Chanukah, the Season of Remembering and Welcoming Miracles

Okay…I’m over the scrooge phase. We are well into Chanukah now, actually half way through. I did manage to get out some of the decorations, although our new house (we’ve been in it a little over a year and a half) doesn’t have as many good places to put my little Chanukah candles and music …

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Creating Sacred Space

I’ve been working on a book about creating sacred space and inviting the Divine to dwell with it, and my focus on this subject every day increased my desire to practice what I preach in my own home. So, last weekend I announced that I wanted to create a sacred space in our spare room. …

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In Honor of Women

I remember having several close girlfriends in high school and in college, but I preferred my male friends. They seemed simpler to deal with. They were less complicated. They were less catty. I could trust them. So, it isn’t surprising that when 13 years ago while living in Atlanta, GA, I was asked to join …

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