10 Reasons to Focus on Your Personal Growth

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People often ask me why they should “work on themselves” or begin a personal growth journey. The reason is simple: You start the process of personal growth because you want to be the best version of yourself possible.

Personal growth is about becoming your best self. That doesn’t mean that you don’t accept yourself now. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love yourself enough to be happy with how or where you are. It does mean that you realize you could be more, do more or better, and, as a result, create more health, success, love, prosperity, abundance, happiness, or whatever it is you desire.

The desire to grow arises from deep inside. Maybe you feel that internal push…or not. Some people decide to pursue change out of necessity, for example, because their marriage is troubled or boss threatens to fire them.

I prefer not to have circumstances force me to grow. Instead, I prefer to choose to fertilize myself with personal growth on a regular basis. This habit helps me grow strong and tall as well as to blossom and bear fruit in all areas of my life.

Personal Growth is Not Work

Personal growth is often defined as “working on yourself.” However, the word “work” has a negative connotation. That’s why I prefer to call personal growth a transformational journey or a growth path.

Specifically, personal growth is a change process. And that process ends in transformation—the state of being changed.

A process takes time and can require attention and effort. It sometimes feels hard. However, the benefits of personal growth make the process worthwhile—even when it feels challenging.

10 Reasons to Start a Engage in Personal Growth

Do you still wonder why you might decide to embark on a personal growth journey? Here are 10 reasons to begin the transformational process.

1. To get unstuck.

If you feel like you can’t change yourself or your life, personal growth strategies can shed light on why transformation alludes you. It’s important to realize you are never stuck—unless you think you are. Most personal growth programs help you see that you always have the ability to make a new choice and get unstuck fast.
 2. To be more courageous.

If you are too afraid to take action that holds the promise of change, personal growth can help you focus on positive possibilities. When you realize what you stand to gain by taking bold action—and what you stand to lose by not taking action—you are more likely to be courageous.

3. To feel more confident.

Your self-image determines how you show up and behave in the world. Feeling not good enough in any way causes a lack of confidence, but personal growth programs focus on helping you love and value yourself more. In the process, your level of confidence rises.

4. To experience more joy.

Unhappiness is caused by many things, but all your emotions are born out of your thoughts. Changing your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs is the first step toward increased happiness—and mindset training is a massive part of any transformational journey. Of course, learning that you can choose how to feel makes a difference, too!

5. To experience more love.

As I mentioned, personal growth helps you love yourself unconditionally. When you love yourself, you open yourself to experience more love in relationships with others. As you remove your negative stories about love and relationship and replace them with new, positive ones, it becomes possible—even probably—that you will discover love.

6. To improve your health.

The most common personal growth programs are about health—fitness, weight loss, diet, healing health conditions, etc. While you might not consider hiring a personal trainer or buying a gym membership and committing to work out daily personal growth, it is. You are transforming your health with new mindsets and habits.

7. To increase your income.

If you struggle to earn enough money or find your money going out as fast as it comes in, you will benefit from personal growth. A great deal—if not all—of our problems surrounding wealth come from negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, “bad” habits, and old unsupportive stories about money. “ All of these things fall under the purview of personal growth. That’s why so many people swear the transformational process helped them cure their “lack consciousness.”

8. To have better relationships.

Challenging relationships also send people searching for good personal growth programs. Like money issues, relationships are impacted by your thoughts, habits, mindsets, beliefs, and stories. Change these, and your relationships transform, too.

9. To achieve more success.

Along with money and relationships, the desire for higher levels of success often drives people to seek ways to change. When you alter your mindset and level up your habits and skillsets, you can achieve more success personally and professionally. Sometimes reaching a higher level of success in any life arena simply requires a change in beliefs or behaviors.

10. To achieve your dreams.

Sometimes our dreams feel unachievable. In actuality, the only thing stopping you from realizing your dreams is you. You are the obstacle. Personal growth is the best way to help you get out of your own way.

Become Your Best Self

It’s common to fall into complacency. Even when your life is comfortable, and you feel successful, you may feel a little unrest or dissatisfaction. Your soul knows you are capable of more.

The most successful people in the world invest much time and money in personal growth. They never give in to complacency and consistently focus on reaching new levels of success personally and professionally.

Personal growth is their secret sauce. These people chose to hire a transformational coach or business coach or join a mastermind or transformational coaching program.

You can do the same. Invest in an online personal growth course or program or read a few books that help you change your habits or mindset. Each little step along the transformational journey supports your efforts to become the person you know you can be.

The Effort is Worthwhile

Is personal growth easy? No. It takes effort and a willingness to be enormously honest with yourself and take responsibility for yourself and your life.

Is personal growth necessary? Not if you don’t care about growing, changing, leveling up, and becoming the best version of yourself possible. If you are interested in those outcomes, then it is definitely necessary. It’s also required to get the most out of life and give all you can contribute in this lifetime.

Is personal growth worth the time, effort, and “work”? Definitely. Everything you desire lies on the other side of the change process, which lowers your resistance to playing big and stepping into your power as a creator.

Remember. Personal growth is a process of change. Change leads to transformation. Transformation allows you to experience an entirely new way of being in the world.

Have you embarked on a transformational journey? In what positive ways did you change? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with someone you think would benefit from reading it.

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