How to Move Forward When You Feel Stuck

how to get unstuck when facing a wallDo you feel like you’re facing a wall with no way to go through, over or around? That’s the feeling of being stuck.

As you look at the wall before you, it’s hard to see anything else—especially if you’ve got your nose pressed up to it.

There’s just the damn wall, and no options to remove it, get past it, or scale it.


Your Wall Might be a Door

Step back. Take another look. Change the perspective you have on what you see. You actually might be facing a door rather than a wall!

If so, you need only open it—and walk through—to get unstuck.

Not only that, on the other side of that door amazing opportunities and experiences await you. Think of that as you bolster your courage, turn the knob, and cross the threshold to the other side.

Get a New Perspective

Just as the wall you see might be a door, most of what you think keeps you stuck is an illusion–a specific way of seeing based on our current perception. With a new perspective, you can perceive something entirely different almost every time.

If, for instance, you see yourself facing a health challenge, that’s your wall. Step back. Ask yourself what else the health challenge might be. It could, for instance, be a door to better health. I can’t tell you how many people I know whose health challenges led them to a better diet, regular exercise, and—in the aftermath—a healthier body and way of life. They often express their gratitude for the “crisis” that helped them walk through the doorway to a higher level of awareness.

Do you see yourself facing a financial challenge? That’s your wall. Step back. What else could this situation be? Maybe it’s a door to a new way of approaching your business, a search for the perfect job, a career switch, or the motivation to finally offer that product you’ve been thinking about. It could even be the portal to a new attitude about money. Walk through the door, and see what prosperity awaits you on the other side.

What’s your wall? Health? Career? Finances? Relationship? Emotional state? Can you identify the door?

Walk through the Doorway

I know it’s difficult to see beyond the wall. I’ve had my own—specifically financial and relationship—walls. I’ve needed to percieve the doorways in those walls and walk through.

In both cases, I believed I was stuck. Even when I saw the door, I remained standing in the doorway…on the threshold.

That’s not good enough. I had to walk through, and so do you.

A doorway is like a portal to a new reality. If you stand on the threshold, you can’t experience what’s on the other side. You can only get a glimpse of that future…especially if you’ve just opened the door a little bit.

You need to swing the door wide and boldly step over the threshold. That’s when we can be transported to a different reality.

Trust What’s on the Other Side of Stuck

I know it can feel scary to open the door entirely and walk through. (Otherwise, I probably would have done so more quickly…) But that’s the key. Trust that what’s on the other side will help you move toward what you want or need.

If you don’t like where you are—the experiences you are having—and you feel stuck. The only way to get unstuck is to change something. Decide. Then take action.

Decide to step back, see the door in the wall, open it, and step through. Just before you do so, imagine what being unstuck would look like… What would you like to find on the other side of the door? What reality would you want to be transported into?

With that clear picture in mind, step through.

Move Toward Opportunity

Will you be greeted with that reality? Maybe not immediately…but perhaps so. And if not, you have at least gotten yourself unstuck.

Remember, on the other side of the door awaits opportunity. But when you open the door to opportunity, work most often greets you. Even then, you have to be able to move forward to take advantage of those opportunities and to create your desires.

And that starts with perspective. See that the wall is not a wall. You aren’t really stuck. Find the door, open it, and step over the threshold.

What doors are you facing, and can you identify the door? Tell me in a comment below.

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