How Setting an Intention Helps You Hit Your Target

be intentional and set intentions to create what you desire.

“Intention” is a powerful word. When you intend something, you determine where you focus your attention. Become an intentional person, and your actions align with your intention. That’s when you create the results you desire.

Your intention is the direction in which you aim. Consider an archer who sets up a target with a bull’s eye at the center. His intention is to hit the bull’s eye.

When you set an intention, you direct your conscious and subconscious mind toward a target. At the same time, you set the process of achieving your goal in motion. You let the arrow fly.

Set Creative Powers in Motion

If you would like to manifest something, stop talking about “wanting” it. The word “want” keeps you in a state of perpetual lack.

Instead, use the word “intend.” Say,  “I intend to have, create, or receive” whatever you desire. Do that, and you set the creative forces of having, creating, and receiving into motion.

You are focused on the target and flowing energy in that direction. You clearly state that you will create your desire—you intend to do just that!

How to Hit Your Target

But intention is not enough. For the intention to work its magic, you must also have clarity, focus, commitment, and discipline.

Become clear enough to choose a target and be focused, committed, and disciplined so you do what is necessary to hit it. For instance, you must commit to aiming and shooting arrows at the target consistently, which requires discipline.

Plus, intention is most potent when aligned with purpose. The reason you want to hit a particular target provides a driving force that keeps you focused on the target and showing up for target practice. Meaning aligns your actions with something bigger than you—the why behind your intention.

It’s always easier to remain clear, focused, committed, and disciplined when you have a strong sense of purpose.

Intention Focuses Your Attention

There’s a simple reason why intention offers powerful results: it focuses your attention on your target.   You’ve probably heard the familiar adage: “Where your attention goes, your energy flows.” Indeed, when your attention is focused on your intention, your energy flows toward that target.

You’ve probably also heard the advice that you must focus on your desires if you want to create them. It’s true because when you hold your desire—what you intend to create—in your mind, you enhance the creative process with your imagination. You focus your mind’s eye on the world you want to live in—and that sends energy toward the end goal.

Plus, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine and experience in the physical world. The more often you imagine what you desire, the faster you create neural pathways that support achieving your goal.

And you continuously send energy toward your vision and reinforce that you intend to make that vision real.

Your intention sets creative energies in motion, and placing your attention on your intention helps the energy flow in that direction.

Create Intentional Habits

You hold your imagined world together with attention, and your attention creates energy that moves you toward your target. It helps you continue trying to hit a bull’s eye.

What happens if you ignore your intention? Nothing.

On the other hand, if you place your attention on your intention, you are likely to take action, commit to being disciplined about that action, and, as a result, develop a habit.

Once you have a habit, you no longer need to focus on that specific action. You will do it by rote.

However, remain intentional; otherwise, you won’t notice the action. That means the amount of energy you send in that direction decreases.

You must act intentionally even when a consistent action becomes habitual.

Act Intentionally

To continue acting intentionally requires a shift in identity. Let me explain.

It’s all well and good to say, “I intend to buy a red Rolls Royce, or I intend to become an author.” However, be someone who puts your attention on that target and shoots the arrow in that direction. You have to take action—not just any action but intentional action.

What is intentional action? It’s action that aligns with your intention—things you do because you know they help you hit your target. Simply said, it’s the action you deliberately take or that is “on purpose” for you.

Someone who is intentional takes intentional action. So, decide to be someone intentional. Such a person has clarity and is focused, committed, and disciplined. And they set intentions.

Choose to be intentional, and the characteristics become who you are—your identity. You will be an intentional person.

Then, your actions will align with your intentions. You will do the things someone intentional would do.

For instance, you would save money for a Rolls Royce. You might also visit the dealership and sit in a car. Then, you might set aside time every day to imagine driving it.

Or you would take a course on how to write a book and get published. After that, you might list what needs to happen to become an author. Then, you could schedule time daily for writing and publishing-related tasks.

Each of these intentional actions is a way of shooting arrows at your target. They continuously focus your attention, thus sending energy in the direction of what you intend to create. And as an intentional person, you are bound to hit the bull’s eye.

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