The Expansive Power of Living a Life that Feeds your Soul

You are bombarded daily with information about feeding and caring for your body. Of course, doing so is essential, but it’s not enough. You also need to feed and care for your soul.

The reason is simple: You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Therefore, you must feed both body and soul to thrive.

External vs. Internal Self-Expression

Humans primarily focus on the external expression of who we are—our bodies—rather than on the internal expression of who we are—our souls. As a result, too often, we care for our bodies and forget our souls’ needs.

If you don’t care for both aspects of your “being,” you could wind up with an amazingly healthy and strong physical body but feel like you are sick and dying inside. You could lack passion, enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation, joy, love, and creativity—the spice of life, all of which are by-products of a healthy spiritual body.

Low levels of any of the emotions mentioned offer signs of a malnourished and hungry soul. And you can’t thrive unless your spiritual nature is strong and healthy.

Your Soul—an Essential Element

Call it soul, spirit, Higher Self, spiritual guidance, a gut reaction, intuition…it doesn’t matter. Your soul is an essential element of who you are. Therefore, you must care for it just as you do your body—even more so.

After all, your soul existed before your human incarnation…and will also live afterward. Your soul chose to be born into a physical body, and that body simply houses the soul for one lifetime.

Yes, you need a healthy body to live fully. But the soul is what enlivens the body. It is the Divine spark within that gives you physical body life.

If your soul is not well-fed, you’ll look—and even feel—good on the outside. But on the inside, you’ll suffer from spiritual malnutrition and feel empty.

How to Accomplish Goals and Purpose

I know you have goals, probably ones your ego has helped you form. According to psychoanalytic theory, your ego is that portion of the human personality experienced as the “self” or “I.” It connects with the external world and navigates between your instincts and beliefs about what is right or wrong. The ego’s aspirations may or may not align with the soul’s.

You also have a purpose, which is like a goal but comes from your soul—a soul’s purpose. This is your calling, mission, or desire to serve, contribute, make a difference, or leave a legacy. You came into this lifetime to achieve it.

You can choose a purpose, but that is typically an ego-based decision. A soul’s purpose doesn’t involve the ego.

To accomplish your goals, rise to your aspirations, or achieve your purpose, you must feed all aspects of yourself—body and soul. The body allows you to take physical action based on the soul’s guidance.

Thus, your body is like a bus with the soul sitting in the driver’s seat. The other seats are filled with all the human aspects of your being.

How to Feed and Care for Your Soul

You came into this lifetime…and this body…for a reason—to achieve your soul purpose. And your soul must be strong and healthy to accomplish that mission. So how do you feed and care for your soul?

Here are a few yummy meals and activities.

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Stillness or a retreat
  • Inspirational or motivational books, movies, courses, talks, images, or quotes
  • Positive thoughts
  • Laughter
  • Love
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Connection (with people)
  • Creative Expression
  • Fun
  • Play

The soul thrives on activities that cause you to feel passion, love, excitement, enthusiasm, and joy. (Oh, yes…joy is scrumptious!) It becomes vibrant as you expand your mind and your consciousness. (Expansion is its favorite meal.)

Remember that whatever you feed your physical, mental, and emotional “bodies” impacts your spiritual body. So it’s no wonder the soul becomes weaker when fed negative thoughts and emotions, bad news, violent movies, angry, judgmental, or unloving relationships.

I Starved My Soul

I’m at fault for letting my soul starve. For many years I simply forgot to feed it…

As a result, I became empty inside. I hardly felt at all unless I experienced negative emotions. I lost my spark and creativity. And I struggled to feel love or joy, nor was I enthusiastic, passionate, or excited…about anything.

Yet, I yearned for those things… I wanted to live fully!

So I turned my attention to doing things that feed my soul. I began reading and writing. Also, I adopted a puppy, visited wild horses, took on spiritual pursuits, focused on personal growth courses, and sought out like-minded friends. On the career side, I even turned my business into one that included some healthy soul foods.

And I stopped doing what I thought I should do or what others expected me to do. Instead, I did things that fed my soul.

Little by little, my soul has regained its strength and health. And I feel so, so much better as a result! I’m finally beginning to live fully and on purpose.

A Well-Fed Soul Helps You Make a Difference

Indeed, your soul wants you to live fully—physically and spiritually. And it wants to inform your actions and guide you toward a purposeful life. It wants you to make a difference in your unique way and contribute to humanity. (Yes, humanity…)

Remember: you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Focus on feeding body and soul because this holistic focus helps you grow, expand, transform, and impact yourself in many positive ways. However, it also ensures that you live more fully, reach your potential, and achieve your purpose.

With a dynamic body and soul, your energy vibrates at a higher level. Then, like a pebble thrown into a pond, your vibrancy creates energetic ripples that impact all they touch. Therefore, you make a difference even without making the effort to do so. You contribute to the energy field of all humanity and cause it to move up the vibratory scale and expand exponentially.

That’s the expansive power of living a life that feeds your soul.

In fact, if we consistently cared for and fed our souls, we would co-create a different world and life experience for all. Each one of us would positively impact the oversoul of humanity.

That’s an admirable mission, is it not?

How will you care for and feed your soul? Please, tell me in a comment below. And if you are unsure, click here.

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