Monday Inspiration: Level Up

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You’re stuck. You’ve reached a plateau. You feel like you’ve been at the same “place” forever. What can you do about it? Level up!

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’ve remained stuck on one level personally or professionally; it’s time to push yourself to the next level.

The term “level up” has become quite common. It refers to the action—emotional, mental, or physical—of moving from the “level” on which you now find yourself to the next “higher level.”

For example, if you feel as if you are physically a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, you level up to 8 or 9. How do you level up? One way to accomplish this goal is to change your exercise routine.

Professionally, if you have been a speaker for a few years and getting paid $500 for each event, you decide to up your rate to $1,000 and seek a different calibre of speaking engagement.

Personally, maybe you decide you want to improve your relationships. You feel you aren’t always as present with your partner as you should be, so you decide to level up by paying closer attention when he speaks, not allowing yourself to get distracted by your phone or the television but rather focusing only on him when you are together in conversation.

What area of your life feels status quo or same ol’ same ol’? It’s time to level it up!

Then sustain that new level until you feel ready to level up again. Don’t level up just for a day or an hour. That’s peak performance (personally or professionally). You want to level up and sustain that level of personal or professional performance. Then, level up again…and again. That’s high performance.

Make a decision today to level up in at least one area of your life. Leave a comment below making that intention public. Then take action to make it happen.

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