7 Ways to Access and Trust Your Spiritual Guidance

access spiritual guidanceWhether you realize it or not, you are spiritually guided. And that spiritual guidance is available to you at all times.

I’ve understood this since I was in my mid-20s. But, I hadn’t clearly experienced spiritual guidance. So I couldn’t say I “knew” it to be true.

Yet, like most people, I could relate times when I had a gut reaction to something or what seemed like an intuitive hit. What I now know is that’s how we spiritual guidance. Intuition is your Higher Self or connection with Source speaking to—or through—you.

Beyond intuition, you could be guided by angels, astral beings, a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension, ascended masters, or ancestors. What guides you isn’t as important as simply knowing you are being guided and becoming aware of that guidance…and then trusting it.

Am I Spiritually Guided?

For the past two years, I’ve focused a lot of my attention on spiritual guidance. However, I constantly questioned if I was, indeed, receiving any.

This disbelief was present despite knowing I could provide powerful Tarot card readings for others. I also could tap into information for someone simply by holding a piece of folded paper with a word written the inside where I couldn’t see it.

I pulled oracle cards for myself or used a pendulum to get answers to my own questions almost daily, and I meditated to tap into guidance. But I always doubted if the information I received was accurate or truly spiritual guidance.

I asked numerous psychics, intuitive and spiritual coaches, and mediums the same question: Do I receive guidance, and, if so, how? Do I hear, see, or feel it? And how do I trust it once I become aware I’ve received it? The responses have been interesting.

Generally, the answer was, “Yes. You receive spiritual guidance. Everyone does. Just ask for it and then pay attention.”

As for trusting it…well, that comes from taking action on the guidance. When you experience the positive results of doing so, your level of trust increases.

It Sounds Like Me

I would ask my “guides” questions and usually receive an answer immediately. Yet, I didn’t trust the response because it sounded like me…like my own voice in my head.

So, I asked a psychic, “How do I know I’m receiving spiritual guidance when the voice I hear sounds like me?”

She replied, “Nina, you’re tapped into your higher self and listening to it all the time. So, you can’t tell the difference because you are so accustomed to hearing it speak to you. It’s all you.”

That made some sense to me. And I began to pay more attention to that voice.

Outside Validation

My inner knowing that I was guided deepened when I received outside validation. Others would sense or see my guides and get messages for me from them. For instance, I was in a class with an intuitive coach recently. She asked me, “What’s in that black frame behind you?”

“A quote,” I said.

“Your guides are saying to read it.”

So I read it aloud and cried.

“They are saying the answer has been there all along. You just weren’t looking at it,” she said.

That experience was convincing.

Signs from Guides

I’ve also tried looking for and asking for signs to prove I am spiritually guided. For instance, back in December 2019, I asked for a sign. I said, “Universe, God, guides, whoever…if I’m supposed to start this new program I’ve conceived, give me a sign.” I chose a sign to make it easy for me to know if I had, indeed, received a sign. “I want to see an owl if proceeding with this program is for my highest good.”

I was in Dresden, Germany, at the time, and there was a big Christmas market outside our hotel. “I’ll see an owl in one form or another—probably in the market,” I kept thinking. “I want to start this program. I’m going to see an owl.”

For 24 hours, I walked around that Christmas market and all over Dresden, but I never saw an owl. Then, the next day, I walked into the Christmas market again… the same booths and displays as the day before…and I saw owls everywhere. Carved wooden owls, ornaments shaped like owls, candle holders with owls etched into the glass, painted owls…but I hadn’t seen them previously.

Bolstered by receiving the requested sign, I trusted the message and took action. I created the program, but, to be honest, I still had a little doubt about whether I had truly received a sign. Then, in May 2021, while planning the launch of the new program, the Inspired Creator Community, my husband found two baby great horned owls in our backyard. We watched those owls mature in our yard for five months.

At that point, I knew I was being guided to launch the program. And since, then, whenever I question whether or not I should continue it, I see an owl.

Tools for Receiving Spiritual Guidance

There are many ways to receive spiritual guidance, and I’ve tried most of them. Here are seven tools you might try:

  1. Guided or channeled writing—Get a journal and write down a question you’d like answered. Allow your Higher Self or guides to come through and answer. Write down whatever comes to you. You can make sense of it later.
  2. Oracle, Tarot, or other divination decks—These card decks are a fun and simple way to receive guidance. Ask a question, shuffle the cars, and pick one. There’s your answer. Most come with a small booklet that explains the meaning of each card. [I like the Sacred Traveler oracle deck.
  3. Random book messages—Open any book to a random page, and read the line that stands out. There’s our message. Or pick up a copy of Richard Bach’s * Messiah’s Handbook.* It works great for this purpose.
  4. Animals, birds, insects, etc.—Notice the animals, birds, and insects you encounter. Then Google the spiritual meaning of the creature. For instance, squirrels are playful, so you might be getting a message to have more fun. But, on the other hand, they are also prepared, so maybe you need to be more prepared or spontaneous.
  5. Signs—Watch for messages on license plates, in commercials, or along your walking path. For instance, feathers are supposedly signs that your guides are nearby. Or as for a sign, and then pay attention!
  6. Pendulums—These are crystals, or just about anything with a bit of weight, hanging from a chain used as a divination tool. (You can even use a pendant.) First, ask your guides to join you. Then ask the pendulum to “show you yes,” and it will move in one direction, like swinging in a clockwise circle or left to right. Then request, “show me no.” Once know how it indicates a “yes” or “no” answer, you can begin asking all sorts of questions and receiving clear guidance.
  7. Dreams—Before you fall asleep, ask your guides to give you messages or answer a question during dreamtime. Set the intention to remember your dreams. Then write down the details of your dream when you wake up and analyze it, looking for the information you requested.

Trust the Spiritual Guidance You Receive

For most people, myself included, trusting the spiritual guidance you receive is the hardest part. I get clear guidance much of the time, but I’m too scared to take action on it. As a result, I don’t see the impact that following the suggestion would have on my life,; therefore, my level of trust remains low.

So, be courageous. Take bold action on the messages you receive. Then, watch what happens.

I firmly believe that the more you trust and act on spiritual guidance, the more guidance you receive. And I know that the more I ask for and notice guidance, the clearer and louder become the messages—even though I am still working on the trust and action parts of this process…especially, when the actions suggested seem large or scary.

If nothing else, trust that you are guided. That’s a fabulous way to begin receiving spiritual messages.

Have you had the experience of receiving spiritual guidance? Tell me in a comment, and please share this post with a friend.

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  1. My cousin recently moved to my area and is looking for a good centre for spirituality. Its interesting when you said that the more you trust and act on spiritual guidance, the more guidance you receive. I will share your article with my cousin so that he can receive the appropriate spiritual guidance for himself.

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