Monday Motivation: Exercise Your Creativity

Monday Inspiration from Nina AmirYou were born creative. In fact, you contain a spark of Divinity, and like God, you possess both the desire to create and the ability to create. it’s possible, however, that you  feel your creativity flame has gone out, and you can’t find a way to reignite it.

Creativity isn’t something that dies. It’s always inside you–a spark waiting to be fanned into a flame.

Sometimes, you just need to practice being creative. To use a different metaphor, you may need to exercise your creative muscles.

What do creative exercises look like? You could:

  • brainstorm new ideas for a book, painting, product, service, or home restoration project.
  • start journaling
  • learn something new, like a language, sewing, origami, French cooking, or container gardening.
  • travel—to a local park, the next state, the ocean, the mountains, Europe, America, or a Caribbean Island.
  • use a writing prompt to start a story or essay
  • dress up in costume

Ready to exercise your creativity?

You might also need to find your passion. What really excites you? What can’t you stop thinking or talking about? Knowing why you want to create something helps as well.

This entails discovering your purpose, mission or calling. What is your “big why,” the reason that drives your desire to do what you do?

When you combine your passion with your purpose, you will feel inspired. And that inspiration will lead you to action—inspired action. You will find your creativity in your inspiration—in that moment when you feel compelled to take action. But if you don’t take action, you don’t exercise your creative muscles and they atrophy.

To go back to the original metaphor, if you don’t do something when you feel inspired to take action, you fail to fuel the creative fire. You allow the creative spark within to go out…again. Don’t let that happen.

Find your creative spark, and help it become a fire that burns so hot and bright that you must take action—that you cannot do anything but express yourself creatively.

Ready to exercise your creativity?


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