Why You Want to Become an Inspired Creator

Manifest by becoming an Inspired Creator

If you want to create your desires, it’s imperative that you do so from a state of inspiration. When you are “in spirit,” the human self—specifically the ego, mind, brain, thoughts, and beliefs—becomes less influential. Your spiritual guidance system then directs and helps you manifest your desires.

However, you must also be aware of who you are—a creator. Then, create from inspiration. Become an “Inspired Creator.”

But what is an Inspired Creator?

What is an Inspired Creator?

Inspired Creators live human lives that feed their souls. They live much of the time “in spirit” or in an inspired state. And that’s the place from which they create.

Inspired Creators manifest with the help of spiritual guidance. They are in the flow and act on intuition. Tapped into spirit, they operate from a high vibratory level and co-create with something bigger than their human selves—Source, All that Is, the Divine Creator, or God.

They learn to remove human blocks to achieve their spiritual and physical goals, allowing them to access that guidance and tap into their spiritual connection. This enables them to consistently use their soul as a guidance system that directs them to inspired action.

When you remove the blocks to achieving your spiritual and physical (human) goals, you stand in your true power as a creator. In other words, you must do the personal growth work so your human self doesn’t hold your spiritual self back. Then, you create more easily.

You—the human—have to get out of the way so you can be “in the world but not of it,” as Jesus said. Learn to express as all of who you are—a spiritual being having a physical and human experience. This is how you realize your potential and fulfill your purpose—and become someone who can create their desires.

What Does it Mean to Be Inspired?

Let’s break the term inspired creator into two parts—inspired and creator. This will help you better understand what it means to be an Inspired Creator.

According to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, to be inspired means “to be outstanding or brilliant in a way or to a degree suggestive of divine inspiration.” It’s an “extraordinary quality” that arises from some external creative impulse.”

Merriam-Webster defines inspiration as “something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create.” Inspiration is “a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.”

I define inspiration as the moment when the spirit or soul sends a clear message about where to focus your attention, what action to take, or what to create. Inspiration is having the experience of your spiritual nature guiding you. It’s an experiential internal knowing.

What is a Creator?

In today’s world, being a creator often means creating something, like new technology or art. When I refer to being a creator, I mean your inherent ability to manifest.

Miriam-Webster defines a creator as “one that creates usually by bringing something new or original into being.” So, if you are a creator, you create. You bring things into the physical world. You manifest.

When you remove the blocks to achieving your spiritual and physical (human) potential, you stand in your true power as a creator.

You are a Creator

And, whether you believe it or not, you are a creator.

You are part and parcel of Source, and Source is a creative energy. It is the Divine Creator.

You create your life every day, whether you realize it or not, and whether you like what you create or not. Too often, though, you don’t create it from a place of inspiration—or being inspired by your spiritual nature.

The key to creating what you truly want is to get your human self out of the way. Then, you can consciously and deliberately create what you desire based on spiritual guidance.

You can even create (or recreate) yourself. And often, that’s the first step—becoming someone who is a powerful creator. Choose that as your identity. Believe it, and “act as if” that is who you are.

Until now, you’ve probably not believed that about yourself. Or you’ve been creating from a human perspective, not a spiritual one.

Your soul contains a spark of Divinity. So, when you use your soul as your guidance system and allow it to inspire action, you become a conscious and deliberate creator.

3 Ways to Become an Inspired Creator

So, how do you become an Inspired Creator? Develop an Inspired Creator’s Mind by focusing on three areas:

1. Transcendent thoughts

Inspired Creators fill their minds with transcendent thoughts—relating to a spiritual or nonphysical realm. These thoughts are beyond ordinary or everyday experience or common belief.

Transcendent thoughts keep you focused on the spiritual world even when you are fully immersed in the physical world. This allows you to receive spiritual guidance, feel inspired, and see beyond ordinary reality.

Such thoughts also allow you to see yourself from an objective perspective. This lets you see your blind spots and blocks to creation. With this knowledge, you can change and allow yourself to become a more powerful creator.

2. Ascendant Beliefs

Thoughts you think often and consistently become beliefs. Thus, it makes sense that Inspired Creators have ascendant beliefs, which are rising and influencing them positively. Their beliefs revolve around transcendent thoughts, like the fact that they are spiritual beings having human experiences and are the creators of their experiences and lives. They also focus on achieving their human potential and spiritual purpose.

These are not necessarily the beliefs held by average people.

3. Elevated Identity

It makes sense, therefore, that an Inspired Creator’s transcendent thoughts and ascendant beliefs lead them to an elevated identity—one of a higher quality than usual ways of seeing yourself. It’s not about being superior but keeping the spiritual aspect of who you are at the forefront of who you believe you are.

Such an identity could be:

  • I am a spiritual being.
  • I am a creator.
  • I am someone who is spiritually guided.
  • I am inspired.
  • I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

I’m sure by now you realize how having a Creator’s Mind would help you create your desires and live an inspired and soul-aligned life.

How Do You Become an Inspired Creator?

To become an Inspired Creator, focus on intentional creation. Don’t create by chance or accidentally, which can lead to undesirable manifestations. Instead, create deliberately and consciously.

To do that, you need to do four things:

1. Get inspired—Tap into your soul’s desires and listen to your intuition. Feel your passion and combine it with your purpose. Find things that jazz you, float your boat, and make you feel happy.

2. Create a vision—Become clear on who you are (or need to be) and what you want and need to do. Also, clarify your passions, purpose, and what inspires you.

3. Develop intention—Intention directs your energy toward your desire—your vision. It’s the arrow you shoot at your bull’s eye. And intention sets creation in motion.

4. Take responsibility—Know you are the creator of your experience, including who you are being, your circumstances, your relationships, and everything else in your life. Only when you take 100% responsibility can you create transformation—and commit fully to manifesting your desires.

The Result of Becoming an Inspired Creator

As you progress toward achieving your personal and spiritual potential, the more ability you have to get inspired results. And every inspired result is a desired creation.

What inspired results do Inspired Creators create? They move closer to achieving their human potential, fulfilling their purpose, and manifesting their desires. And they create human lives that feed their souls.

I call this Living an Inspired Life. When you do that, you:

  1. Commit to the things that feed your soul.
  2. Allow yourself to be spiritually guided.
  3. Express your authentic self.

Why become an Inspired Creator? Because doing so allows you to show up fully as who you really are—a creator. It helps you be a person who consistently moves toward your personal and spiritual potential, takes steps to fulfill your soul’s purpose, and consciously and deliberately creates your desires.

Plus, that’s why you are here this lifetime—and all lifetimes. Your true purpose is to express yourself authentically—as an Inspired Creator.

Are you an Inspired Creator? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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