Monday Inspiration: Choose the Ride of Your Life

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I recently found myself parked near Great America Park in Santa Clara, CA. As I listen to the noise of the rides and people, I realized that amusement parks provided an accurate metaphor for life. Your life can feel like a terrifying or a thrilling ride. You can choose to have the worst ride or the best ride your life.

As I watched one ride go up…and then down…and heard the screams of those who had paid for this experience, I wondered how many of them were enjoying themselves. I have seen videos on social networks of people who boarded a ride thinking it would be fun and then found themselves experiencing fear rather than excitement.

I’ve been there. A ride I chose because it seemed quite benign turned into a chilling few minutes. I couldn’t wait to get off! You’ve probably had the same experience.

You don’t want to feel afraid of or want to get off the ride of your life. You want to feel as if you want to stay on that ride forever because it’s so enjoyable and fulfilling.

Consciously choose life rides that support your personal growth and help you achieve your goals. Stay off the rides with the potential of emotionally or psychologically setbacks or that could let you off farther away from where you started.

If you go through life unconsciously, you may not choose your rides carefully. That means you find yourself being dropped to the ground from enormous heights and going up, down, and all over with your bones shaken in the process. You’ll end up screaming in panic and entering into experiences that aren’t as enjoyable as you expected or desired.

If you go through life consciously, though, you make better choices. You choose to take the ride of your life, continuously and smoothly gliding upward and enjoying the view and the experience.

Does your life feel out of control, like you are on a roller coaster? Or does your life feel in control, like you have boarded a go cart or water boat you steer around every turn and that allows you to determine your speed and destination?

Today, choose to take the ride of your life.

Are you managing the ride of your life, or is life taking you for a ride? Tell me in a comment below.

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