3 Steps that Help You Change Fast (without Therapy)

how to change fast
We are impatient beings. We want everything fast…including change. Yet, transformation is a lengthy process, right?

Sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Difference Between Therapy and Personal Growth

Lots of people who want to change choose to go to a therapist. While I’m an advocate for therapy in specific cases, this change process can take months or years before you see the results of your inner work.

On the other hand, many people who desire change hire a personal growth coach or join a transformational program. Sometimes, this route takes a fair amount of time, too—specifically if someone is resistant to change (even though they claim to want it).

But more often, personal growth coaching or programs result in quick changes. And this is particularly true if those enrolled do the internal work and apply what they learn.

Plus, therapy focuses primarily on healing and understanding the past. Yet, it’s the present and future you want to change.

Personal growth coaching and programs focus on change in the present so you can create the future you want.

You Don’t Need to Know “Why”

One of my clients recently realized that a past event was preventing him from moving forward to create his dream business. “I want to understand why this event stops me, so I’m going to go to a therapist,” he told me.

“What if you don’t need to know why?” I asked.

“But I want to heal my past and take bold action with my business,” he responded.

“And what if you don’t need to heal the past to take bold action with your business? What if you can do that right now…without understanding anything about that event?”

He just looked at me. The idea was foreign to him, as it is to most people.

Leave the Past Behind

We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that understanding and healing the past is necessary to move forward into the future. And that may be true sometimes.

You may already realize this, but more often than not, your current challenges or obstacles can be eliminated without understanding your past.

Yes, in some cases, therapy and exploring the past prove informative. It can help you see how your interpretations of past events—your stories—have impacted your life. And for deep emotional wounds and trauma, healing in this manner often serves a vital role in being able to leave the past behind.

However, often such exploration ends up being a lot of time and money—and emotion—spent on understanding the past rather than creating the future.

It is possible to simply leave the past behind…where it belongs.

Transformation can Happen Quickly

But here’s the thing…transformation can happen quickly. In fact, it can happen in an instant. One aha moment during a personal growth coaching session can change everything, for instance.

Plus, as soon as you become aware that you are repeating a negative pattern in your life, you can choose to ditch it and create a new one that changes your present and future. When you are conscious that you are doing something that hinders having what you want, you can choose to change your behavior and do something that creates it instead.

Remember my client who wouldn’t move forward with his business? He could have changed everything—including the impact he thought the past event was having on him—by simply making one bold move.

For example, once he knew his story about the past was keeping him stuck, he could have chosen to take action. He could have decided to take his website live or make an offer for his service on social media. One such move would have eliminated his old stories about not being able to create his dream business because of that past event.

Transformation can be that simple. Change can happen that fast.

3 Steps Toward Fast Change

The scenario I describe above involves three simple (not always easy) steps that help you create change fast. I call them the “Three Cs.”

  1. Become conscious.
  2. Choose to change.
  3. Commit to a specific change.

But the first thing you need to become conscious of is that you need to change. Then you can choose to change in whatever way is necessary to create what you desire.

After that, you need only commit to making that change. Then have the self-integrity to keep that commitment to yourself.

Change Your Identity

When I say “you need to change,” I mean your identity.

Let me be more specific.

If you say, “I am someone who never finishes what I start,” that is your identity. That’s who you believe you are.

Instead, say, “I am someone who always finishes what I start.” That is the new identity you choose.

I’m not talking about just repeating an affirmation, though. I’m talking about becoming that person.

Be someone who finishes what they start.

Take on that identity. Do what that person would do.

Habits and Mindsets Align with Identity

When you change your identity, your habits and mindsets align with your chosen identity. Thus, you do the things a person with that identity would do.

As a result, you also create what that person would have—such as finished projects.

So, suppose you are now a person who finishes what they start. In that case, you take consistent action until whatever you want to complete is finished.

A Focus on the Past Creates More of the Past

In the example above, did you need to understand why you historically had not finished what you started before you could create change? Did you have to heal the past to immediately be someone who completes things?


In fact, a focus on the past simply creates more of the past. As long as you continue to focus on your old story, you will repeat that story in the present…and then in the future.

But focusing on who you choose to be in the present transforms you into that person. And you immediately begin getting the same results that person would get.

How to Apply this Transformational Strategy

As you read this post, you may wonder, “How can I apply what I’ve learned to my life and create the transformation I desire?”

You’d like to create some sort of a change in your life, would you not? Maybe you want a financial, professional, relational, or health transformation, for example.

I’ve spent time explaining how you can create change without therapy or any time focused on understanding your past. And you discovered that you could choose to change. Additionally, you realize taking on a new identity supports you in doing the things that will create what you want.

But you still want to know how to create a quick transformation for yourself, and I can help you do that…

Try the super helpful exercise I teach members of the Inspired Creator Community to help them focus on who they want to be, so they can do the things that create what they want.

First, imagine the future you desire…maybe see yourself living your dream life three or five years out. And visualize yourself being your very best self.

Then, write down three adjectives that describe your best self—the person who created that life.

Next, put those words on sticky notes or input them as reminders on your phone. And each time you see the notes or the reminder pop up, ask yourself, “Am I living into these words? Am I being the person those words describe?”

If so, awesome!

If not, in that moment choose to make a change. Be that person right then.

And if that feels challenging, click here to join the Inspired Creator Community. It would be my honor to support you as you step into being the person you know you can and deserve to be. I’d love to see you be someone who can create the change they want…and the future they dream of.

You don’t have to spend years in therapy or even thousands of dollars on expensive self-help programs. Simply use the three-step process I’ve outlined to create transformation fast!

Do you struggle change quickly? Tell me in a comment below, and share this post on social media or with a friend. And if you are struggling to create change quickly..or at all…click here to schedule a brief  free session with me.

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