The One Thing You Must Do if You Want to Live Fully

Are you living your life fully? Be honest. Are you stretching, growing, loving, and doing things that make you feel alive, passionate, excited, and fulfilled? If not, you probably lack trust.

When you don’t trust—yourself, others, or the Creator, you hold yourself back. And as long as you continue to restrain yourself, you can’t truly enjoy and live life to the fullest extent possible.

I know this from experience. Despite writing about and developing a course on how to live fully, I don’t always do the essential thing necessary to accomplish that goal.

I don’t trust.

Trust Allows You to Let Go

Truth be told, I didn’t realize trust was so critical to living fully until a few weeks ago. So, it’s no wonder I wasn’t trusting enough.

But during a meditation last week, I had a big aha moment. I saw images from my childhood…memories of times I lived fully…and recognized a shared element that led to that experience.

In each instance, I was totally present, joyous, and excited—because I trusted I would be cared for and safe. That trust allowed me to let go and experience the moment in its entirety…to live fully.

You’ve probably seen pictures of people riding on a roller coaster and not holding on to the safety bar. Instead, they have their hands up in the air in total abandon. You can see from their faces they are experiencing the moment…the rush of adrenaline, the wind on their faces, the moments of fear…all of it…without holding on.

That’s trust.

Those people are living fully…at least until the ride ends.

My Memories of Living Fully

I can recall a few such moments, and I saw them in my mind’s eye during the meditation. For instance, I vividly recalled sledding with my mom, dad, sisters, and a few family friends at midnight on New Year’s Eve. We lived in a house with a steep hill in the backyard ending at the edge of a lake. In the cold and dark, we would start our sleds’ downward journey from the top of the hill and then slide out onto the frozen lake as far as possible.

I felt so much joy as my sled glided across the ice, which glimmered in the moonlight. And I thought of nothing but the experience; I was totally present, excited, and filled with joy.

And I trusted that I could let the sled take me on the ride and be safe. That trust allowed me to be present and enjoy the ride instead of focused on a future possibility of danger, like an injury.

I also recalled my father driving my sisters and me home up a hilly road. He would go fast over the inclines and dips to create the sensation of being on a roller coaster. From the back seat, we squealed, and my father laughed.

As an aside, my father knew how to live fully and enjoy life more than almost anyone I’ve known. I’m sure they both died with few regrets.

I trusted my father to get us safely home…and give us a thrilling ride along the way. So I allowed myself to be in the moment, excited, and joyous.

If I had not trusted my parents and safety, I might never have experienced those moments. I might not know what it is like to trust, let go, and allow myself to live fully—to experience all life has to offer. Instead, I would have gone through the same experiences feeling fear and anxiety as I focused on a potential future that might never have come to pass.

The Key to Living Fully

I shared these memories with a group of people, and it was in the retelling that I realized my inability to trust has prevented me from living fully. I can’t remember too many such fully lived experiences except when I was young.

And the reason why is simple: I no longer trust.

I deeply regret that I have not allowed myself to let go and feel joy, be present, and experience passion for and excitement about my experiences and life. But now I know what I must do to rectify the situation.

I must trust…fully. And from that place of trust, I can finally let go of the safety bar and enjoy the ride…fully.

Who or What Do You Trust?

So, here I am…an adult. My father passed away 55 years ago. My mother is 98 and failing in health. I supposed I still could trust what they told me and the examples they set. However, my interpretation of my parents’ words and actions might not have been accurate. After all, while most kids do trust their parents unconditionally, in reality, I could have gotten injured sledding. And driving at speeds on a country road probably was not the safest thing to do.

So, who…or what…do I trust.

First, I can trust myself. I know myself better than anyone. And I always have my best interest in mind and heart. I can trust that I will make good decisions or take actions that support my highest good.

But what if my history shows otherwise? What if I have stories about how I have made bad decisions or acted in dangerous ways? What then?

I must avoid getting caught up in fear of repeating my “mistakes.” Seeing the past as a mistake is an indication that I am stuck in old interpretations of the past, most of which are false. When I tell myself those old stories, I can’t be trusted to make choices that allow me to live fully. Instead, I risk leading myself astray.

But suppose I tap into my intuition and Higher Self. In that case, I will receive the guidance I need—advice based on the present moment rather than incorrect interpretations of the past and fear about the future. If I trust my spiritual guidance system, I can let go, allow, and live to a much fuller extent. And spiritual guidance can always be trusted.

Even better, I can trust the Creator. You’ve heard the adage that “the Universe has your back,” right? If you believe that, you can let go and live fully since the Universe—God, Source, Creator—is watching out for you. Trust in something greater than you is often all that’s needed to allow yourself to let go and enjoy the ride.

Lack of Trust Leads to Fear

To live fully, it’s imperative to discover where you lack trust. For example, maybe you don’t trust money to flow into your life, your boss to retain you as an employee, your partner to remain faithful, or yourself to stick to a diet.

You fear whatever you don’t trust. Distrust involves suspicion and doubt that someone is honest or something is reliable. In other words, you fear that someone can’t be trusted, isn’t honest, or will let you down.

As you distrust, you imagine the worst. You worry that your worst fears will come true. And that means you don’t trust that you are taken care of and safe in the world.

Close your eyes and think about the area of your life where you lack trust. Imagine the worst happening…that what you fear—what you do not trust—will come to pass. How do you feel? Are you present…or in the future. Are you excited…or afraid? Are you open and allowing, or closed and unreceptive?

Now, imagine shifting to trust—trusting fully in the same circumstances. What then? How do you feel?

Last, imagine how you will experience life in a year or more if you continue to lack trust in someone or something. Will you be living fully? Or will you be holding back?

I’ve done this exercise, and I know the answer. One, three, or five years from now, If I don’t learn to trust, I will experience life just as I do now. And I would not say I currently live fully.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to learn to trust! I will trust myself and Creator. I will trust that the Universe has my back. And as a result, I will allow myself to live fully.

What stops you from trusting so you can live fully? Tell me in a comment below, and please share this post with a friend.

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2 thoughts on “The One Thing You Must Do if You Want to Live Fully”

  1. Hi, Nina:
    While reading your article, I was surprised to learn that my lack of trust in myself, my Creator-God, and family and friends is indeed holding me back. How do I know this? As I read through the article, my gut told me that this is a lesson I need to embrace. As a result,
    I’m writing trust on my list of things to remember and things to do.
    Thank you!

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