Monday Inspiration: The Secret to Success

how to find successWhen you think of the word “success” is the first thing that comes to mind a self-portrait?

If you don’t see yourself as successful, that needs to change. You truly deserve the success you want…

It’s just a matter of achieving that state.

And that’s the tricky part, isn’t it?

Achieving success feels like an impossible task, a task better suited to rocket scientists and Wall Street wizards who know how to parlay their natural gifts into dollar-churning enterprises.

But guess what?

That’s actually not how it works.

The most successful people in the world are by no means the most brilliant, skilled, well-connected, or most clued-in…

They are merely those individuals most willing to work on themselves.

At home.

At the gym.

In the classroom.

In the office.

Even in the car.

The Foundation of all Success: Personal Growth

Successful individuals strive to better themselves anywhere and everywhere.

They read books. They attend seminars. They work with coaches.

Successful people are the ones who slowly but surely chip away at their insufficiencies and deficiencies, their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, their unsupportive habits and self-defeating behaviors.

That commitment to self-improvement is literally the secret formula, magic bullet—call it whatever you want—to success.

Success starts and ends with personal development.

The world doesn’t stop you from success. You stop you from success.

You Possess the Ability to Succeed

Now, maybe you’re sitting there thinking, I can’t do it—I don’t have what it takes.

Well that’s just not true…

You do have what it takes to become the person you dream of being, live the live you want and achieve your potential, but you’ve GOT to be willing to change and grow.

Invest in yourself immediately. Don’t wait another week. The New Year is here, and it provides you with a brand new opportunity to move toward your best self and fully lived life.

Go out and buy a book on personal development.

Sign-up for a small-business seminar.

Take a writing class.

Make an appointment with a personal trainer.

Invest in Yourself…and Your Success

Stop reading this blog right now and go buy yourself a little slice of self-investment.

Doing this represents a small but POWERFUL signal to your brain that it’s time to shift mindset and get on the winning track.

Remember—the most successful people in the world spend money on themselves. It is why I paid to become a Certified High Performance Coach. It is why I spent money and time to attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within.

If money is tight—and for many people it is—don’t go out looking for a 5-day $5,000 skill-development seminar. Instead, start with something more modest. A $30 or $40 dollar online self-investment program can easily net you a 10x to 100x return.

Spend today looking after the mind and body of your present self and I guarantee your future self will thank you three to six months from now.

Are you ready to grow personally…to move toward your best self, live fully, and achieve your potential? Yes? Awesome!

Click here to download a FREE high-performance strategy session application. Complete the application and email it to me at Learn more here.

Give me an hour of your time; I promise you will gain insight, tools, and strategies so you move toward success faster than you thought possible.

It’s your time…to achieve your potential and live fully.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration: The Secret to Success”

  1. Thanks for this Nina. I heard you recently on Joanna Penn’s podcast…and ventured here from there!
    I like your style and am interested to see you (used to) read the Tarot. I’m a British (Traditional Old Craft) Witch with a few strings to my bow…looking this year to create an income from what I do. So far it’s eluded me as I’ve shied away from the business side of things. I’m currently doing a self-publishing 101 course with Mark Dawson which is a step in the right direction but would love a free ‘strategy’ session with you. I could do with a plan to bring everything I do, together!
    Sheena Cundy

    1. Welcome and nice to meet you, Sheena. The free 1-hour strategy session is for high performance coaching. It will give you clarity on your writing and publishing but I don’t offer any advice on that subject specifically.

      If you want to chat for 15 minutes about how I might help you bring it all together, go here: Schedule an appointment and we’ll chat!

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