Peak Performance Won’t Get You Where You Want to Go

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If you are striving for a moment of peak performance, stop. A temporary state of optimal function won’t get you where you want to go. Instead, work toward high performance. Achieve heightened and sustained levels of performance in every area of your life.

You don’t want to get “in the zone” just for an hour or a day—and not know how you got there. You want to know how to get deliberately in the zone all day long at will. And you want that flow state to exist in every area of your life, not just professionally.

That’s high performance.

Peak Performance vs. High Performance

Here’s how I describe the difference between peak performance and high performance:

When you achieve peak performance, you have a brief period of optimal function in one area of your life that only lasts a brief time. When it ends, you slide back down from the peak to your normal way of functioning. Therefore, you spend all your time struggling to get back up to the peak. This activity leaves little energy to reach your real potential, which requires getting from that peak to the next one and the next, always moving higher and higher up the mountain and closer and closer to your destination.

When you achieve high performance, you experience a period of optimal function in one or more areas of your life, and you know how you arrived at that peak. You then sustain that level of performance as you work to increase performance so you can reach the next peak. From there, you repeat the process so you can again “level up” and get to the next peak. The goal is to keep moving from peak to peak without sliding down the mountain, which necessitates climbing back up again.

Why I Became a Certified High Performance Coach

Nina Amir and Brendon BurchardSince I became a Certified High Performance Coach, many people have asked me to explain why I chose to add another coaching offering to my already full plate. (I’m also an Author Coach and a Blog and Blog-to-Book Coach.) The reason is simple: I wanted to live and breath high performance. I wanted to achieve tightened and sustained levels of performance in all areas o fly life and help others do the same.

A lot of people consider me extremely productive and passionate. They describe me as daring, energetic, hard-working, and focused. However, when I first attended Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, I didn’t totally agree. Yes, I was those things, but I could be, feel, do more! Attending that event opened my eyes to the amount of change I needed—wanted—to create in my life so I would feel joyful, energized, on purpose, courageous, clear, present, and productive and passionate on a regular basis.

After High Performance Academy, I began applying just a small amount of what I learned and saw a huge difference in my life. I joined a Certified High Performance Coaching group and experienced the difference getting coached on how to reach heightened states of clarity, courage, energy, productivity, and influence made in my personal efforts to achieve high performance.

Nina Amir High PerformanceAnd so, I became a coach. I realized that most of my current clients would benefit from Certified High Performance Coaching as much as I had—especially since many of them complained about being unproductive, tired, and overwhelmed. I wanted to help them make their ideas real and bring their dreams to life. I wanted to support them in finding ways to live their lives fully and fulfill their potential and purpose.

Plus, as a Certified High Performance Coach, I had to live and breath the high-performance strategies and skills I had learned both at High Performance Academy and during my certification from the High Performance Institute.

Peak performance won’t get you where you want to go. It will leave you on a peak with no idea how to get to the next, higher peak or how to stop yourself from sliding down the side of the mountain.

It’s a lot of work to keep climbing to the same peak over and over again. Each time you get to that summit, you’ll see the next one and wonder how to get there.

High performance will get you to the higher peak and to your personal or professional destination—whatever that may be.

Have you experienced the difference between high performance and peak performance? Tell me about it in a comment below.

HP-Coaching-image-x200If you want to develop high-performance skills, habits, and character traits so you Achieve More Inspired Results in all areas of your life, let’s discuss how Certified High Performance Coaching might help you fulfill your potential and live your life with more clarity, courage, energy, productivity, and influence—and success. To set up a 1-hour FREE High Performance Coaching session, click here. Then download the free session application, and submit it. I’ll contact you to schedule your session time.

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