Are you Sick of Being Sick?

if you ar sick of being sick, find a cure for what ails you.I’d been in a lousy relationship for too long and complained about it to my friends incessantly. My constant focus on the problems I perceived in this area of my life made me feel depressed, angry, stressed, and exhausted.

I wasn’t enjoying my relationship, my life, or, quite frankly, myself. And I surely wasn’t much fun to be around.

After going on a tirade about my boyfriend once again, a friend said, “Nina, aren’t you sick of being sick?”

“I’m not sick,” I replied.

“Really?” she said incredulously.

In fact, she was right. I was sick, but I wasn’t physically ill.

We can be sick in other ways, such as infected with negative thoughts and emotions. We can come down with a bad case of Why Me?, Judgment, or even Nothing Ever Changes.

Have you ever had these illnesses?

Eventually, if you want to heal and experience a healthier you and life, you have to decide you are sick of being sick. You’ve had enough.

At that moment, you also decide to find a cure.

Ready for a Cure

Are you ready for a cure? Part of being sick of being sick involves readiness. Until you are ready to find a cure, you remain sick.

You won’t decide to find a prescription.

You’ll continue to complain about your boss and be miserable at work rather than having that tough conversation with him or looking for a new position. You’ll continue complaining about your income being too low rather than asking for a raise or charging more for your services. You’ll keep telling anyone who will listen about how sick you are of how your spouse treats you instead of getting couples counseling or asking for a divorce. Or, you’ll continue saying you hate your body because you are 20 pounds overweight instead of beginning an exercise routine and going on a diet.

When are you going to be sick of being sick? When are you going to decide you’ve had enough, want to be better, and decide to take action and find a cure for what ails you?

The Hard Part about Your Rx

Most people never look for a cure to their particular form of sickness, and the reason is simple. Deciding that you are sick of being sick means you have to make a change. And change never seems easy—not to mention that it feels scary.

But as soon as you say to yourself, “I’ve had enough. I’m sick of being sick. I want to find a cure,” your brain responds, “You have to do something differently—get out of the marriage, quit the job, or stop eating candy.”

Immediately, you find ourselves outside your comfort zone—and you haven’t even taken action.

The Comfort Pill

Sometimes we prefer to be sick, although that seems crazy. (Craziness can be a form of sickness, too!) We prefer to stay in situations that we don’t like, that are hard, that make us feel terrible because being in them feels comfortable.

We choose a comfort pill—a placebo, if you will—rather than medicine that will genuinely help but might make us comfortable. We remain sick rather than endure the cure—a bit like chemotherapy when you have cancer.

Become conscious of the fact that your level of discomfort with change may be keeping you sick. It’s possible that you’d rather endure that pain than risk a different sort of pain—even if what’s on the there side of it is freedom from suffering.

You’d rather keep taking the comfort pill and convincing yourself you feel better.

Don’t Make Yourself Sick

Are you going through life suffering from the mental and emotional flu? That state of being affects how you feel physically as well. That’s why you may have heard yourself exclaim, “This situation—job, relationship, financial state—makes me sick!”

Indeed, your mental and emotional state lower your energy. It drains you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

But you’d rather stay comfortable than risk an uncomfortable state even if it’s only temporary and leads to feeling better. You’d rather keep making yourself sick.

How to Heal What Ails You

You can begin the healing journey by journaling. It’s amazing the cures we discover through introspection.

However, if you need help, seek out a therapist, coach, or trusted friend. Get support.

Remember, this type of illness is like having the flu…you might need to go to the doctor for a diagnosis and prescription. It’s like a pain you have that continually worries you. It’s a nagging fear… So you go to the doctor for tests, scans, and information about the cause—and the cure.

The Big Decision

So, when are you going to be sick of being sick? When are you going to decide that you’ve had enough, that you want to feel great on every level? When will you seek a cure?

Decide to give yourself wellness of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Rid yourself of whatever ails you—in every area of your life. Address your pain points—those situations you complain about day in and day out—and heal them.

Then you can align your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, so you feel like and express your best self.

Are you sick of being sick…and what do you plan to do about it? Tell me in a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post, please share it with someone who will benefit from reading it.

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