Monday Inspiration: Keep Only What’s Important

what is important enough to keep if disaster loomedDo you know what is important to you? What would you keep if disaster loomed?

Close your eyes for a minute.

Visualize your home—be it an apartment, condo, house, or mansion—and think about everything inside of it.

Your clothes. Your shoes.

The pots, pans, tables, televisions, books, photos…all of it.

Can you see it all? Can you feel what it’s like to have those things?

Now walk through every room, explore every cranny, pay attention to all the space you have.

When you’re finished, open your eyes and ask yourself the following question:

“How much of this could I live without?”

If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is “quite a lot.”

Purge Your Stuff

The harsh reality is, most of us are guilty of pack-ratting. We consume without hesitation, acquire without consideration and store without a second thought.

We clog our lives with physical and emotional clutter—more clothes than we could ever wear, and more people than we could ever hope to keep happy.

And though it may sound callous or dismissive, we need to purge and purge in an impactful way.

Focus on What’s Important

In moments of impending disaster or danger, we discover the rare ability to completely and unequivocally focus on what matters most.

Wildfires or hurricanes may threaten our homes, but they also empower us with a type of introspective clarity we rarely can replicate.

Those “disaster moments” endow us with the ability to distinguish between “things” and possessions of indispensable value. In the course of everyday life that flat-screen TV might feel vital, but when a tornado decides to start tearing through the neighborhood that TV will seem a whole lot less important than things we take for granted every day like our heath or our family.

Things are replaceable.

Things don’t stand the test of time.

Things aren’t what define us, what give us value, what make life worth living.

Things are just..well…things.

Spark an Internal Wildfire

Once every two or three years, we need to spark an internal wildfire.

We need to threaten ourselves with “disaster” so we can purge the non-essential—clothes we never wear, books we never read, cookware we never use…just clutter, clutter, clutter!

Clutter that frivolously occupies prime real estate in our hearts, minds, and living spaces.

So take the time to think about your possessions from the perspective of disaster—what can you honestly not live without?

If the house around you was burning down, what would you consider indispensable? What would be—without question—worth the effort and risk to save?

Pay attention to all the items that don’t make the cut, and start thinking about purging those non-essentials from your life. Only keep what’s important.

You don’t have to get rid of everything, but you need to start getting rid of some of it… And you need to start today.

What would you keep if a wildfire approached your house?

Do you struggle to prioritize?

Do you have trouble deciding on what’s most important—to do or keep—in your life?

Is it hard for you to let go of people, obligations, and tasks…even when you know they no longer serve you?

7 days to liveAnd are you tired of the struggle…to keep up with it all, even when some of it has lost it’s meaning for you?

Of course, you are.

Give me just one hour of your time…

I promise you’ll come away with some new strategies for living fully and reaching your potential—and focusing on what’s important to you and for your success personally and professionally.

In fact, you’ll learn new strategies you can implement immediately.

Ready to create habits that support achievement of your dreams and the expression of your best self? Follow these three steps:

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It’s your time…to achieve your goals and live your dream.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration: Keep Only What’s Important”

  1. Thank you for Monday’s Inspiration. It was excellent! I plan to hire a house-keeper to help me get rid of stuff. I need a de-cluttering coach, someone to hold up my things in front of me and ask me “Do you want this, do you want this, do you want this?” I realize it’s not a job I can do by myself. I need a job coach, and someone who will also take the stuff away. Again, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Your Monday’s Inspiration was the best thing I’ve read in a long time, and I enjoyed your video (You’re cute too!)

    1. Thanks, David! I’m glad you found the post useful. I have another one coming about hiring a coach that you’ll like! So stick around.

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