Losing So Many Wise Souls

It seems to me that this year quite a number of Wise Souls have left the earth plane. By this I mean that people I consider full of wisdom have died. Not only were they full of wisdom, however, they also were people very connected to Spirit, or God, very in tune with other people and very involved in helping those in need spiritually, emotionally or otherwise.

This makes me wonder: With the world in such a state of transition, are these Wise Souls being called to do duty on the spiritual plane rather than on the physical plane? I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t have still been able to do a world of good–and enormous good for the world–right here on the physical plane had they remained alive. Yet, each and every one of them passed away either suddenly or not long after being diagnosed with an illness.

Poof. Gone.

Yet, I don’t think they are totally gone. I think they are still here…still helping. Still close at hand. Close your eyes. Reach out. You can feel their presence.

The last person to die was the wife of an acquaintance of mine. I’d like to call him a friend (I consider him as such), but I don’t really know him that well or spend that much time with him. Yet, we have known each other for a long time, share many Jewish holidays and events together. I knew his wife, too. She encouraged me to teach about Kabbalah to both the Sufi and Jewish communities. She believed in what I was doing and in what I had to offer. She supported me–even though she didn’t know me that well. She was well respected in the Sufi community, where she was a leader, and in the Jewish community. She was wise and spiritual and connected and a healer.

She died with much dignity and connection to Source, and she and her husband shared their journey with our community and their friends via Care Pages. It was a tender, loving, courageous, connected, peaceful journey…or so it seemed from the outside. I envied their love and devotion. I relished the words her husband wrote for all of us to read. I felt I shared his journey although much of the time I was on the other side of the country.

When I read of her passing, which I knew was coming, I wished for her to come to me. (Once before, a friend who died came to me after his death. And my daughter’s friend also showed his face to me briefly after his suicide. ) I wanted to ask her, “Why? Why now? And are the other Wise Souls with you? What is your role in the transformation, or do you have one?” I wanted an explanation.

Instead, like most people who knew her and the other Wise Souls who have passed on most recently, I am left simply wondering why another Wise Soul has been taken from the earth plane just when we need them most.

I suppose those of us who realize this fact must rise to the occasion. We cannot take their places, but we can at least help do the job they were doing while they were alive. We can create and hold some of the energy they were holding. We can become Wise Souls in our own right. We can do this for ourselves, for those we know, for the world at large, and as a tribute to them.

Are you ready and able? The time is now.

In loving memory of Tofah Eileen Yragui;her memory will always bless me.

1 thought on “Losing So Many Wise Souls”

  1. It seems to me that your recent deeply personal experience with the passing of friends and the famous (or infamous) is the very answer to your question… it is surely your time to step into your great wisdom and continue sharing it with the world. I think the passing of these souls is the catalyst for those of us who have lurked on the fringes to come forward. You are more than ready (and certainly NOT old!)

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