The Law of Attraction from a Spiritual Point of View

Kabbalah and law of attractionFor years, I searched for certain metaphysical and mystical principles within Judaism, including the Law of Attraction. I knew they existed. I found the idea that we can deliberately or consciously create using our thoughts and feelings in a variety of Jewish teachings and books. However, usually the concept was hidden and talked about in non-specific ways. When I found applicable references, however, I looked for confirmation from “experts,” such as rabbis and those well versed in Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition.

A Spiritual Approach to the Law of Attraction

While working on a book with a Chabad rabbi, and I decided to ask him for his opinion. Most orthodox Jews are well versed in Kabbalah.

“Do you believe in the Law of Attraction or conscious creation—combining thought and feeling to manifest your dreams and desires?” I asked. “And have you found this principle within the teachings of Kabbalah?

“Of course,” he replied. “Despite all the conversations today about The Law of Attraction, that like attracts like and secret manifestation processes, Kabbalists have known these things for ages.”

He added, “But most of the other people teaching these principles leave out one really important aspect—the real secret.”

“The need for action?” I asked.

“Well, you do need to take action as well,” he replied. “But what I’m talking about is the need to create for God. If you aren’t creating something that allows you to do God’s work, to work for God, to serve God, manifestation won’t happen.”

So much for that new car and the literary agent I wanted at the time.

kabbalah.jpgFor quite a number of years, I’ve been playing around in my writing and coaching with this idea of taking a spiritual approach to manifestation, and I’ve applied it to my life. I’ve spent time researching the topic with some of the most knowledgeable Kabbalists I know. (This short book was a result of that research.)

However, I always wanted to take the information to a wider audience. I saw the principles as applicable to anyone from any religious or spiritual tradition.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a similar viewpoint voiced by the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I was reading his book, Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting, and I noticed this statement: “When you are able to passionately feel whatever it is you wish to have or become, as long as it is aligned with your highest goodthat is, God—you become it and it becomes you.”

There it was again:

Or, said another way, intend to create something for the highest good of all.

Create in Service of Good

This spiritual approach is not black and white. It doesn’t exclude manifesting “things” you want. You just need to align your desire with a spiritual intention.

So, if that new car I wanted would help me get my children safely to activities that helped them develop into the people they were meant to be, then I was doing God’s work. If the car would take  me to a lecture where I taught people something that helped them in some way, I was doing God’s work. If a literary agent could help me get a book published that aided in readers’ transformation, that also could be considered serving God—unless, of course, the books and the speaking were more about my ego—being famous and powerful—than about doing good in the world.

A Simple Prayer of Alignment

What if you aren’t sure if your desires ultimately serve God? End every prayer for or visualization about something you desire with the following statement:

If you use this statement to qualify your efforts to manifest your dreams and desires or to clarify your intent, you put it out there—to God, to the Universe, to the Creator— that you only want what is in your best interest and in the best interest of others. “Others” includes Source.

This may not be “doing work for God” specifically, but it asks a Higher Power to keep your desires and the actions you take to bring them into reality aligned with a desire to do good in the world. Source has the same desire, I believe.

I like to follow this statement and all my visualizations and attempts at deliberate creation with another: “Let it be God’s will.” And if it’s not God’s will, I trust that I will be shown what I should be focusing on—the manifestation of something better, something with a higher purpose, something closer to God’s work, something that allows me to serve and create for the Source of all Creation.

Do you take a spiritual approach to consciously manifesting your desires?

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6 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction from a Spiritual Point of View”

  1. I absolutely take a spiritual approach to manifesting my dreams. That is a basic theme throughout the book I am writing- Revealing Your Treasures Hidden in Darkness. My spirituality is the core of my being. And I believe that what you are expressing here is also explained in one of my life scripture verses: “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. Psalm 37:4-5

  2. Yes!!! I love this article!! This is exactly how I use the Law of Attraction! As a tool! To me it is a tool that God has given us to help us to manifest what we want as long as it’s for our highest good!!!! Love this!!! Thank you for an amazing article!!

  3. Hi Nina,

    This is such a great article on the subject of Spirituality & Law of Attraction, infact I was searching for the same…. Thanks 🙂

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