The Best Way to Eliminate Your Huge Manifestation Obstacles

How to remove your manifestation obstacles

Many people feel as if a huge obstacle exists between what they want and manifesting that desire. If you are frustrated that you aren’t creating what you want, it’s time to explore your manifestation obstacles.

Your inability to create what you desire is likely tied to a consistent thought about why you can’t have it. That thought becomes a belief and your identity. That means your thoughts comprise the obstacle.

You’ve probably heard something similar before. For example, it’s common for those who aren’t creating desires to be told, “You don’t believe you deserve what you want,” “You think something bad will happen if you manifest your desire,” or “You don’t believe you can create what you want.” But you become those thoughts and beliefs. Then, your identity gets in the way of your manifestation efforts.

Your Beliefs Impact What You Create

We are all creators. Unfortunately—and fortunately—for you, your thoughts are creative. And a thought you think often becomes a belief. Beliefs impact everything related to that thought, including your ability to manifest.

Metaphysics has shown the creative ability of our thoughts. More recently, psychology, quantum physics, and brain science have proven that thoughts impact our reality.

Therefore, it makes sense that if you think a thought often enough to turn it into a belief, that belief will impact what you create.

Your Beliefs Form Your Identity

Beliefs related to your identity, or who you believe you are, impact how you see yourself. So, if you believe you never manifest what you want, then you will act as if you are someone who never creates anything. After all, that’s who you believe you are—someone who never manifests what you want.

While discussing marketing with my coach, I began considering the connection between manifestation, belief, and identity. I realized that every time I market my products or services, I think my efforts won’t pay off. This belief is buried pretty deeply. I don’t think about it as I go through the marketing process, but it’s in the background.

The belief that I am someone whose marketing efforts don’t pay off lowers my vibrational frequency. This happens because thinking that thought makes me feel lousy; negative emotions lower my energetic vibration, and it’s hard to manifest from that frequency.

It’s difficult to create what I want—people investing in my products and services—when I feel discouraged and defeated. Selling requires a positive outlook! People sense your energy and are attracted to someone with confidence and passion.

But what makes selling anything more challenging is vibrating at a low frequency. No one is attracted to that sort of energy.

Think about someone you know who is negative or always complains. Do you want to be around that person? Does it feel good to be in their presence? Would you buy from them?

Not likely.

But someone positive, confident, and passionate? That person’s energy is attractive, and the likelihood of investing in whatever they are selling is pretty high.

Beliefs are Creative

Plus, if I believe my marketing efforts don’t pay off, I will recreate that scenario repeatedly…even if I’m not consciously thinking that thought. And if I’m feeling that crappy sense that, despite my best efforts, nothing will turn out any differently during this launch or marketing period, that’s exactly what I’ll create.

The thought is there. The belief is active. And not only do I believe that is true about me…I believe it is who I am—someone whose marketing efforts don’t pay off.

So that is what I create…every single time.

Until I change my belief…and my identity.

You Create Who You Are

While reading through comments on my YouTube station, I was surprised by how many people believe they struggle with manifestation. Some even said they thought their efforts were thwarted just before creating what they desired.

They said, “I always create the opposite of what I want,” or “It always seems as if I’m about to create what I want, and then something happens, and I don’t.” These are statements of identity. They believe they are a person who cannot create or bring their manifestation efforts to fruition.

Maybe you can relate.

If so, know this: As long as you have these or similar beliefs about yourself, you cannot manifest anything but an experience of that belief in your reality. You will continue being “someone who manifests the opposite of what you want” or “someone who gets close to creating what you desire only to have your efforts thwarted.”

Change Your Identity, Eliminate Your Manifestation Obstacles

What’s the remedy to this perpetual experience? How do you climb over or remove your huge manifestation obstacles?

Be someone who is a creator. Be a manifestor. Be someone whose efforts to create result in creations.

When you choose an identity, like “I am a creator” or “I am someone who manifests easily,” your beliefs align with that identity. First, you will believe that’s who you are. Second, you will believe you can do what a person with that identity can do—create or manifest easily.

That means your thoughts are aligned with your identity. And, as previously discussed, your thoughts are creative. Therefore, your beliefs are creative.

When your beliefs and identity are aligned, you will manifest in alignment with both. So, if you believe you are a creator, you also think creators create…and you can create. As a result, you will create what you desire.

You are creating from your choice about who to be now and in the future. You are not manifesting from the past or who you used to be.

Stop Creating from Beliefs Based on the Past

All your old beliefs and identities are based on past experiences. And they caused you to manifest based on past experience, not on who you are being now…in the present. Let me explain.

Because my past marketing experiences have not yielded the desired results, I have believed I am a terrible marketer. That has been my identity, and my beliefs have aligned with it.

But that identity is based on my past experiences, not my current or future ones. As long as I perpetuate that identity and its related beliefs, it will continue to influence my current attempts to market my program.

Thus, my identity becomes a significant obstacle to manifesting what I want—as do the beliefs held by that identity. The two together—identity and beliefs—stand between me and what I want to create.

To remove that huge obstacle, I must change my belief about who I am—my identity. To sell more products and services when I market, I have to be someone who sells easily and naturally, for example. Or I can choose to be an effective and successful marketer.

What would that person think? Maybe “I always meet my sales and marketing goals.” Or “All my launches are successful.”

Suppose your past experience is that you get close to creating your desires but never manifest them. In that case, you believe you are bad at manifesting or someone who can’t create your desires. You think that’s who you are. And you live out the truth of that identity.

You now realize that your beliefs and identity are considerable manifestation obstacles and prevent you from manifesting what you want. However, you can choose to change them, and that removes the barrier.

Be Someone Who Can Create What You Want

Listen to what you say about your attempts to create what you want. Then, realize that your words express what you believe, and that belief is based on past experience.

And know your beliefs indicate who you are being at this moment—your identity—even though that belief is based on the past.

Who do you want to be now? What type of person would be able to create your desires?

Decide to be that person in the present. Adopt the beliefs that person would have. And stay in the present. Then, watch as your ability to manifest what you want improves.

And if it doesn’t, revisit your beliefs and identity. Who have you been? What have you believed? What have you created? Your manifestations will be linked directly to your beliefs and identity…every time.

Change your identity. Change your beliefs. Change your ability to create what you want. Remove the huge manifestation obstacles that stand between you and creating what you desire.

Can you see how your beliefs and identity can become huge manifestation obstacles? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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