Monday Inspiration: Apologize and Forgive

Live more fully by apologizing and forgiving

Saying you’re sorry is hard.

And saying “I forgive you”?—well that’s even harder.

Especially when you don’t feel like you’ve done something wrong or you believe you’ve been wronged..

But learning to apologize and forgive is essential to being a whole human being that acknowledges that they’re not perfect and neither is the world in which we live.

It is how you grow both emotionally and spiritually as a person.

It is how you graduate from immaturity to maturity.

It’s how you take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

And—most importantly—saying “I’m sorry” is how you learn to acknowledge the wrong you’ve done and move on with your life.

Because if you never take the time to acknowledge your mistakes or the way you’ve harmed others, you can never let go of the guilt—of the negative energy—that overshadows your life.

Asking for forgiveness moves you  forward. Get the words out even if it feels difficult. Say “I apologize.”

Don’t Wait to be Forgiven

You may not always receive forgiveness from the individual or individuals to whom you’re apologizing, but internal-reconciliation—bringing peace to that war within—comes through the act of seeking forgiveness.

That’s why it’s so important to ask for forgiveness. Don’t just wait for forgiveness or assume it will come over time.

And don’t seek it out just once. Always apologize and ask for forgiveness at least three times. If, after that third time, you have failed to secure forgiveness, let the wrong that you have done go—completely and unequivocally.

It is not on you after that.

People have to find forgiveness on their terms and in their own time. If they’re not ready to give it to you, that’s fine. You can give it to yourself if you’ve made an effort to let the wronged individual know just how apologetic you are. And if you’ve tried to right the wrong (when that is possible), you can move on with an easy heart and mind.

Be Quick to Forgive

You won’t always be the one asking for forgiveness. Sometimes people will ask you for forgiveness as well.

And when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s your time to forgive.

As hard as it might sound, you need to be forgiving with those who wrong you.

You have got to be the bigger person, swallow the bitter pill, and say “I forgive you.”

That doesn’t mean you need to welcome that person back into your life. You can forgive without forgetting, but you need to let the person who hurt you know you don’t hold any more hatred or animosity in your heart.

Move on with your life.

There’s a ton of freedom in that simple action. And from freedom comes so much unbridled energy—and space in your heart for love.

Forgiveness provides more mental and physical resources you can put towards new adventures, ideas and people coming into our lives.

Like apologizing, until you forgive, you can’t move forward to live fully and freely.

Say to yourselves, I’m past this…I’m over it, I forgive this person, and I’m ready to get on with the next chapter of my life.

If you can’t do that, be prepared to carry the baggage of your past—baggage that slows you down and holds you back.

It’s time to Apologize and Forgive

Take the time to think about who you need to apologize to or forgive. Then do the work—apologize to or forgive them.

Release the guilt, anger, and negative energy that’s been hindering you. Go live a happier freer life.

And remember, forgiveness and apology are the conduits through which we discover both calm and happiness.

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