The Best Way to Stop Struggling to Manifest Your Desires

Manifestation requires self-mastery

You might find it difficult to manifest your desires for many reasons. But you can stop struggling to manifest by increasing your level of self-mastery.

If I’m honest, I sometimes feel challenged to consciously create what I want, too. But when I don’t attract what I desire, I know the problem lies within me. I am in the way of what I want most, and the only way to solve that problem is to master myself.

Some Law of Attraction experts tell you manifestation requires that you focus your thoughts on what you want. Others will say conscious creation depends on repeatedly visualizing your desire already manifest. Still more teachers insist the only thing that matters when you try to deliberately create is your emotional state or vibration.

So who is right?

All of them.

But they have not told you how to do the things necessary to manifest your desires. For example, how do you think only about what you want? How do you feel grateful for something you don’t yet possess? And how do you keep your imagination trained on a vision of the future you want?

Accomplishing these things requires self-mastery.

What is Self-Mastery?

Self-mastery is the ability to take control of your life. It allows you to recognize and understand your thought processes, habits, speech, emotions, and behaviors—and to decide at any moment to change them.

Thus, self-mastery is a choice about who you are being. When you decide who you want to be, your behaviors, thoughts, words, and emotions align with that identity. And when they don’t, you have the ability to change them.

Self-mastery gives you the power and freedom to control your thoughts, actions, words, emotions, and energy. Then, and only then, will you be able to consciously and deliberately create what you want. You will not block manifestation with thoughts about what you don’t want, daydreams about the future you are afraid you’ll experience, or behaviors and emotions that keep your desire at bay.

You Manifest All the Time

You are a powerful manifestor. This is true even if you don’t create what you want consistently (or even some of the time).

Look around…

You have created most, if not all, of what you see. (Others can create things in your life; thus, it’s accurate to call some of what you experience co-creations.) However, you have not created it deliberately or consciously. Instead, your manifestations result from pushing against what you don’t want, worrying, visualizing an unwanted future, and complaining.

Think about it…

Daydreaming is a form of visualization. It’s imagining whatever your mind focuses upon. And then you create whatever you saw in your mind’s eye. If you see an undesirable future, that is what you are creating.

Worry is caused by thoughts focused on what you don’t want. And those thoughts create whatever you worry about.

And complaints are your way of vocalizing what you don’t want and like. But focusing on these things creates…you guessed it…more of what you don’t want and like.

Plus, all those negative visions, thoughts, and words stir up many negative emotions. And those create a negative energetic state or a low level of vibration. To create what you want, you must be in a high vibratory state.

No wonder you feel as if you create more of what you don’t want than what you do want.

Manifestation Requires Self-Mastery

You can change your results—your creations or manifestations—by changing yourself. Learning to control your thoughts, mindset, words, and behavior changes your creative ability.

Yet, even focusing your thoughts on what you want is easier said than done. It takes effort and awareness. The same is true of visualization, emotions, spoken words, and energy.

That’s where self-mastery comes into play. Manifestation requires that you do the inner work to become conscious of your thoughts, focus, emotions, energy, words, and actions. Then you can choose the ones that help you create what you want.

When you can control yourself, you stop manifesting unconsciously. Instead, you manifest deliberately from a place of awareness of who you need to be and what you need to do to create what you desire.

You Control Your Ability to Create

I recently heard Mandy Morris say, “Manifestation is just a pretty word for self-mastery.” I agree.

You are why you don’t manifest what you want. Until you master yourself, you’ll struggle to create your desires.

So if you can’t control or consciously choose your thoughts, beliefs, words, mindset, emotions, and vibration, you will continue to stand in the way of what you want most. But you can learn to control each of these.

Learn to:

  • Keep your thoughts and beliefs positive and supportive.
  • Focus on the desired future.
  • Switch to positive (or at the very least neutral) emotions.
  • Raise your vibration level.
  • Speak powerfully creative words.

None of your ways of being are fixed. You can change any or all of them at any time. All it takes is a higher level of self-mastery.

How to Achieve Self-Mastery

How do you achieve self-mastery? Commit to personal growth.

Personal growth is a subset of personality development that relates to the process of becoming a “better” version of yourself in an individually meaningful way. Also called self-improvement and self-growth, personal growth refers to employing various techniques to improve your mindsets and behaviors.

As you commit to improving your ability to control your habits of thought, speech, and behavior, you improve your self-mastery level. Thus, personal growth leads to self-mastery…and self-mastery leads to a greater ability to consciously and deliberately create your desires.

The more you master yourself, the better your ability to create what you want becomes. Self-mastery gives you the ability to become someone who can choose your thoughts and behavior. And when you choose those that help you vibrate at a higher level, it’s easier to manifest your desires.

Simply said, you get out of your way and allow yourself to attract and receive what you desire. That’s when manifestation becomes easy.

Have you committed to self-mastery and seen the difference in your manifestation results? Tell me in a comment below. And if you don’t feel you can do that alone, click here.

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