Proof that Your Life is a Product of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts create your reality--look at your life for proof of the Law of Attraction Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? A lot of people do, indeed, believe thoughts can create or “attract” desires and make them a reality. Others think the Law of Attraction is a lot of bunk—you can’t deliberately magnetize anything into your experience by merely thinking about it.

I fall into the first camp. I firmly believe our thoughts are creative.

If you fall into the second camp or want proof that the Law of Attraction works, I’ll tell you where to find that proof—in every aspect of your life.

Just look at your current relationship, health, situation, job or career, and financial situation, for example. What have you created to date? How do those creations correspond with what you have been thinking?

How the Law of Attraction Works

The Law of Attraction often is referred to as the process of conscious or deliberate creation. In the most simplistic description of the process, you consciously and deliberately train your thoughts on what you want and combine those thoughts with the feeling of already having what you desire. Combining thought and feeling often involves visualizing already having manifested what you want. As a result, you attract that desire.

There’s a bit more to it than that, however. You also have to take action—action that moves you closer to creating what you want. This step is often overlooked, as is having an overriding intention to share with others what you create.

Additionally, your energy has to be aligned with what you want. We live in an energetic world. Thoughts and feelings have energetic vibrations. We attract that which matches our energetic state at any time.

If you spend 10 minutes visualizing what you want and feeling great about having it but spend the rest of your day feeling angry, sad, or stressed, you haven’t aligned your energy with what you want. Instead, you align it with whatever thoughts have caused those negative emotions.

I don’t believe you can manifest out of thin air something like a new, red Mercedes. You might consciously create the opportunity to purchase one by saving money, being given one as a gift, or entering a contest to win the car.

I don’t believe you simply can think your way to a new job. You have to fill out applications, network, or have interviews. At the very least, you have to tell a few people you are looking for a job. And you can’t be angry about needing to look for a new job either.

To find a new relationship, you must put yourself in places where you can meet the person of your dreams. (That could mean just going to the grocery store and smiling at people.) Or, again, you could tell a friend you want to meet someone new.

And all the while, you are thinking about what you want, feeling the positive emotions that go with having it, and generally raising your vibration.

The Unconscious Creation Process

However, I also believe that most of what we manifest comes from an Unconscious Creation Process. Let me explain…

According to the National Science Foundation, the average person thinks about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Ninety-five percent of those thoughts are repetitive, and 80 percent are negative. A massive amount of those thoughts float around in your head with you barely noticing because they are unconscious thoughts.

In other words, you are unconsciously creating most of the time, which explains why you are surprised—and possibly unhappy—with what your life looks like.

If you repeat thousands of negative thoughts every day, you are more likely to attract something negative into your life. And if you are unaware of what you are thinking, you will create a lot of things you might not want.

Take an honest accounting of where you focus your attention most of the time. Then, take a good look at what you have in your life. You will see the Law of Attraction at work.

Your Life Reflects Your Thoughts

Not long ago, someone I know complained about how nothing turns out well for her. She explained that she didn’t want to have hope or to expect good outcomes because she knew she would inevitably feel disappointed when her expectations went unmet.

“Don’t tell me to think positively,” she said. “That stuff doesn’t work. I tried it. I didn’t create anything I wanted…only what I didn’t want.”

I responded, “Have you looked at your life? Your life is proof of The Law of Attraction working 100 percent of the time.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she said.

This person didn’t want to see that her constant negative thoughts were creating negative outcomes in her life—in her relationship, at her job, with her boss, and in her ability to accomplish goals. Thus, she dismissed the Law of Attraction. Yet, she had created the experience of getting what she didn’t want over and over again—just as she unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) believed she would.

Her life provided proof that her thoughts were creating consistently.

Over the years, I’d heard her voice her thoughts: “I never get what I want.” “They’re not going to like me.” “They don’t appreciate me.” “I’m not going to get a promotion.” “I’m not ready for the interview.” “I’m a f*ck up.”

And sure enough, that’s what she attracted: not being liked, no promotion, an interview that resulted in being told “your not ready,” and generally having nothing work out the way she wanted. As a result, she felt horrible about herself.

And it’s no wonder. This person was thinking…over and over again…about those potential negative outcomes. Therefore, she attracted them into her life.

Where Your Thoughts Go…

Where your thoughts go, your life goes. You create the life you have as you think about it — precisely as you think about what you fear the future will hold. This is why “worry” is so detrimental.

I’m the worst worrier. All too often, I allow myself to focus on negative thoughts about potential future outcomes.

My worrying is a form of negativity. It’s me thinking about something I do not want in my life.

For quite some years, I constantly thought about how my marriage wasn’t working and worried that I’d end up divorced. My internal self-talk said, “I want a divorce,” “I don’t like who he has become,” “I’m so unhappy,” and “I hate when my husband does that!” I also told people I thought my marriage would end, and speaking your thoughts give them more energy. Not surprisingly, my marriage kept getting worse, and I became more and more convinced I needed to get out.

In the last year, however, I’ve trained my mind toward positive thoughts about my marriage, like “He is super supportive of me,” “He’s an awesome provider,” “He loves me,” and “I like it when he does that!” Now my marriage is a whole lot better.

I had one year when all I did was think about making money. I was convinced I could increase my income with a specific program I offered. Guess what? That’s what I created, and I made more money than I ever had before.

Then, I decided I didn’t want to promote that program anymore. Over and over again, I told people, “I’m not going to focus on making money right now. I’m going to focus on fulfilling my purpose and being of service.” I also increased the impact of those thoughts by telling people I was not focused on income-producing activities. Guess what? My income dropped to almost nothing.

In each of these scenarios, my reality reflected what was going on in my head. The Law of Attraction was at work 100 percent.

How to Discover What You’re Thinking

Since most of your thoughts are unconscious, it can seem impossible to unearth those that occupy your mind most often. But there is a way…

Every time you look at your life and say, “I didn’t want that,” stop. Ask yourself if you often have negative thoughts about whatever it is that you don’t want.

For example, if you say, “I didn’t want to be unable to pay my rent,” ask yourself, “Was I worried about finances, or did I actually wonder if I would have the money to pay rent this month?”

Or, if you claim, “I didn’t want to lose my job,” examine your thoughts. Were you thinking, “I wonder whether my boss is going to fire me?” or “What will I do if my boss fires me?” No wonder that you got fired. Right?

If you use this process with honesty, you will discover that you’ve been thinking about exactly what manifested in your life.

The Law of Attraction is working. It’s giving you exactly what you are thinking—whether you know what you are thinking or not. More often than not, you haven’t been aware that your mind has been focused on what you don’t want rather than on what you want.

You are creating your reality with every thought. Just look around. You’ll realize your life reflects your thoughts.

If you don’t like what you see, change your thoughts. Deliberately train them on something you want to attract into your experience.

How does your life reflect your thoughts? Tell me in a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post, please share it with someone who will benefit from reading it.

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6 thoughts on “Proof that Your Life is a Product of Your Thoughts”

  1. Excellent article, Nina! And spot on. So many people are not aware of negative attraction. I have a chapter on this in my book “Sharing the Quest” in which I talk about ‘anti-mantras’ such as “I’m a loser,” “It never works for me,” “Nobody loves me,” etc., which you have so perfectly well elucidated here. Congratulations.

  2. I’m going to say with a open mind that in this world it is hard to know what’s real or not anyone can write something that may touch one and not the next it is like me saying it’s going to rain today everyday till it does does that make me someone that can read the future no it don’t it just means if you say it everyday sooner or later you got to be write it just seems that because some may have power over other that we are told thing that maybe we want to here or just lied to there is so much about life that no one knows or u NH destiny’s so it’s made up because it sounds good and might help someone or not but this has went on since the beginning of time everyone wants to be the smart one and most of the time they know what there saying is bull crop but they stand a chance of making money off of the less smart people so they come up with all theses things that sound good but in truth only does more harm because you believed and that as well as other things have failed but I guess you can blame anyone person after all we are lied to from child hood right on into adult hood if you want to do things for people that will help them to keep giving them more b.s is not the way aim at the top where it starts and just works it way down to the people that they think should not lie alive anyway and you know it or not are part of those type people as well as so many more so no your things you say are b.s and is only away for you to make money and in some sick way make you fill good about yourself good luck with that as well

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