The One Action that will Help Your Create Your Desires

If you have want something...become a giver. Give what you most want to receive. Give something.I bet you have desires. You know…things you want to have. And you are probably more concerned with having than giving because you don’t think you have enough to give. In fact, the only way to fulfill those desires—to have more—is to be a “giver.” The only way to create what you want is to give—–especally to give what you most want to have.

The truth is, having and giving are closely tied together. The more you give, the more you receive. To become a creator, you first must become a giver.

The Creation Process

The process of creating what you want requires that you be the person who could have what you want. Then, when you have it—when you create what you want, you turn around and unconditionally share what you have received.

That’s right…give it away.

You don’t have to give all of it away. But, according to the mystics, one reason for having and creating what you want is to share it. As you become a giver, someone who shares what you have with others, you place yourself firmly in the flow of Divine abundance.

As you give, you receive.

The Divine Giver

My Kabbalah teachers stressed that, from a mystical perspective, being a giver is necessary to create anything. The desire to share unconditionally whatever you manifest puts creation into motion.

The reason for this is simple: God is a giver and the ultimate Creator. Humans are typically receivers of God’s creations. This is where we end up feeling separated from God. After all, how can we feel connected if we are so different?

However, you can create, too. A Divine creative spark lives within you and every person. To access it, you have to tap into your Divine Nature as a creator. And, to do that, you must become “like God” …a giver or all that you create.

Give and You Will Have

Previously, I wrote about three steps to becoming a creator:

  1. Be
  2. Do
  3. Have

the creative process requires that you give to receive or have.It should be evident at this point that there is a fourth step: Give.

Therefore, the equation I posed—Be + Do = Have—was incomplete. Here’s how the competed equation should actually look.

Be + Do = Have + Give  = Create

Thus, to become a creator, you must also become a giver. You must share what you have and create with the intention of sharing as well.

The Many Ways to Give (Even if You Don’t Have)

You may be thinking, “I don’t have enough. How can I give?” And many people get stuck in that logic.

But to create what you desire, you must start giving now…even if you don’t feel able. How? There are many ways.

Give a quarter to the man begging on the street. Say something nice to the angry clerk when you check out at the grocery store. Give the homeless woman half of your sandwich. Give your child or spouse just a little more attention.

And give what you most want to possess. If you want love, give love. If you want acceptance, give acceptance. If you want money, give money. If you want a new job, give others opportunities. If you want happiness, give a smile.

How will You Share what You Create?

Also, consider how you could share what you want to have—whatever you desire to create—with others. Maybe you want to have a new car. Could you use a new vehicle for carpooling with others at work and, therefore, help improve the air quality where you live? Maybe you want to have more energy. Could you share that energy by getting involved in a charity organization?

A world-class skater might give by going home and training young skaters to become Olympians. Or maybe he goes into schools and speaks to students about how to be the type of person who can achieve dreams. He also might give simply by allowing people to experience joy when they watch him perform.

Don’t Block the Flow

I realize, however, that it can feel challenging—even impossible—to give before you have. But your thoughts of lack prevent you from having what you want and need. It’s imperative to find a way to think you have enough to share and to act as if you are abundant. Let me give you an example from my own life.

When I hear about natural disasters, I always want to help in some way—to give. But my financial situation prevents me from giving in the way I would genuinely like. When I hear about people who have lost everything in devastating fires, tornados, hurricanes, or earthquakes, I wish I could donate thousands (or even millions) of dollars.

In the past, I would find myself feeling as if I didn’t have enough myself. Therefore, I would give nothing.

My financial situation is not that much different now, but I know that by not giving, I don’t allow myself to get into the flow of abundance. And I realize that lack-filled thoughts keep me stuck and unable to create or have what I want.

Plus, I feel far from a creator at these moments and separate from God. After all, if I were connected to God, I’d not feel lack, right? (Or so the thinking goes.) If I were one with the Divine Creator, I could access my ability to create, right?

So, these days I behave and think like a giver instead. No matter what, I give—even if it’s only $5. I might purchase a $15 or $25 grocery gift cards or collect old clothes to send to those affected by the disaster.

In n the moments when I feel I don’t have enough for myself, I don’t allow myself to dwell on this thought or feeling. I tell myself that at this moment I do have enough. And I find a way to give…something.

I’ve heard tons of stories about people who gave more than they felt able. And that selfless, unconditional gift came back to them in some way later—in the form of an unexpected check, a new job, a used car, an empty rental unit, or whatever. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories, too. (If you haven’t, here’s one told by Tony Robbins.)

And as I give, I feel closer to God. And if a “miracle” happens and I receive something unexpected that helps me have what I need and want, I feel connected to the Divine Creator.

In reality, each time I give, I am connected. In fact, I am always connected.

Do NOT Give to Get

Let me be very clear: I’m not telling you to give to get. I’m telling you to be a giver. No matter what you have—how much or how little—give.

Be that person who always seeks to give…even when you don’t think or feel you have enough. Give anyway. Give something.

Your intention is so important. Decide who you want to be—in this case, a giver. Then be that.

As you step into the role of giver, you will behave like one. And that will lead to having what you want. And you’ll feel a stronger connection to God.

Remember: Be, do, have, and, last but not least, give. That’s how you become a creator.

How do you give…and create? Tell me in a comment below.

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