Monday Inspiration: Eliminate Deadwood

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You have to look for it. It remains hidden until the wind blows. Then it falls and wreaks havoc on your life. Deadwood.

Yes, the term “deadwood” tends to apply to trees. I know this fact well. I live in a house surrounded by Redwood trees. Each time we have a big windstorm, deadwood rains down on our property—and sometimes on our home or cars.

You also can have deadwood in your life. Your deadwood could be:

  • employees who need to be fired
  • old tasks or jobs that don’t serve you
  • habits that don’t support your goals
  • relationships that don’t make you feel happy or loved
  • limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that hold you back
  • a bunch of stuff you’ve accumulated over the years that takes up space in your home.

It’s all deadwood. And you need to eliminate it fast!

If you wait for a storm—a personal storm of some sort—to hit, the deadwood will start falling around you and cause even more havoc. It’s better, therefore, to eliminate the deadwood before that happens.

Ever two years I bring out the tree service guys. They climb the Redwoods and cut down as much deadwood as they can—at least the deadwood closest to the house and cars! In much the same way, you need regularly to clear out the deadwood in your life.

I bet if you took just a minute now to consider what area of your life has the most deadwood, you’d pinpoint it quickly. Now…the hard part. What will you do to cut out the deadwood before it falls? Are you willing to fire an employee, end a friendship or marriage, drop a project, or stop thinking negative thoughts?

Here’s the thing to remember: Most trees thrive once you prune them and remove the deadwood. You’ll do the same.

Where in your life do you need to eliminate deadwood?

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