVE.No parents,no fsmily,no friends.Nothing seem to be going on well in my life and I feel like ending it.Suicide is all I can think about.

    1. Laami,

      Please get help! And remember that you can stop focusing on the negative and remove yourself from people who hinder rather than help your progress. Also, the more negativity you see, and the more negativity you express, the less people want ot be around you. So…please get help!

  3. My name is heather and iv been in a bad relationship for ten years and I finally found someone who actually treats me right and we want to have a child together but iv had my tubes cut and clipped. I truly want and feel it to have a child , but cant how can i get help from the universe?

    1. Heather, You need to visualize having a child…and pray for the same…and then open yourself to the possibility of having one. Then…be willing to accept however that possibility shows up. It may not look the way you think it should look…

  4. I have all faith in the smiles i see..concidering less of thier mindset…still it seems its not working…yes i can..yes negative toughts come around…i want the universe to conspire my dreams come true..please help me out.i am ebotdicson.

  5. Charise L Collins

    My problem is when it feels like the Universe is also using someone else (like a spouse) to conspire against you – as in, it doesn’t happen to just you, but involves you AND another person: with things you can agree on pleasantly – the Universe makes sure they don’t happen – uncanny, too weird to be coincidental types of blockages. And on the other hand when it comes to their personalities (they are polar opposites), they are STILL (naturally, here) in opposition of one another… so when in agreeance, the Universe prevents it and when opposing well it’s naturally not going to happen. So damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    1. You need to look at that person as a mirror. I wrote about that here on the blog recently… And ask yourself how badly you really want that thing. Sometimes you don’t want it as badly as you say you do…or are unwilling to make changes to allow it in. What do you have to gain by NOT getting what you want? Of course, we are all co-creators. If you can’t create in the presence of someone in your life, it’s time to examine that…or make a change within yourself so that person stops mirroring what you don’t want. Hope that helps.

  6. I have been trying to get my dream job/career since past 5 years. But I have failed every year to pass it’s entrance exam. I have prepared very hard for long now. I have one last attempt to go but I am too scared of failing at it again. I am currently unemployed and sitting at home idle. Should I make a new start and look for a job elsewhere or should I go for this last chance I have which will also be my sixth attempt?

    1. If I were you, I’d study again…more…and go for it. If it doesn’t happen, you can decide at that point to do something else or try again. If it’s your dream job, why give up on your dream? And stop focusing on what happened in the past or what could happen that you don’t want. Focus on what could happen that you DO want.

  7. I fully disagree with your point of view, but I do respect what you believe in. In my and many other people’s experience no amount of “positive thinking” will get anybody the help they need, it only servers as to essentially to tell them “stop crying because nobody want’s to hear about your problems”. 99% of the universe designed to kill you, also the universe nor whichever “god” you choose to believe in really cares about you at all. You can sit there and say “well you are just thinking the wrong things” but that isn’t the case is it, because what if somebody get’s cancer, tell me what amount of positive thinking will fix the cancer? if somebody get’s diagnosed with an illness and they only have 6 months, a year, 2 years, etc to live, what exactly is the lesson they need to learn there? If you lose a loved one for whatever reason, what exactly is the positive thought process behind that? You can’t keep telling people they are wrong because they don’t always have a “positive vibration so everything wrong is your fault” kind of thing.

    1. The world is a co-creative place, Jeff. Sometimes things happen that we can’t understand. We also have no idea what we are thinking about most of the time.

      I will respectfully disagree. As you said, we are each allowed our point of view. I don’t judge yours.

      I do believe we are always learning and creating.

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