7 Ways to Become a Spiritual High Performer

Become a spiritual high performer
If you are interested in spirituality or spiritual growth, set your sights on becoming a spiritual high performer. You might think higher performance levels are only for athletes, C-suite executives, or those on a personal growth path. In fact, you can level up any aspect of your life, including your spiritual performance.

Maybe you want to access your intuition, receive spiritual guidance, or connect with your Higher Self. Perhaps you want to reach a deeper state of meditation, become an animal communicator, or develop trust that the Universe has your back. Spiritual high performance allows you to accomplish these goals and more.

Why Spiritual People Need High Performance

High performance is about reaching your human potential. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. That experience includes remembering who you are—a spirit or soul housed in a physical body. It also involves accessing your spiritual nature and expressing it fully.

At birth, you forget that you are a soul embodied and a spirit navigating the physical world. Part of your journey as a human being involves reaching the point where you remember that and experience and exhibit your spiritual and physical nature.

However, it can feel hard to do so. After all, humans are controlled mainly by the physical aspect called the mind. And the mind has many functions that impede your efforts at spiritual growth.

You can overcome this challenge by gaining more control over your conscious and subconscious minds. But that requires personal growth. Thus, it’s imperative to work on your human nature to access a higher degree of your spiritual nature.

What is Spiritual High Performance?

As a Certified High Performance Coach, I describe the process of reaching higher performance levels as becoming the best version of yourself or the person you know you can be. High performers find new levels of success in every life arena by developing the behaviors and mindsets that support goal achievement.

A spiritual high performer reaches higher performance levels in spiritual endeavors by adopting mindsets and behaviors aligned explicitly with their spiritual goals and nature. As a result, they become more evolved, conscious, and actualized, which leads to being a more spiritually advanced human.

Additionally, spiritual high performance is the process of reaching heightened levels of spiritual success. As you change your thoughts and behaviors, you achieve your spiritual goals.

Let’s look at seven different ways you can increase your level of spiritual performance and, as a result, become a spiritual high performer.

1. Connect daily with your higher self.

Spiritual high performers make it a habit to connect daily with their higher self. Your higher self is the unlimited, eternal, non-physical dimension of you sometimes called the soul or spirit. It is not restricted by the mind or encumbered by the ego—your conscious mind that identifies as your “self.” Also, it’s the part of you that offers inspiration, intuitive guidance, and insight.

You might also want to connect with guides, angels, ancestors, and cosmic beings. Your spirit team supports you at all times, and if you connect with it, you can also receive guidance and insight.

How do you connect with your higher self? Try meditation, prayer, or tools like oracle cards or a pendulum. You can even try automatic writing, also called guided or channeled writing.

If you enjoy guided visualizations, you can use this tool to meet and connect with your Higher Self or spirit team. You can find many such meditations, including videos, if you search on Google.

Or simply use your imagination. In your mind’s eye, see yourself having a conversation with your Higher Self or meeting your spirit team. Do this daily or several times per week until you find you can connect quickly and easily whenever you like.

2. Ask for guidance.

Connecting with your Higher Self or spirit team is one thing. Receiving guidance is another.

In fact, some people are good at asking for spiritual guidance but not receiving it. Actually, the advice is always given but often not recognized as such. So basically, you miss the signs.

But before you work on the receiving part of the equation, get in the habit of asking for guidance. Ask often!

Make it a habit to ask your Higher Self or spirit team for guidance. Simply formulas and ask a question, and wait for a response. But don’t expect one immediately. It could take some days. And the answer may not always show up in the way you imagine it will.

Start with easy questions, like “Does it serve me to attend the concert with my friend?” “Would it be in my highest good to wear the yellow shirt?” Or “Would it improve my health to stop eating gluten?”

For example, you can ask for a sign, like a red rose or blue jay. Or simply listen for the answer. The “voice” of your Higher Self or spirit team likely sounds just like you. However, some people experience the voice outside themselves, such as by their left ear.

You also can ask questions and then pull a Tarot or oracle card, use a pendulum, or spend some time on guided writing to receive the answer. If at first you don’t seem to get answers—or the “right answers,” make a note of the information you received. It might make sense to you later.

As time goes on, you will get better at connecting with and receiving spiritual guidance. Plus, you will level up your spiritual ability.

3. Trust that you are spiritually connected and guided.

Learn to trust because trust is essential if you want to become a spiritual high performer. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to question the validity of the messages you receive or your experiences. Still, that mindset keeps you stuck in a pattern of not believing you are connected, receiving guidance, or having a “real” spiritual experience.

Instead, come from a place of faith. Drop all doubt. Make it an exercise to simply believe whatever you experience as real and true.

Whether you want to connect with God/Creator, your Higher Self, your intuition, a spirit guide, or an archangel, trust that the connection is happening and the messages are real. Have faith!

If things happen that seem as if “no one up there is listening or helping,” trust that everything is happening for you. Indeed, the Universe has your back. The more you trust this to be true, the more adept you will become at whatever spiritual endeavor you tackle. Your trust will move you toward spiritual high performance.

4. Be still.

Sometimes the best way to up-level your spiritual performance is to do nothing. Just be still.

No meditation. No journaling. No trying to be present. No praying.

Just sit. Be with yourself in stillness.

No talking. No doing.

Be still, and pay attention to what happens.

In the stillness, you raise your level of spiritual consciousness and ability. And the more stillness you allow yourself, the faster your spiritual nature will develop.

5. Use personal growth to advance your spiritual growth.

The first four strategies for becoming a spiritual high performer all become easier if you focus on personal and spiritual growth. After all, new habits and beliefs fall into the realm of personal growth, but they also lead to spiritual growth.

The only things holding you back from higher levels of spiritual high performance are your negative thoughts, unsupportive beliefs, and unhelpful habits. When you pursue personal growth, those change…as do your results. As you develop positive thoughts, supportive beliefs, and helpful habits, you’ll find it much easier to reach your spiritual goals.

So, find strategies for uncovering your subconscious programming, such as working with a hypnotist or doing self-hypnosis. Discover your old stories and beliefs using journaling. Become aware of your thoughts and focus on those that lead to achieving your spiritual goals.

6. Be a spiritual high performer.

Ultimately, you want to choose to be someone who is a spiritual high performer. Take on that identity, and then do the things such a person would do. Align your mindset and habits with that identity.

Find an example if you aren’t sure what a spiritual high performer would think or do. For instance, imagine how Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, or Gabby Bernstein would live their lives. What mindsets and habits make them spiritual high performers?

Identify the characteristics, mindsets, or behaviors that make them spiritual high performers. Then adopt the same ones for yourself.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

As with just about anything in life, you need to practice being a spiritual high performer. Show up daily being a spiritual high performer. Do the things such a person would do to reach higher levels of spiritual performance.

Practice connecting with your higher self, intuition, and guides.

Practice asking for spiritual guidance…and receiving it.

Practice stillness.

Practice trusting that you are spiritually connected and guided.

Practice using personal growth to advance your spiritual growth.

And practice whatever will help you achieve your spiritual goals. For instance, practice meditation or communicating with animals. Or practice breathwork, automatic writing, Tarot readings, or aura reading.

You will get better at whatever spiritual endeavors or goals you tackle as you practice. As a result, your level of spiritual evolution will increase, and you will become a spiritual high performer.

How are you becoming a spiritual high performer? Tell me in a comment below, and please share this post with a friend.

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