What Weeds Need Pulling in the Garden of Your Life?

pull weeds in your gardenEvery spring I’m amazed by how quickly the weeds grow in my garden…and how high. I’m not talking small plants. I mean huge weeds, shoulder-high grasses, fields of thistle, and invasive sweet pea vines along with poison oak.

Last month, I spent two days weeding. In years past, I spent weeks and weeks hand pulling the intruders. These days, I have some help, and still…weeds galore.

If you have even the smallest garden, you understand.

But weeds can take many forms, and they don’t always grow outside.

Weeds in Your House

I took some time this weekend to get rid of some unnecessary items–clutter– lying around my house, like e-waste, broken wheelbarrows, a television antenna attached to our house since the original owner built it, and old clothing. As I cleaned up, I realized the accumulated clutter in my home grows just like weeds.

I can pick up, throw away, and organize, and before I know it, the clutter is back. It shows up not long after my clean-up efforts, and I have to work at keeping it at bay constantly.

I bet you’ve got some of these weeds around your home, too. If you don’t think so, take a careful look.

Weeds in Your Head

Your negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and unsupportive habits also are weeds. They grow while you aren’t paying attention or accidentally water or fertilize them. And, on a consistent basis, you have to take the time to dig them out, eradicate them, and create a cleaner mental garden that grows something useful.

I find my thoughts train on what I don’t want rather than what I do want–and that grows both negative thoughts and negative creations in my life. Sometimes I find myself worrying about my children. Or I focus on the possibility that I might fail to achieve a current goal, or I could get sick from the person sitting next to me on the airplane. These are mind weeds I need to nip in the bud.

Weeds in Your Relationships

Probably the toughest weeds to pull—even tougher than prickly thistle—are those that pop up in your relationships. You know the kind…the people in your life that begin to choke off your happiness, energy, or sense of well being.

Sometimes you do, indeed, need to weed the garden of your relationships. You want to cultivate a relationship garden that you enjoy spending time in and that feed your soul and warms your heart.

The Healing Nature of Weeding

I don’t hate weeding. I like it.

First, it’s a bit like meditation. It makes me feel peaceful to pull the intruders, put my hands in the dirt, and create something clean, orderly, and beautiful.

And there’s something cleansing about weeding, whether it ’s getting rid of junk, relationships, or thoughts and beliefs. The action leaves me feeling hopeful for what will grow in place of the weeds.

Indeed, something beautiful does grow when you remove the unwanted or unnecessary bits that take up space and don’t bring you joy. When you weed, plant, and care for your “life garden,” you’ll discover wonderful surprises sprouting and blooming in every area.

Are you pulling weeds this spring? What kind? Tell me in a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “What Weeds Need Pulling in the Garden of Your Life?”

  1. Timely post, Nina. My big insight of late is to question why I’m continually pulling the exact sames weeds – season after season. Obviously, I’ve only plucked the stems and leaves, the obnoxious visible parts, while leaving the roots or dried/fallen seed pods. I’m weary of catching myself proudly clearing clutter – the same clutter I cleared a dozen times previously. My quest is the roots: the underlying habits and attitudes that maintain the unwanted. Getting some great insights. 😉

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