Lonely Writing on Shabbat

It’s Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath.  Technically, religiously, halachic-ly (by Jewish law), I shouldn’t be writing, since writing constitutes work, and work is forbidden on the Sabbath. But I’m not that observant. I’m a spiritually observant Jew…but these days, despite the fact that I write about Shabbat and how to make it meaningful and spiritual, I’m …

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Be Part of the Shift

Yesterday someone sent me the link to a movie trailer that’s a must watch. However, it’s not only a must watch, it’s a call to action. I’ve posted it below for you to watch.  The Shift Movie Trailer  However, don’t just watch it and say, “That’s nice,” or “That’s interesting.” Get involved. Become a change …

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Mean People

A lot of times in my life I’ve been the brunt of people being down right mean to me, because they have simply judged me incorrectly. They made an assumption about me, and then they acted upon it in a hurtful manner. I’m getting pretty darn tired of it. Why do people feel the need …

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Unfinished Business

Have you ever wondered why certain things just keep coming back into your life, almost like ghosts haunting you? I think they are the spirits of your unfinished business showing up in new and varied forms to make you face them once again and finally complete what you started. Complete. That term got used a …

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Pushy, Pushy, Pushy

Today I got really upset when another mother got really push about trying to get something to go her way. It’s a long story not totally worth going into. The short story goes like this: My daughter signed up for a new synchronized swim team that is just forming. Some other girls have decided to …

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