Monday Inspiration: What If?

Inspirational video and prompt

Do you dare to dream? To achieve anything in life…to accomplish any goal or to manifest any dream…you must be willing to imagine yourself doing, achieving, having… How do you begin? Just answer one question: What if?

When you visualize the answer or allow your thoughts to revolve around the possibilities, magic happens.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So imagine away! Think about and feel what it would be like to create what you desire.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be in the moment when you can do it, achieve it, have it, create it! Then open your eyes and write down what you need to do to make that experience real for yourself. And know you’ve already set things in motion.

Remind yourself that you can do whatever you focus upon and take action toward.

Try it…tell me about your experience in a comment below.

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