Create Inspired Results: Do It With Energy and Enthusiasm

act with enthusiasm and energyHow often have you found yourself staring in the mirror saying something to the effect of, “Just do it” or “I have to do this”?

And then you take that action with low energy and lack of enthusiasm.

You aren’t prepared. You haven’t created the physical and mental state that sets you up for success.

Don’t Just Do It

Ignore the Nike slogan, “Just do it!” Don’t just do something. Instead prepare your body and mind first.

Taking action without energy, inspiration, passion, and enthusiasm will not get you the results you desire. Nor will you enjoy taking action…at all.

When you think about engaging in an activity—be it cooking dinner, going to the gym, writing a book, or cleaning the house—you will get better results when you prepare you body and mind. Create the enthusiasm and energy you need to succeed.

Unfortunately, many of us show up ill-prepared to bring our best selves to the tasks at hand. Very few of us activate our energy, focus or mindset before we act. We don’t show up prepared—in the best state to achieve inspired results.

Align Your Physiology with Your Psychology

To function at your best—no matter what you do—get into an energized mental and physical state. Then you won’t simply do things but, instead, you will do things with energy and enthusiasm.

And you’ll do them well.

To energize your mind, or change its state, start by changing your physical state. Your body’s state affects your mental state.

You must raise the level of your physiology and then align your psychology with that new and higher level.

How do you level up your physical and mental state and then approach all tasks with energy and enthusiasm—and get better results?  Here are four ways:


Breath…deeply. Breath…fast.  Breath…before you being a task.

Conscious breathing exercises, such as breathing in and out through the nose quickly and forcefully for 30 seconds, flood your brain with oxygen. Using these exercises energizes your body—and your mind, which needs oxygen to operate at full capacity.

Before taking any action, breath. Feel the difference. Then tackle your task as you body vibrates with energy.


Moving invigorates the brain and body. It gets the blood circulating and, again, oxygenates the body and mind.

Before taking on a task, try doing a few pushups, some yoga moves, or taking a quick walk around the block. The type of movement doesn’t matter as long as it’s enough to elevate your heart rate, encourage your blood to circulate, and deliver more oxygen to the brain.

Movement also releases key neurotransmitters like endorphins and dopamine—things that make you feel happy, ready and willing to take action. with this mindset, you will get the results you desire more easily.

Meditate and Visualize

The power of meditation is two-fold.

On the one hand, meditation is a fantastic way to boost energy. There is something about channeling the energy of your mind in a calm, controlled way that is incredibly invigorating.

As you meditate and get centered and focused, you raise your energy. Your calm mind and energized body affect your mindset. In this state, you are ready to mobilize.

Another type of meditation allows you to focus on your purpose or objective and help yourself create it in the process. Creative visualize, a type of self-guided meditation that focus on what you want to create, helps you achieve the result you desire.

Visualize what you want—to take on your task not because you must or should but because you decide to do so. See yourself doing it joyously, enthusiastically, and effectively. Feel it…see it…then do it! Notice how different you feel while doing so and the effectiveness of your actions.

Gauge You Energy

Energy and enthusiasm are not fixed entities. They ebb and flow like the tide.

Unless you do something to keep them high at all times…or on demand.

Knowing and accepting this, be sure to gauge your energy before you take action…on anything.

Remember—if your goal is to create truly inspired results, it’s not enough to do. You need to do with a searing fire in your belly…and your mind.

Do you take on tasks with energy, enthusiasm, and joy?

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Make 2017 the year you do everything with optimal energy and focus.

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  1. Read most of the emails you sent me and the more I read on the more interested I get. I’m also trying to study to be an Author and write Novels so this will help in my Creative writing to.

    Thank you
    Juanna Jackson (Cj)

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