Why It’s Impossible to Change Without Choosing Something Different

change only happens when you choose it.

I bet you rang in the new year with at least one or two things you’d like to change about yourself or your life. (I know I did.) Now, you are wondering how to accomplish your “resolutions” or goals in the next 12 months—especially since doing so felt challenging in the past. (Been there, done that, too.) But I know the key to finally creating change: You must choose. Specifically, you must choose something different.

You have to choose to change or, more specifically, you must choose a specific change.

Plain and simple, if you have clarity on what you want to change and don’t choose to change that thing, it will stay the same. What you don’t change, you choose not to change.

And this is true no matter what type of change you want to make. For example, maybe in the next 12 months you want to:

  • lose 10 pounds
  • increase your income level
  • improve your relationships
  • have more free time
  • find a new job
  • develop a consistent morning routine
  • commit to writing a book

As a Certified High Performance Coach, I always want my clients to be clear about their desires. But as a transformational coach and a Law of Attraction Coach, the same is true. I push my clients to gain clarity on what they want. If you wish to change, you must know precisely what you want to be different.

Whatever change you want to see in your life or yourself, you have to say, “I choose to make this change.” If the thing or circumstance hasn’t changed, you never chose the change.

What Does it Mean to “Choose”?

Let’s clarify what it means to make a choice. Choice is often defined as an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. More accurately, it’s the action of choosing something freely after considering all the options.

In psychology, making a decision is considered a cognitive process that results in selecting a belief or a course of action from several possible alternatives. Notice that you are deciding only between a few possible options.

However, actual choices are made when you feel your options are unlimited. For example, if you are asked to choose between a vanilla or chocolate ice cream cone, you might select or decide on chocolate—one of two options. On the other hand, you might say, “I don’t want either of those flavors. I want mint chocolate chip.” That’s an actual choice!

And when you chose your favorite flavor—not the flavor offered, you made up your mind and firmly committed to your choice.

Keep in mind that not choosing is also a choice. But it’s not one that creates change.

Choose and Commit

Once you’ve decided what to change, commit to it 100 percent. This will increase your chances of achieving your desired change by the same amount.

And don’t say you don’t like to commit or are bad at commitment. You commit to things all the time. Just look at your life. You’ll see what you’ve committed to.

Maybe you committed to:

  • watching television (or reading in bed) every night
  • Eating junk food (or a healthy diet)
  • Feeling stuck (or finding steps to take that move you forward)
  • Being angry at (or forgiving) your partner
  • Playing tennis (or going to lunch with friends) weekly

And you live up to those commitments because you chose them…and committed to them. Period.

And when you made that choice, you took action. You did something different, and now you see the results.

You Have More Choices Than You Think

Too often, people think they have no options or only one or two to choose from—like vanilla or chocolate. In fact, you always have many options from which to choose.

If you don’t like the options in front of you, find or create new ones. For example, if you don’t enjoy your job, look for a new position or career.

Too often, we limit our options by thinking having more choices is impossible. But you can always create more choices…or find more options from which to choose.

And that’s a choice, too—a mindset choice. You can choose to believe in limitation or possibility.

When you choose to believe in possibility, you can choose almost anything—and make that change a reality.

Choose Change

So, what do you really, really want to change? Choose to change it.

Decide that you will change that thing, and commit to doing so.

Then, you can figure out the how. After that, you can choose again—this time to take action that leads to your desired change.

After all, if you choose, decide, and commit to the change you want to see in your life this year, action is the next logical step, is it not? But you must choose to act as well.

Because acting differently—doing something different—ultimately leads to change.

It’s easy to say, “I choose change.” You can even say, “I commit to change.” But you still have to choose to do what it takes to change.

That’s how you finally create change—by making a choice…and then another…and another. But each choice leads to the next option or possibility…and another choice.

So be willing to choose. And you will create the change you desire.

Have you chosen change this year? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring read! The insights on embracing alternates and making choices resonate deeply. Your phrases are both comforting and empowering. I am grateful to have stumbled upon such a motivating piece.

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