Is Your Faith Like a Potato?

Is your faith strong? Could you faith be stronger?I write a lot about faith, but it’s a hard topic to discuss–to describe. People who don’t have faith can’t fathom it. Tonight, however, I watched a movie that had a great analogy for faith, albeit an unlikely one: the potato.

Although Faith Like Potatoes was a bit too Christian in orientation for my tastes, pardon the pun on spuds, I liked the general focus on faith. A farmer in South Africa finds God and manages to grow potatoes during a drought. Sounds simple, right? It was, but what I really took away was the analogy.

Even though it appeared the plants had withered and died, the farmer refused to dig into the earth to see if the potatoes were still growing. He had “faith in the potatoes.” Sure enough, when the growing period was over and he dug into the ground, he discovered huge, beautiful potatoes. (This was actually a small part of the movie.)

That’s what faith is–believing without seeing, knowing something is happening on a level that you can’t see–not needing to see it to know God is handling it for you.  You believe in your heart and just trust somewhere “potatoes” are growing just for you.

A similar analogy comes to mind: If you plant a seed and are waiting for it to sprout, you might get impatient and want to dig around in the soil. Your impatience is a lack of faith that the seed is growing under ground–that the forces of nature are at work. So, what do you do? You dig up the seed, disturb the small roots it has made and stick it back in the ground…relieved.

Maybe it dies at that point. Or maybe it sprouts. If it doesn’t sprout and your faith wavers again, you might dig it up one more time. You discover your seed not only rooted but sprouting, but your disruption of its roots does, indeed, kill it this time. Your lack of faith causes the seed to die.

I liken this to meddling with God or with God’s plan. Sometimes we just have to “let go and let God.” We have to have faith that something is happening on that unseen level.

If you don’ t like the word “faith” or you have issues with God, call it trust instead. Have some trust. Trust that everything is happening the way it should.

Then reap the rewards…harvest  the potatoes.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Faith Like a Potato?”

  1. Thanks for another fantastic article. Where else could anybody get that kind of info in such an ideal way of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such info.

  2. Faith Like Potatoes – A Life Story
    Here’s a curious movie and one I expected to find cringe worthy. Having heard nothing about it and knowing even less about the makers or performers, I watched out of curiosity. The first thing to stand out was the cinematography and editing of Dave Aenmey, who captures the striking South African locations with amazing visual style.

    Then came the strong performance of the central character, played with great power and commitment by South African Frank Rautenbach. His is a world-class tour de force with many difficult emotive scenes played with gusto. The Zulu Africans also came across with conviction (all bar a couple of the smaller roles)

    Director/screenplay writer Regardt van den Bergh acquits himself well in bringing this based on fact, faith-based story to surprisingly vivid life. While set around the tragic turmoil of the Apartheid years, this is not the movie’s main focus. It features an above-average soundtrack score, with a stand-out main song written and performed by South African artist Joe Niemand.

    Taken from Angus Buchan’s autobiographical book and photographed on his farm, it follows the life of an angry young small-time farmer and his young family, as they battle the land and assorted family emotional situations. The screenplay doesn’t always convey some plot elements as clearly as it should, but the rather riveting story never the less holds interest throughout. Those not interested in faith based situations won’t get the significance of some actions, while others will be suitably inspired by the changes in Buchan’s personality and the very real benefits he eventually brings to those around him. Well worth a look, and proves what can be done on a limited budget with full commitment from all involved.

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