How to Heal When You are Sick of Being Sick

sick of being sickWhen I began pursuing personal and spiritual growth, I often heard this statement: “You have to get to the point where you feel sick of being sick.” Sometimes this advice was delivered as a question, “Are you sick of being sick yet?”

What is this sickness?

What Ails You?

It’s not a specific health issue, although it could be related to health if you are fed up with being ill. You could be sick of being sick in a relationship, a career, or your finances, for instance.

When you are sick of being sick, you are ready to change your situation or condition. You are unwilling to keep things status quo—especially if that status quo is not one you like.

Being sick of being sick means you’re done with whatever is going on in your life that doesn’t serve you, makes you unhappy, or is uncomfortable. You’re so over X, Y, or Z—the relationship, job, debt, excess weight—that you say, “I’m going to do something different. I’m ready to find a solution.”

It’s like a switch flips, and you proclaim, “No more. I’m done.”

The Change Point

What happens when you get to the point where you are sick of being sick? You take responsibility for creating change. Then, you make a new choice, take a different action, and commit to change.

Up until that point, it’s easy to be the victim of your circumstances. But, when you say, “I’m done,” you declare that you will stand in your power and be the one to “fix” whatever ails you.

That means you take responsibility for yourself. You stop blaming your circumstances and step into your power. Whatever you’re sick of, you realize it’s up to you—and you alone—to change it.

Decide and Choose

At that point, you make a decision: You will change something—yourself or your situation. Once you’ve made that decision, you can choose what actions to take.

Decision gets the ball rolling. Then, your choices, direct that ball. Finally, coupled with action, both your decisions and choices move you toward healthier circumstances.

Your Attitude Adjustment

As soon as you move out of victimhood and into responsibility, your attitude changes. This new mindset doesn’t allow you to blame anyone or anything.

After all, you have proclaimed that you are responsible for your life. And you have acknowledged that you possess the power to change yourself or your life—and that you are willing to do so. From that place, you move into solution mode, and you act on the solutions.

Increased Commitment

Your commitment level changes, too. Previously, your low commitment level caused you to remain complacent. Even though you were unhappy, remaining comfortable felt more important than improving your situation.

You might have thought, “I’ll think about leaving my job at some point,” “I’ll consider starting an exercise program,” or, “Maybe I’ll find a consultant who can help me reduce my debt.” But you weren’t ready to do these things. You weren’t sick of being sick.

Not anymore! Now, you are 100 percent committed to improving your circumstance.

Changed Circumstances

At this point, your outer circumstances begin to change. You transformed on the inside; therefore, your external world begins to transform as well.

Your outer world will always reflect your inner world. You are no longer being a victim; you are being responsible for your life.

Your outer world also reflects your habits. When you feel sick of being sick, you create the habit of standing in your power, being responsible, looking for and taking action on solutions, and being 100 percent committed to the changes that shift your circumstance.

Don’t Wait to Feel Sick of Being Sick

Keep in mind that you can transform yourself and your circumstances without getting to the point of feeling sick of being sick. You don’t need to “hit rock bottom,” as some say.

You simply need to become conscious of the fact that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with some aspect of your life. With that awareness, you can take responsibility and begin the transformation process.

That said, there is a lot of power in the words, “I’m done!” Saying them represents a pivotal moment.

Create Your Life

But you can decide at this moment that you are sick of being sick. You can choose right now not to stop being a victim of your life. Take personal responsibility and commit to using your personal power to make new choices and take different actions. That’s how you become the creator of your life.

Have you gotten to a point where you are sick of being sick? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with someone you think would benefit from reading it.

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