Monday Inspiration: Dwell on Delight


What do you choose to dwell upon? Where you place your thoughts determines not only how you feel but what you create in your life. Therefore, it’s important to dwell upon things that make you happy and that create what you desire. So this week, try dwelling upon what delights you.

On Saturday, I found myself angry for about two hours. I could have just let go of the emotion and moved on. The event that sparked my negative emotion wasn’t worth that amount of time, energy or focus. Yet, I chose to dwell on the event that instigated my anger, on all the reasons I had to feel anger, and on how angry I felt.

All this did was make me feel more angry.

I watched my thoughts and how I dwelled on the negative. Then I made a choice. I chose to dwell on the positive instead. How did I do that? I thought about things that delights me.

When you bring a smile to your face, it’s hard to dwell on the negative.

When you get upset or angry, do you focus your attention on the events that sparked your negative emotion? Do you dwell on thoughts that make you feel afraid or unhappy? Or do you dwell on those that make you  peaceful and happy?

When you catch yourself doing dwelling on the negative, think about those things that make you happiest, cause you to feel awe or wonder, or make you smile or laugh. Allow your thoughts to dwell there and your face to reflect those thoughts.

Watch how quickly your mood or emotions shift from negative to positive as your focus changes.

Try dwelling on delight the next time you feel depressed, sad, angry, or fearful and find your thoughts stuck in similar negative patterns. Let me know if you feel—and see—the difference-doing so makes in how you approach your life.

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