Monday Inspiration: Don’t Remain Comfortably Numb

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Do you ever feel comfortably numb? It’s an odd state, but probably one you’ve experienced.

I began thinking about the experience of being comfortably numb after I heard about David Bowie’s death. I was watching old Bowie videos on YouTube and came across a Pink Floyd performance where he made a guest appearance and sang part of their song Comfortably Numb. (You can watch it here.) I then heard the Pink Floyd song again on the radio the next day.

It’s easy to get comfortable with any part of your life. And when you have had or have situations in your life you don’t like and to which you  have grown accustomed, you become numb to them.

That’s no way to live. Numbness does not allow you to live life fully.

It’s also not a way to level up in your life. Staying comfortable keeps you at your current state of being both personally and professionally.

This week, try moving out of whatever situation keeps you feeling comfortable, numb or both. As you do, notice  if you begin to feel your body and your emotions clearly and experience life in a more vibrant manner.

Pay attention to your progress as well. You will move forward faster and with more passion and purpose toward your goals and dreams when you are become more uncomfortable and sensitive.

Have you felt comfortably numb in the last year or so? Tell me how you changed that state of being successfully.

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