Heal Your Physical Ailments by Addressing Mental and Emotional Causes

emotional and mental healing

I’ve been on a healing journey, but it’s not just my physical body that needs—healing. In fact, it’s my emotional and mental bodies that need healing first and foremost. As I heal them, my physical body returns to health, too.

You’ve likely heard of the mind-body connection—physical health conditions are related to issues on the mental level. Specifically, your thoughts impact your health.

However, your thoughts are tied to emotions. Some say thoughts flow out of emotions; others claim emotions are the precursor to thoughts. In either case, both thoughts and feelings impact the physical body. So, if you want to heal your physical body, nurse your mental and emotional bodies back to health.

What Really Ails You

But how do you know what really ails you…if it’s not just a physical ailment? Some health issues are logically connected to your emotions or thoughts. For instance, heart conditions are often related to not feeling loved, believing you are unlovable, or heartbreak.

When I discover a physical issue, I immediately research the root emotional and mental causes. It’s possible to do this with a quick search on Google or a look inside Louise L. Hay’s book, Heal Your Body.

For instance, about two years ago, I began having thyroid issues. I knew this was an emotional issue manifesting as a physical one, and a little research proved this to be true.

First, the thyroid is linked to the throat chakra, the area of self-expression and personal power. I had been feeling disempowered for a long time, personally and professionally. Along with that feeling came a fear of being myself or expressing myself.

Of course, each emotion had accompanying negative thoughts—like “I can’t do what I want,” “It’s not safe to be authentic,” or “I have to do it their way.”

Get Really Honest

Hay says thyroid issues are caused by humiliation and a sense of never getting to do what you want. They stem from the frustration often voiced this way: “When is it going to be my turn?”

At first, I thought humiliation didn’t apply to me. However, upon deeper reflection, I realized it did. I felt quite humiliated by a few experiences related to my publishing career and the poorly performing products I’d created. If I was honest with myself, I felt humiliated quite often!

My humiliation turned into mental chatter that sounded like, “You aren’t good enough” and “Why bother? You’ll just be seen as a failure.”

As for never getting to do what I wanted and wondering when my turn would roll around—oh, yeah. I resonated with those thoughts and had plenty of anger and resentment to go with them.

Stacking Physical Issues

If you don’t deal with one physical issue—physically, emotionally, or mentally, more problems stack up. I told my docs I wanted to wait to take thyroid meds until I’d dealt with the emotional and mental issues causing the physical one. I felt sure that would make a difference.

But, emotional healing isn’t always a fast process—at least it wasn’t for me. About a year after the thyroid issue appeared, I developed high cholesterol—clogged channels of joy. Yep, that was me…not experiencing much joy personally or professionally at the time.

And, most recently, I developed kidney function issues—criticism, disappointment, failure, and shame. Yep…I had those emotions in spades. Plus, I told my doctor, “I’ve been pissed off so long; it’s no wonder my kidneys aren’t happy!”

Health Mysteries

Before the kidney problem popped up, I decided to go on thyroid medicine—a low dose just to see if it would help. I had been using herbal remedies, but, obviously, they were not working well enough to solve the problem. I reasoned that I would work on healing my emotional and mental bodies while on the drug and then wean myself off it in a year.

Then, I upped my emotional/mental healing game with therapy, hypnosis, personal and spiritual growth programs, acupuncture, and readings from psychics. I also journaled and meditated. I began to deal with some of the underlying beliefs and old hurts, but my healing wasn’t happening fast enough. (After all, transformation is a process that typically doesn’t happen overnight.)

When my blood tests showed worsening kidney function, I had an ultrasound and went to see a nephrologist. The ultrasound showed nothing. Urinanalysis was normal. Despite all the supplements I was taking, none appeared to be the issue. It was just the damn bloodwork saying something was wrong…and getting worse.

The nephrologist said, “You are a mystery.”

Obviously, I still needed help figuring out the problem—and healing on a deeper level.

Energy Healing

So, I reached out to my old integrative medicine doc. Unfortunately, she had moved away, but I was able to set up a virtual appointment and discuss my labs and health issues.

Her conclusion: “This isn’t a physical problem. You need to see an energy healer.” In other words, deal with your emotional and mental issues from an energetic standpoint, and the kidney problem will resolve itself.

That made sense to me—and I took her advice. We are all energetic beings, and we live in an energetic world. I’d been to energy healers before and had good results more than once or twice.

For example, one time, a healer energetically removed something from my eyes. That was the only year since I first got glasses that my lens prescription didn’t change!

I regularly go to an acupuncturist.m which is a form of energy healing. He has worked miracles on my children and me. He healed my son’s mystery fevers, pains, and sports injuries, my daughter’s numb finger, as well as my migraines.

Healing Options

Many healing options can help you heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. However, I cannot stress enough that you must consult your doctor before you begin using herbal supplements, changing your diet…or anything else!

Note: I am NOT a doctor! Therefore, I cannot advise you on a “treatment plan.” I can only suggest that you consider treating your physical ailments in non-traditional ways that impact your mental and emotional state. You can do so in conjunction with traditional medicine, which is the route I have taken to date.

That said, here are a few ways to uncover and heal the mental and emotional blocks to your perfect health.

  1. Journaling—Exploring your thoughts and emotions on paper can help you figure out what underlying issues are causing your physical ones. Be super honest. Go back in time and consider what old traumas have remained unresolved. And write down all the negative thoughts you have that might relate to your health condition. Once you have identified potential “culprits,” you can seek help healing your mental and emotional bodies.
  2. Hypnosis—Much of what impacts your health is happening on a subconscious level. That means you may not be able to determine the thoughts or emotions causing your physical issues. But you can change them by using hypnosis, which helps you “speak” to your body from a hypnotic state. You can also go back in time and heal old emotional traumas and change beliefs. Consider hiring a hypnotist or learning self-hypnosis—or doing both.
  3. Affirmations—In Heal Your Body, Hay identified the thoughts and emotions related to hundreds of common health issues. She also provides positive statements, or affirmations, to counteract the negative thoughts impacting your health. Simply repeat the affirmations to yourself aloud or write them in your journal daily.
  4. Release work—There are many different types of therapies meant to help you release old emotions trapped in the body. Rebirthing and emotional release therapy are two such options.
  5. Energy healing—Energy healers work with the physical, emotional, mental bodies, and energetic aspects of the body. Your thoughts and feelings are energetic, as is your entire physical being. So if energy is trapped in your body, releasing it helps return you to health. You can find a variety of energy healers, including Reiki workers, chakra balancing, medical mediums, and quantum healers.
  6. Acupuncture—This ancient Chinese treatment, which uses needles placed on energy meridians, is a type of energy healing. However, it’s much more accepted than some others. For centuries, it has helped people heal from all sorts of medical issues by balancing the body’s energetic system.

I have known people who healed themselves of all sorts of conditions traditional doctors couldn’t resolve by addressing underlying emotional and mental issues. I know that Western doctors don’t always have the answers, and sometimes alternative medical approaches are more effective—especially in “mystery” cases.

I’m still on my healing journey; no resolution yet. And while I continue to consult with medical doctors, I’m also exploring alternative options. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Have you taken a mind-body or alternative approach to your healing journey? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with someone who might benefit from it.

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