The Law of Attraction: If You Don’t Want to Receive in Order to Give, You May Not Get

I had the most phenomenal conversation this morning with a Kabbalist in Safed, Israel, that gave me a much clearer understanding of how the Law of Attraction works from a Kabbalistic spiritual perspective. Given the fact that I do, in fact, believe that our thoughts are creative and that what we focus upon expands, and that I hear the criticism being heaped upon the author of The Secret for her book and DVD’s materialistic bent, I wanted to share a little of what I’ve learned.

As Avraham Loewenthal, a Kabbalist and artist who’ve I’ve mentioned before, explains it, the fact that we want something for ourselves is natural. Desire is part of our inherent nature. Of course we want to get “things” or to receive them; therefore, we want to discover how to get what we want.

Along the way, we realize that we receive most easily when we are in the process of giving. Giving makes us happy. When we are giving, we are open and able to receive. We become a vessel to hold God’s ever flowing abundance and goodness. That’s why when we are giving we feel happy. And when w are happy, we find that the things we want are easier to obtain. Sometimes they even just come to us.

That leads us to a consciousness of giving to get something in return. It’s a step in the right direction, but we aren’t yet there. Next, we must learn to receive for the sake of giving. At this stage, what we want cannot be found in anything physical for our desire is for a new consciousness, a consciousness that wants to receive for the sake of giving. This represents giving in the truest sense.

God gives, and we receive, but as long as we only receive – or we try to get “things” for our own purposes — God remains the giver and we remain the receiver. We remain separate from the Divine. When we receive in order to give – by giving purely out of a desire to give, we remove the separation between the ultimate giver – God – and the receiver – all of creation. We become one with God, who’s only known characteristic is Its ability to give goodness to creation. When we begin giving for the sake of giving, we we are expressing that part of us that is created in God’s image, and the separation between Giver and receiver disappears.

That said, it isn’t easy to accomplish this feat. Yet, Avraham taught me, it is in the effort of trying that we find that we are truly doing the work we were put her to do. And part of that work involves being grateful for what we do have, being happy where we are now, having faith that what we desire will come to us, and cheerfully accepting that if we don’t receive what we want or need right now, something better will come to us in just the right time. I learned something similar from another Abraham, the one channeled by Esther Hicks. Abraham teaches that we must learn to be happy where we are, because if we are constantly wishing to be somewhere else, we will always be in a place of lack. And from a place of lack, we receive only more lack. But if we are happy and grateful in the moment, we open ourselves to receiving something else – something that resonates with the vibration of happiness and gratitude rather than with the vibration of lack.

That’s if for now…I’m off to try and practice this. Easier said than done, I know. Thanks for letting me try and explain these difficult concepts here in my blog first. They’ll be put into by Abracadabra! booklet next. If you have any comments or thoughts, please e-mail me. I’d loe to discuss these concepts.

6 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction: If You Don’t Want to Receive in Order to Give, You May Not Get”

  1. Thank you – good article
    Baal HaSulam (Rav Yehudah Ashlag) explains that principle in detail,
    that taking in order to give is actually part of giving – that’s the way to overcome the gap between us “takers” the G-d, who is the ultimate giver.

    Another great resource explaining mechanics of “The Secret” from Jewish Mysticism perspective
    are teachings of Yerushalmi Kabbalist Rav Yitzchak Schwartz:

    1. Thank you! I am familiar with Rav Ashlag’s teachings; that’s what I base my teaching on. I was actually made aware of them by a teacher/artist in Sfat who has occasionally reviewed my writings, like my booklet, The Kabbbalah of Conscious Creation. I will check out the work of Rav Schwartz. Todah Rabah…and keep sending good info. Thanks for reading as well!

  2. I have read and on some level understand the processes of giving, receiving and positive thoughts.
    I cannot help but ask why? Does this not seem to be a bit controlling rather than loving? If I feel a need for something more should that desire be disciplined by a greater perception of lack? Isn’t saying that if we do not receive what we want right now then something better may eventually come kind of akin to how religion teaches the masses to accept their stations in life; they will be rewarded in the world to come?
    Does the creator of the universe have no needs or is there a need for you and I to conform?

    1. Lauren,
      I don’t believe we have to conform. I do believe we were created to receive. Yet, we must also give. Giving and receiving are a circle of energy. When we give, we receive. It changes our energy and our thoughts…we focus on what we have to give rather than on what we don’t have to give. So, it’s not about a perception of lack at all…but about perception of abundance.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I have struggled with this idea about being created to receive. I visualize an interdependent relationship. You have heard the philosophical question; if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it fall does it make a noise? Or asked another way, if no one is performing mitzvot is G-d still brought forth into this world? The Torah regularly suggests if you do this than you will experience that. So my struggle, is this an evolutionary development where we eventually learn to give or is this a interdependent relationship that both parties have a vested interest in maintaining? (Yes, I understand that in his / her most sublime form, G-d does not need anyone to exist)
    However, my intention was not to challenge you; I must admit I was simply pondering this question when I came across your website. I had a desire to write my thoughts down. I very much appreciate you indulging my needs….. And will ask that a blessing be given to you. Kol Tov.

    1. Lauren,
      Appreciate the blessing and the comments and ponderings. I ponder, too…often in my postings. And I wonder why the kabbalists feel we can make God happy by doing certain things…as if God has feelings or needs us to act a certain way. Is God happier when we give or when we receive? Supposedly, God enjoys us receiving… It’s an odd idea. Or is this our justification? So we give to be more like God–more self-less. And, thus, we feel closer to God in the process.

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