Are you ready for the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge?
Hurry up… It’s almost time to write your book in a month.


How to Participate in WNFIN

The Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) Challenge, which is also known as National Nonfiction Writing Month (NaNonFiWriMo), is an informal, personal challenge.

You do not need to become a member of a site or organization. You do not need access to a forum. And there are no formal rules, like "write 50,000 words in 30 days."

The only rule is that you commit to starting AND finishing a work of nonfiction in a month.

No one counts how many words you write during the month or even checks what you write. You can write any type of nonfiction, such as a magazine article, blog posts, a white paper, or a book. And your WNFIN project can be as short or as long as you like.

You do not have to take the challenge totally on your own, though. Opportunities exist for you to be in community with other writers and to get support as you write nonfiction during the month of November

Read on to find out how to participate in group activities during the WNFIN Challenge.

And use the navigation bar at the top of this page to learn about the history of the WNFIN Challenge, the WNFIN Summitthe WNFIN Prep Program, or to read all the WNFIN Challenge blog posts (yes...all the way back to the first year).

 "Like” the Write Nonfiction NOW and in November Facebook Page

During November, the Write Nonfiction NOW and in November Facebook page becomes the hub of WNFIN activity. This is where you find a community of writers taking the challenge, post your status updates, ask questions, get support, and comment on the blog posts.

Use this page to post public accountability, info on your project, and status updates. Connect with writing buddies in your area and meet in person, or ask for virtual accountability buddies.

Also, the Facebook page is where Nina Amir provides:

  • weekly tips
  • live weekly coaching
  • handouts to help you complete the challenge
  • answers to your questions

All of this appens  on the Facebook page. So, be sure to join!

Subscribe to WNFIN Blog Post Updates

If you'd like more inspiration, motivation, and information as you take the WNFIN Challenge, subscribe to Nina Amir's blog, Write Nonfiction NOW!

When you subscribe to receive the blog posts published on Write Nonfiction NOW!, you get the special WNFIN posts right in your email box every Wednesday during November (and all year long). As a subscriber, you are certain to be sent any important notices about WNFIN as well.

You will continue to receive posts and monthly roundups of posts as long as you remain a subscriber. (You can unsubscribe from this list at any time by using the link at the bottom of any email.)

Also, subscribers receive a FREE GUIDE to help start a nonfiction book! If you are unsure how to structure your nonfiction book, you want this guide!

To subscribe, submit your name and email address below:


Get Prepped for the WNFIN Challenge

As a FREE bonus for taking the WNFIN Challenge, you can participate in the WNFIN Coaching Program during October.  This complimentary 4-week program gives you access to:

  • 2 weekly tips (posted on the WNFIN Facebook page)
  • 4 handouts (posted on the WNFIN Facebook page)
  • Live weekly coaching (in a ZOOM meeting)

You must be a member of the Write Nonfiction NOW and in November Facebook page to participate. All information will be shared there.

Tips will be posted on Monday and Friday during November.

Coaching sessions will take place from 10-11 AM Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 4, 11, 18, and 25 both LIVE on the Facebook page and via Zoom. (Zoom details will be shared on the Facebook page.)

Get Prepped for the WNFIN Challenge


Writing a book in 30 days takes some preparation. That's why Nina Amir offers a WNFIN Preparation Program each October. During this 4-week program you gain access to:

  • 4 video trainings (plus 2 more short videos)
  • 4 handouts
  • Live weekly coaching (in a Facebook group)
  • A private Facebook group

Find out more and register here.


Here's another way to prep for the WNFIN Challenge: listen to the WNFIN Summit recordings. This series of interiews with Certified High Performance Coaching who have successfully written and published books gives you a powerful and comprehensive success strategy you can implement now, in November, and ongoing.

Purchase lifetime access to the WNFIN Summit here. 
Until October 15, use the following coupon code on checkout to SAVE 50% off lifetime access to the WNFIN SUMMIT: SUMMIT20WNFIN

Note: Nonfiction Writers' University (NFWU) get 50% off and Nonfiction Writers' University Masters (NFWU-M) members get free access to the LIVE WNFIN Prep Program as part of their membership. Both types of NFWU members have permanent access to the WNFIN Prep Program videos and handouts.

Also, NFWU-M members receive free access to the WNFIN Summit recordings.

You can learn more about the NFWU and NFWU-M programs by clicking on the following links:
Nonfiction Writers' University
Nonfiction Writers' University Masters

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