Why Your Attempts to Manifest Attract the Opposite of Your Desires

Why the Law of Attraction doesn't work Too often, my attempts to manifest my desires result in creation of the exact opposite—what I don’t want. You probably have had the same experience.

So what’s up with that?

There are several ways to explain this phenomenon, but Neale Donald Walsch offers a fabulous one in Conversations with God. He writes, “Whenever you proclaim something, everything unlike that will show up in order to give you the opportunity to sharpen your understanding and ‘beingness’ of your new decision.”

Indeed, to manifest something, you must first decide you want that thing or circumstance, set the intention to create it, and then understand who you must be to receive it. Of course, you also must become that person—assume that identity.

The Law of Opposites

However, a discussion of the Law of Attraction—which this is—would be lacking if it didn’t discuss the Law of Opposites, too. According to Walsch, this principle states that as soon as you ask for something to become part of your reality, its exact opposite appears. And the thing you don’t want always shows up before you manifest what you want.

So, whether you are trying to attract an outcome, object, person, or experience—or something else—you will also attract the exact opposite…first. It might appear in a large or small way, close to you or far away, but it will show up.

For example, a lack of prosperity may appear first if you want to manifest wealth. That means you might get a big unexpected bill or your car might break down when you can’t pay these expenses.

Perhaps you want a peaceful relationship. Unfortunately, you might find yourself fighting with your partner before the relationship improves.

And if you want to create good health, you might suddenly get sick, or if you want to attract more clients, you might lose a few.

That means that what you want will manifest soon.

Don’t Give Up!

While getting the opposite of what you want may be frustrating, it’s part of the process. So, don’t give up!

Remain focused on your desires, and believe they will be made manifest. Have faith and know you can create what you desire.

Don’t claim that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work or profess that you are not a creator. And don’t go down a negative wormhole and claim that nothing good ever happens to you, the Universe doesn’t have your back—or, worse yet, it is conspiring against you. Additionally, don’t decide that it’s no use to try manifest anything.

I know someone who threw up his hands and said, “This doesn’t work. I don’t believe it. I am done with all the Law of Attraction hogwash.”

You know what? He gave up too soon. What he wanted was likely coming to him, but he gave up and stopped the process.

Don’t do that!

Understand How the Law of Attraction Works

Instead, understand that the Law of Opposites works in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. Then, keep your eye on the prize—focus on what you desire, choose it repeatedly, and recommit to your intention of creating it.

You have the opportunity to do so when you experience the opposite of what you desire. At that moment, acknowledge that that unwanted thing, person, situation, or result is a sure-fire sign that you are doing things correctly and that what you desire is on its way to you.

Some people—like the person I mentioned—shift into negativity as soon as their desire produces something undesirable. Instead, do the opposite. Shift into positivity.

Celebrate! After all, what you want is coming…on the tails of its opposite’s arrival. That means you are making progress.

Any negativity or doubt puts the kibosh on the whole process of creation. And when you start saying any of that negative stuff, you create negative stuff instead. Your words become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You will bring those into your experience if you argue for your doubts. And if you believe with conviction and clarity that only bad—not good—comes your way no matter what you do, that conviction and clarity will make that your reality.

Again, have faith. Don’t buy into the illusion that it’s not working. Don’t judge the process; instead, believe in and allow it to follow its course. It is a process, after all.

Be a Person Who Can Receive What You Want to Attract

I recall early in my metaphysical education hearing Marianne Williamson say, “Love brings up everything unlike itself.” It’s as if the clarity you have on what you want and the intention of creating it causes you to be shown everything unlike it. As a result, you have the chance to get even clearer about what you need to heal or clear away before you are ready to receive the desire.

Plus, looking at what you don’t want helps you understand who you need to become to have what you want. Recall Walsh’s words: “Whenever you proclaim something, everything unlike that will show up in order to give you the opportunity to sharpen your understanding and ‘beingness’ of your new decision.” You have to become someone who is ready and able to receive your desires.

I liken this to the person who wants to become a millionaire. So he purchases a lottery ticket…and wins. But two years later, all the money is gone, and he is back in his previous circumstances—broke. Why? He was still the same person as before winning the lottery—possibly someone who didn’t budget, wasn’t good at managing money, overspent, or had no interest in learning how to invest.

If that person had decided to be someone who budgets, is good at managing money, and knows how to invest, and then became that person, two years later, he would still have the money…and more. You have to be someone who can receive what you want and do what is necessary to have what you desire—and hold onto it.

Welcome the times when you decide to manifest what you desire but get the opposite. The Law of Opposites provides an opportunity to learn the lessons, heal the wounds, and remove the blocks to receiving what you desire. It also helps you clarify your desire—to be sure you really want it—and determine who you need to be to manifest and enjoy it for as long as you like. That’s when the Law of Attraction kicks in and you see it working…perfectly.

Have you experienced the Law of Opposites in action when you tried to put the Law of Attraction into action? And did your desire manifest not long after? Tell me about your experience in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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3 thoughts on “Why Your Attempts to Manifest Attract the Opposite of Your Desires”

  1. My mother nags me about how much “junk” I have. So I reluctantly cleared out most of my jigsaw puzzles on the grounds that they were taking the most space with the least use, keeping only my very-most favorite. Then she started doing jigsaw puzzles, and now I have even more space occupied by puzzles than are less valuable to me than the ones I got rid of!

    And a few months ago, I decided to start going through my DVD collection (I got a bunch from a going-out-of-business sale several years ago that I hadn’t gotten around to viewing), then last week, my library had a media sale (some train geek must have donated their collection), and I ended up with another 30-some DVD’s! (Yeah, I didn’t “have” to buy them, they were uncommon videos that you don’t find at Walmart or most flea markets.)

  2. The exact opposite always happens in my life .l won’t elaborate further but your words really changed my perspective. Thank you

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