Monday Inspiration: Change Your Thoughts for Success

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Have you ever paid close attention to your thoughts? If not, today and all this week, listen to yourself…to what your thoughts tell you all day long. Do the thoughts in your head serve and support you or do they hurt you and hold you back? For most people, the majority of their thoughts prevent them from achieving success. That’s why you need to change your thoughts if you want to succeed.

That incessant chatter in your head is you talking to you. Your thoughts are like a constant conversation you have with yourself. And these little conversations and repeated phrases have enormous power to influence your actions.

Amazingly, most of us don’t ever evaluate our thoughts or become conscious of them. So we don’t realize how we repeatedly drag ourselves down rather than pulling ourselves up.

For example, if you always tell yourself you are unlovable, that thought is not helpful if you want to feel loved, which I’m sure you do. A better thought would be, I am infinitely lovable just the way I am. If you tell yourself you can’t become an author because you don’t write well enough, you won’t ever try to write a book. If you tell yourself you are a good writer with ideas worth publishing, you stand a higher chance of sitting down to write your book.

I’ve been fascinated by the idea that our thoughts are creative for years. I’ve tried numerous conscious creation and deliberate creation methodologies. At their most basic level, all the principles are the same. Your thoughts have a creative energy. Use that energy to create what you want.

For example, if you want happiness, don’t focus your thoughts on how unhappy you are or on the situations that make you unhappy. If you want a better job, don’t focus on how much you hate your current job (or you just might get fired); instead, focus on the type of job you’d like to have.

Then take action toward those goals. You’ll feel more inspired to do just that when you focus on what you want…not on what you don’t want.

From business coaches to personal trainers to high performance coaches, the top experts in any field will tell you your thoughts matter if you want to succeed. They determine how you feel, how you behave, and the results you achieve. So, if you want to succeed, change your thoughts to ones that best serve you.

Have you changed your negative thoughts to positive ones and seen a difference in your results?

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