The Universe Always Says YES!

Yes to your requests and desiresHave you ever wondered why when you say you want something, you don’t get it? Have you blamed a Higher Being, the Divine, the Universe, or God for not delivering your desires…immediately?

Most of us have done so at one time or another.

But there’s one thing you need to know. God doesn’t judge you or determine if you are worthy of having what you want. The Universal Energy—or whatever you call it—is indifferent to whether you deserve to have a desire fulfilled or are a good person who should be rewarded. It merely says “yes” to any request.

This energy, which is in and around all of us and everything, does not determine that you can’t have what you want. It only says, “Yes, you can have what you want.”

So why, then, don’t you and I possess all our hearts’ desires?

Ask for What You Want

Simple. We usually ask for what we don’t want—whether we know it or not.

Listen to the things you say. For example, you might say, “I have money problems.” The Universal Force responds, “Yes, you have money problems.” And that’s what you manifest or appear to be given—more money problems.

If you say, “I struggle with relationships. I always end up dating people who are unwilling to commit or abusive,” you will continue to experience these types of relationships. The God Force says, “Okay…yes…that is what you will experience going forward.”

Vocalize Your Desires in a Different Way

Whatever you say you have now or say you have had in the past is what the God Force perceives you want in the future. If you want something different, begin vocalizing your desires in a new way.

For instance, if you want more money, say, “I have more money,” “All the money I need is on its way to me,” or “I experience abundance and prosperity.” The Universal Energy will hear that and respond to your request.

Do not, however, say, “I want more money.” If you do, you’ll continue to want more money.

Also consider: If you fear something catastrophic happening to you or those you love, the thoughts you have about such a horrible thing happening function like a Divine request. Each time you feel the fear and find your mind wandering to the possibility of a disaster, instead, think about your loved ones being safe, healthy, and happy. In that way, you make a positive request.

How to Get More of What You Want

How do you get more of what you want or get some Divine help manifesting your desires? Try these two tips:

1. Become conscious of your thoughts.

You need to know what you are thinking. If you are thinking, “Bad things always happen to me,” or “I never have enough money,” the Universal Force will say, “Yes!”

Why? Thoughts are another form of Divine request.

And here’s the rub: You often have no idea that your thoughts counteract your desires. You may affirm, “I live in an abundant universe. Good things come to me easily,” but if your mind counters that statement with, “Rubbish! The world is full of lack, and you have to work long and hard to get even a small portion of what you want,” you’re likely to experience lack and struggle.

If you’ve been thinking a specific negative thought for a long time…or continue to believe it, you’ll struggle to receive what you desire—even if you affirm that you have what you want or that it is coming to you now.

2. Become conscious of your words.

Thoughts are created with mental words. The words you verbalize, however, are even more powerful.

That’s why you must pay attention to what you say. You might want to keep a diary of your thoughts and words—especially the negative phrases since they prevent you from manifesting your heart’s desire.

Make note if you say:

  • “Bad things always happen to me” or “Good things always happen to me.”
  • “I never seem to be in the right place at the right time” or “Opportunity is always right around the corner.”
  • “If I spend this money, I won’t have enough to pay my bills” or “I can spend this money because money flows to me easily and quickly and it will come back to me multiplied.”

Then change your negative comments to positive ones. And watch your requests get answered.

It’s All Energy

If you are struggling with some of the terminology I’ve used in this post, drop any mention of divinity or universe. Do, however, retain the use of the words energy or force. In fact, you might try out “Energetic Force.”

Here’s why: We live in an energetic system. Everything consists of energy—including your thoughts and words. Spoken words, for instance, vibrate against your eardrums; that’s why you hear them.

The energetic world in which we live resonates or vibrates with whatever energy we put out–the force we exude. If you give off the energy of fear or lack, you will attract more of that into your lives. It’s a simple energetic exchange.

Think of it as like attracts like, and, in this case, like energy attracts like energy.

If you give off the energy of fear or lack, you’ll see more of that in your life. If you resonate with “I’m prosperous. I’m abundant. I am worthy. I am lovable. I deserve love. I now have love,” guess what you’re going to vibrate with? Those things. And the Energetic Force that runs through the universe will help bring those positive things to you—not because you deserve it but because it’s matching your energy.

Universal Support

On my desk I have a sticky note, it says, “The Universe has my back.” I try to remember that on a daily basis but especially when things seem to be going wrong.

At those times, I need the reminder that the energetic force that is the universe we live only wants what I want. In that sense, it always has my back. It’s there supporting me and my desires. It’s always saying “yes.”

So, I need to be clear about my desires…and how I verbalize them.

As Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you.” I’d qualify that, and say ask carefully and deliberately—ask for what you want (not what you don’t want), and then allow for the “yes” and wait for what you want to appear.

What’s your experience of asking for what you want? I’d love it if you left a comment below and told me.

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3 thoughts on “The Universe Always Says YES!”

  1. The universe stays in contact with me a lot at times & we literally communicate back & forth as responding to the other & to me excessively sometimes, but its intriguing. Somethimes it’s hard for negative thoughts not to drift in but I’m working on moving past things that don’t serve me. I feel completely connected to everything among most spiritual God’s as in related, family or celestial connections it is pretty intense. I associate myself with many creator beings in history but this stuff is so old,I feel the universe/god was waiting for me to retrieve this info & its as if written for me. Sometimes I feel I live in gods land, vibration, magical, mystical place & not the “reality’ everyone else resides in. I have issues relating to other people now. Have you ever heard of anything similar to my experience? Is it ego or do you think it can be possible to have an honest connection with divinity? Number 52 repeatedly shown today, not sure if you know numerology at all.

    1. I don’t know numerology, sorry–except for my own name. As for your experience, I’m sure others could relate. I doubt you are crazy!

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