8 Ways to Create What You Want

How to create what you want

I bet you could make a super long list of the things you want. Call them “your desires.” But if you want to deliberately or consciously create them, stop wanting them.

As long as you continue to want something—a new computer, a published book, a raise, better health, your soul mate, a successful blog, or that fabulous pair of shoes you saw online—you create the state of wanting your desire…not the state of having it. Said another way, when you focus on what you want, you perpetuate the experience of lack.

You may be thinking, “Hey! That’s not what I was taught about manifesting or attracting.” Actually, it’s precisely what you were taught.

Whatever you focus on expands. Your thoughts are creative.

Where is your focus…what are you thinking about…when you think about wanting something?


No wonder you continue wanting, right? You are creating a state of lack.

Wanting will Never Get You Anything

Consider the basic principles of attraction, manifestation, or creation. (I prefer the word “creation.”) Simply, you create what you think about with great emotion.

Therefore, every time you think or say, “I want…” with great longing in your heart, you send a clear message to the Universe that you would like to create “want.”

The Universe—or Source or Divine Creator—takes what you think or say literally and understands the emotions around your thoughts and words. The word “want” comes with emotions related to unmet desires. So…you end up with lack.

Knowing that, it becomes evident that wanting will never get you anything. So how do you get what you want and create your desires? Let’s explore eight ways to accomplish that goal.

1. Watch Your Words

You may have already realized this, but your thoughts and words are enormously important. If you want to create anything at all, choose your words carefully!

Keep in mind that your thoughts consist of words. And almost every spiritual or religious text says the world as we know it was spoken into being. We can, therefore, deduce that words are creative in nature.

That’s why saying or thinking, “I want…,” creates more wanting. But if you think and talk about having something, everything shifts! Do this for a while, and you’ll be amazed at how little you lack.

To put this tip to use, think and say things like, “I am now enjoying working on my new computer!” Or “It feels great to wear new shoes!”

It’s also vital to have clarity on what you want and be specific when focusing on it. For example, if you repeatedly say, “I want to retire,” but really want to wait two years before you stop working, don’t be surprised when you lose your job—and can’t find another.

2. Utilize Emotional Energy

Your emotions also play a big part in your ability to create what you want. If you are stuck in the energy of lack, by which I mean wanting what you do not yet possess, your energetic vibrations will create more lack.

How you feel emotionally at any moment affects the energetic vibration you put out into the world. Be aware of your emotional state and align that energy with what you desire.

The easiest way to do that is to feel gratitude for already having created what you want. Keep a gratitude journal or talk about the great things or miracles happening in your life.

Or simply feel good—happy, excited, expectant, peaceful, or enthusiastic. Yes, you can, indeed, choose to feel joyous and generate some good vibes. Dance, play, laugh, be silly, and sing!

And trust and have faith. These are powerful energetic states. Know that the Universe is bringing you what you desire.

3. Admit You are a Creator

You are already a powerful creator. Just look around, and you’ll see the result of your thoughts and words. You may like them…or not.

You are someone who creates—even if you are creating things you prefer not to have. It’s time to create deliberately, is it not?

Accept that you are a creator. The power to create is inherent to who you are—a spiritual being having a human experience. We know that whatever made the world is creative in nature. You are part of that same energy or consciousness. Therefore, it stands to reason that you are a creator, too.

If you struggle with a spiritual perspective, look at the science. For instance, read Dawson Church’s book, Mind to Matter. Or learn more about the observer effect, which has demonstrated that when we observe something, it changes.

And study other creators—the ones creating what they want. What do you know about them? What qualities do they share? Make a list. Then develop those qualities in yourself.

4. Give

This seems counterintuitive, but, to receive what you want, you must learn to give. Giving and receiving exist on a continuum. When you give, you tap into the energetic flow that allows you to receive.

Of course, this is not about giving to get. That’s a sure-fire way to prevent yourself from receiving your desires! It’s about giving from your heart unconditionally.

No strings attached. No tit for tat. No expecting to get something because you gave something.

Be of service. Contribute. Give—a smile, a flower, a kind word, your expertise, a hug, a sweet note, a phone call to say, “I love you.” You get the idea.

Then pay attention. Watch what you receive simply by being a giver.

5. Receive

You may think you are willing, able, and ready to receive, but that’s likely not true. And there’s an easy way to find out.

Answer this question: Do you easily receive what you want—greater wealth, better relationships, a bestselling book, more customers, or better health? If you aren’t creating those things—or anything else you say you want, it’s likely because you aren’t as open to receiving them as you think.

You have to become a receiver—an empty vessel with the ability to allow in the flow of amazing goodness.

Examine your life…and be super honest. Are you a giver, receiver, or taker? Or do you match what someone else gives equally? Examine your career or work and your relationships.

You might be a taker in your primary relationships, a matcher at work, or a giver as a parent. That way of being affects your ability to receive in other areas, too. And if you don’t easily receive—you can’t even let in a compliment without resistance, then you won’t receive elsewhere. The same is true if you can’t receive love; that affects your ability to receive in other life arenas.

Believe me…this is not easy to look at! I discovered that I was a taker in a primary relationship. That alone was enough to explain many other blocks in my ability to receive.

But there was more… In that same relationship, I wouldn’t allow myself to receive. I had capped my vessel. While I did this in a personal life arena, it affected my ability to receive (clients and money) professionally.

Where does your vessel need to be uncapped so you can receive?

6. Visualize Having What You Want

If you fall into the camp that says visualization in bullsh*t, reconsider that belief…or not. But if you want to create what you want, know that visualization helps all sorts of people—like Olympic athletes, CEOs, artists and writers, and innovators—create their desires.

The mind doesn’t know the difference between what you visualize and what is real. Each time you mentally see yourself having and enjoying what you want, you program your subconscious mind to help you make that visualization real. It’s science.

Visualization combines thought and feeling. Remember, when you think about something with emotion, you increase your chances of creating it.

Visualize daily…with vivid pictures and strong emotions…having what you want. You can see yourself doing what is necessary to get it—and enjoying the process. But the key is seeing and feeling yourself possession the thing, situation, or experience…right now.

7. Allow

I mentioned that trust and faith are powerfully creative energies. But they won’t help you create anything if you don’t allow a force bigger than you—the Universe, if you will—to bring your desire to you.

You have to open your hand to receive. In fact, close your eyes and visualize your hands open, palms up, before you. Then imagine how it will feel to open your eyes and see your desire there in the palm of your hands. Commit that feeling to memory. That’s trust. That’s faith.

You can’t have doubt.

At the end of every visualization, say, “Amen,” as if you really mean it. If that word is too religious for you, say, “So be it,” which is what the word means, or “It is done.”

Here’s another excellent affirmation of trust and faith you can use at the end of a visualization period: “This or something better is now coming to me at the perfect time and in the perfect way for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.”

8. Take Action

Even if you do everything I’ve already mentioned, you will not create what you want without action. If you have been told otherwise, you were misled.

You must take action to create what you want.

Yes, some of what I’ve mentioned in this post—like giving and visualizing—constitutes action. But you must also do the things necessary to bring your desire into reality.

If you want to find your soul mate, put yourself in places you might find this person—like an online dating site or event. Or, if you want a new job, search job boards and apply. And if you want to become an author, sit down and write.

The Kabbalists say action is where the action is. So do something that will help create what you want. The late Stuart Wilde used to call this making an affirmation of action.

Become a Person Who Can Have What You Want

Have you ever wondered why so many lottery winners lose all that money—or spend it—within a few years? The reason is simple: They weren’t being the type of person who could receive and keep that amount of money.

For instance, some of these winners lived in debt most of their lives. With their lottery winnings, they suddenly could pay off their debt, but they continued to be irresponsible with money. They were overspenders before winning the lottery and continued to be overspenders afterward.

Look at yourself. Are you the type of person who can have what you want? If not, who would you need to be?

Imagine yourself being the type of person who can do the things necessary to have what you desire… What are that person’s characteristics? What are their strengths? How do they behave, and what do they do to make it possible to have what they want?

That’s who you need to be…now.

If you are not that person now, that’s the most significant detriment to having what you want. But it’s not a problem (so don’t make it your reason for not creating what you want). Decide to be that person.

Be a soul mate. Be an author. Be an entrepreneur. Be responsible with money. Be the person who has what you want.

Not sure what I mean? Choose to change and grow. Develop the characteristics, mindsets, habits, and behaviors of a person who can have—already has—the thing you want.

And that brings us full circle. Start by being a creator.

What do you want? And who do you need to be or what do you need to do to create it? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post!

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