How to Create Your Dream Life

dream day microcosm of dream lifeYour days represent a microcosm of your entire life. If you don’t like your days, you likely don’t like your life. And if you continue living out days that make you unhappy and dissatisfied, you’ll continue to create a life that leaves you unhappy and dissatisfied.

The solution? Change the quality of your days. As you create dream days and you’ll create a dream life.

You are Not Stuck

Yeah…yeah. I hear you.

You don’t think you can change the quality of your days let alone your entire life.

Rubbish. That’s an excuse.

Maybe you feel caged or stuck. You believe you are a victim of some circumstance with no power to change your situation let alone your entire day or life.

I understand. Really, I do. But you aren’t stuck–and neither am I, although I, too, sometimes think I am stuck and without the power to change anything. But that’s not true–for you or for me.

You can change your circumstances. You can change your days and your life.

Doing so will take work, and transformation may happen slowly. But if you decide you want a better life, you need only do one thing to manifest that dream: Create better days.

Don’t Let Comfort Stop You from Living Fully

You may feel pretty comfortable in your current life. You know it could be better, but it’s just so much easier not to change. I get that, too… Been there; felt that.

You’re a bit bored, and kind of wish things would change for the better, but anything different would take you out of your comfort zone. So…why bother?

Bother because you deserve more…and you know it. You want more…so admit it.

Then go for it! Do something different. Create a day with a new quality–maybe an uncomfortable one at first. Then watch as your life become more interesting and exciting.

Create a Charged Life

What you want is a charged life! You want a daily experience that feels like you are living fully, confidently, joyously, and passionately. You want a life that helps you achieve your potential, fulfill your purpose, and gives you the ability to live boldly, joyously, and enthusiastically.

That’s the life you want to live. So create that dream!

Create Your Dream Life Day by Day

How do you begin to create your dream life day by day? Follow these steps:

  1. Journal about your perfect or dream day. Include all the details including how you would feel while you lived that day as well as at the end of the day.
  2. Write about a life filled with perfect days. Right now this might be an experience you only can dream of. That’s okay! See it. Feel it. Don’t leave out one aspect as you record it in your journal.
  3. Make a list of what you need to change to bring that dream day…and that dream life…into your reality. What needs to change? Make a list of all the things that would have to be different.
  4. Create a plan. How will you make those changes and by when? Taking little steps toward your dream day and life is okay. But know how and when to take them.

What’s next?

Begin creating your dream life…day by day. Every day do one thing that makes the quality of your day come closer to that which you imagined. Bring your dream to life one day at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be living your dream life.

How are you creating your dream life? I’d love it if you left a comment below and told me.

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