The Benefits of Taking a High-Performance Approach to Living Fully

Live fully by getting Certified High Performance CoachingWhen one of my Certified High Performance Coaching clients finishes a set of 12 sessions, they must make a choice—continue on or quit. Of course, the quest for high performance never ends since there is always another level to becoming your best self and achieving your potential. And continuing the high-performance journey with more advanced sets of sessions next ensures that you live fully.

Personal growth is a process…a never-ending one. Even the world’s most actualized people know they can improve in some way. That’s why they continually strive for higher levels of personal and professional achievement.

The Certified High Performance Coaching Progression

This past week one of my clients completed what we call the Core sessions, the first in the series of 48 Certified High Performance Coaching sessions I offer. Each set has 12 sessions total. And, depending upon session frequency—once per week or twice per month, their coaching program can last a year or two years…or longer.

This particular client asked me to describe the additional sets of sessions and recommend which one she should enroll in next. As I explained them to her, I was reminded that they provide a personal growth progression.

Each Certified High Performance Coaching session is results-oriented. And as you progress through all 48, you first learn the foundational principles of high performance and habits of high performers. Then, you discover how to activate your human drives and live fully. After that, you focus on increasing your level of personal freedom so you can access your power of choice. Finally, you focus on stepping into a leadership role that allows you to realize your mission or calling.

Once you’ve completed all 48 sessions, you are well on your way to living as a high performer and experiencing a high-performance life.

Let me tell you a bit more about each set of sessions.

The Core Sessions

The first set of sessions, or Core sessions, provide foundational concepts in high performance. The goal is to help you develop ways to approach life so you are more focused, positive, clear, productive, engaged, courageous, influential, energetic, and purposeful.

Sessions encourage you to decide who you want to be and how you want to show up in life. With this in mind, the Core sessions help you achieve mastery of your physiology, psychology, productivity, persuasion, and purpose.

In conjunction with Brendon Burchard ’s research and book, High Performance Habits, these sessions aim to help you develop the same habits possessed by the most highly performing people in the world. These individuals consistently strive to:

  1. Seek clarity.
  2. Generate energy.
  3. Raise necessity.
  4. Increase productivity.
  5. Develop influence.
  6. Demonstrate courage.

The Charge Sessions

The Charge sessions follow the Core sessions. These 12 sessions are my favorites. More emotionally based, they focus on developing a “charged” life by activating your 10 human drives.

The Human Drives framework was created by Burchard, and he wrote about them in his book, The Charge. They are:

  1. Control
  2. Competence
  3. Congruence
  4. Caring
  5. Connection
  6. Change
  7. Challenge
  8. Creative Expression
  9. Contribution
  10. Consciousness

It would feel amazing to wake up every day feeling energized, engaged, excited, joyous, passionate, and fulfilled, would it not? Imagine living that type of life…the kind where you’re firing on all cylinders.

Unfortunately, too many people aren’t living a charged life. Instead, they are living a caged or comfortable one—and that does not lend itself to fulfilling your potential or living fully.

Let me elaborate…

The Caged Life

The opposite of a charged life is a caged life. In this life, you feel stuck, held back, unable to free yourself to live in the way you desire.

How do you know if you are living a caged life? Easy… You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works. You believe there’s nothing else you can do and no hope for something different or better.

You are in a cage, and you can’t get out.

As a result, you’re angry. And you blame others—God, the world, and everyone in your life—for your plight.

Those living a caged life often hire a Certified High Performance Coaching in the last ditch effort to get unstuck.

The Comfortable Life

If you are living a comfortable life, you enjoy the comfort you have achieved and feel happy and self-satisfied but likely not fulfilled. You like the ease and the safety of your current situation and are not sure you want to change it.

Yet…deep down inside, you know you deserve better, right? You know you could do, be, have more, and that kind of eats away at your happiness. So, to some extent, you feel like you’re copping out…letting yourself (or God, your parents, your spouse, or someone else) down.

And that’s why people who live a comfortable life decide to hire a Certified High Performance Coach. They want to realize their potential, fulfill their purpose, and live more fully.

The Declaration Sessions

The third set of Certified High Performance Coaching sessions is called the Declarations. Based on Burchard’s book The Motivation Manifesto, these sessions help you develop a higher level of personal freedom. That means you feel empowered to make choices and take action on them.

Visualize that for a moment… You feel empowered to be the person you want to be—and know you can be, achieve your potential, fulfill your purpose, and live fully on your terms.

No more decisions based on what other people expect of you or worrying about their judgments. And no more doing what you think you should do. Instead, you do what you want to do—things that align with your authentic identity and that make your heart sing and feed your soul.

How would your life change if you had that level of personal freedom?

The Declaration sessions remind you that you have a choice about who to be, how to show up, and how to respond. Nothing external controls you. Instead, you have—and can always access—an internal locus of control.

Here are the declarations:

  1. I will meet life with full presence and power.
  2. I will reclaim my agendas.
  3. I will defeat my demons.
  4. I will advance with abandon.
  5. I will practice joy and gratitude.
  6. I will not break integrity.
  7. I will amplify love.
  8. I will inspire greatness.
  9. I will slow time.

When you live into those statements, your life transforms.

The Leadership Sessions

Finally, Certified High Performance Coaching clients move on to the Leadership sessions. While some people say, “I’m not a leader. Those sessions aren’t for me,” in fact, they are for everyone. After all, you can lead your family, friends, team, company, employees, customers, clients, audience, or readers.

Sometimes realizing that you are or can be a leader takes a clearer understanding of your own philosophy on leadership. So, these sessions begin with philosophy and move on to defining leadership. Then, you are encouraged to look for leadership opportunities that already exist in your life.

Then, the Leadership sessions move on to the “E6 Leadership Framework,” which includes:

  • Envisioning your mission and desired future.
  • Enlisting others in your vision.
  • Embodying your role as a leader.
  • Empowering others.
  • Evaluating your progress toward leading your mission.
  • Encouraging others to lead.

Finally, these sessions take a look at how to scale your purpose to impact more people.

Next Step: Spiritual Growth

So what happens when you complete all 48 Certified High Performance Coaching sessions? Many people go right back to the Core sessions and begin again. Others repeat different sets to master them at a higher level.

And yet others turn their attention to spiritual growth. They may hire me as their Inspired Results Coach or join the Inspired Creator Community. The latter program allows them to participate in group Certified High Performance Coaching and group Inspired Results Coaching.

Inspired Results Coaching is my unique mix of spiritual and personal growth tools and philosophies. I combine 40 years of exploration in spirituality, ancient wisdom traditions, esoteric topics, metaphysics, and other “woo-woo” subjects with my exploration and experience in personal growth and transformation.

I see clearly that personal growth impacts spiritual growth and vice versa. If you work on personal development, your spiritual growth levels up. You work on spiritual growth, your personal growth levels up, too.

Therefore, it makes sense that the next logical step after completing any or all the Certified High Performance Coaching sessions involves a spiritual approach to stepping into your best self and life.

Become the Creator of Your Life

Of course, the Certified High Performance Coaching sessions have a spiritual side since they involve discussions of consciousness, purpose, and presence. But there is so much more to spiritual growth.

And those on a spiritual growth path who feel challenged to realize their spiritual potential need personal growth to help them “get out of their own way.” By working on themselves, they become more able to tap into the Divine flow and become a creator.

I believe that our attempts to realize our potential and purpose are not complete unless we include spiritual growth in the equation. After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Thus, we develop and grow on both the human and spiritual planes. We can’t exclude one or the other—we are both human and spirit.

Choose to Live Fully

So, after explaining all of this to my client, what did I suggest about her next steps? I said, “You have all these choices. Each builds on the 12 Core sessions you just completed and helps you live more fully. Whatever decision you make, you move closer to creating the life you want, becoming the person you want to and know you can be, achieving your potential, fulfilling your purpose, and living fully.”

By the end of my description—the same one I’ve shared in this post—my client clearly could see the interconnectedness of the entire Certified High Performance Coaching curriculum. And she was aware that it would continue to lead her toward living her life more fully in every life arena. Now, she just needs to make her choice.

And the same is true for you…no matter what type of personal or spiritual growth journey you are on. You must simply choose your next step or path. Then take action.

No matter what you decide, you will grow and transform.

Have you have been working on leveling up your personal growth so you can step into your best self? And has that impacted your spiritual growth? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend.

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