The Quickest and Most Effective Way to Achieve Transformation

Decide who to be for transformation

If you want transformation, change your identity. This is the most effective way to create quick and long-lasting change.

Choose who to be. Then be that person.

Indeed, your identity choices impact the success you achieve in any life arena.  As I see it, your identity is the birthing place for your habits, behavior, mindset, personality, and values. Indeed, how you show up in, interact with, and perceive the world always aligns with who you are being—your identity.  That’s why when you change your identity to one that aligns with your goals, transformation happens…fast.

What is Identity?

Identity is commonly defined as the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. Additionally, it refers to your sense of who you are as an individual and as a member of social groups. Plus, identity tends to emerge from your sense of how others perceive and label you.

It’s common to hear the term “ego” equated to your identity. It’s the part of you considered your “self,” distinguishing your self from the self of others. It is the reasonable decision-making part of your conscious mind.

At its core, though, identity is essential to human existence. Indeed, your identity consists of characteristics, beliefs, and values that define who you are as a person, and it distinguishes and makes you who you are now.

But identity is not permanent, even though many people believe it is. You can change your identity at any moment—and change your results, circumstances, interactions, and ways of approaching or seeing the world in the process.

Identity Shifts Happen Fast

Here’s how fast your identity can shift: The moment a woman discovers she is pregnant, she becomes a mother. The moment a man gives up drinking, he is a non-drinker. The moment you get promoted to a managerial position, you are a manager.

All it takes is a moment to shift your identity and change your life.

The same holds true when you consciously choose to change your identity. For instance, I changed my identity from someone uncommitted to her marriage to someone committed to her marriage. That shift in identity saved my marriage.

I also went from being someone who lacked self-integrity to someone who is self-integral. By keeping my promises to myself, I became more productive and started consistently exercising, reading, and writing.

I also changed my identity from angry to loving. Wow…what a difference that made to my marriage and other relationships! It also changed how I feel every day. I’m now more centered, peaceful, and happy.

The Benefits of Identity Change

There are a host of benefits you might experience from choosing a new identity. Here’s the first—and most powerful—one: When you select a new identity, you see yourself differently. For example, suppose you have always considered yourself someone who doesn’t finish what you start, and then you choose to be someone who completes things. In that case, you will see yourself capable of getting to “done.” That means you’ll see yourself as committed, tenacious, and productive.

how identity impacts transformationAdditionally, you’ll stop doing many behaviors aligned with your old identity. Here’s a simple example: if you used to be a smoker and choose to be a non-smoker, you will stop smoking. Why? Non-smokers don’t smoke. The same is true if you go from being a carnivore to a vegetarian. You’ll no longer eat meat.

Also, the behaviors you desire that align with the new identity will easily and quickly become habitual. Let’s say you choose to be a writer. Writers write. So, with your new identity, you will likely decide to write daily and follow through on that commitment. After all, that’s what a writer does.

Following that example, you won’t waste a lot of time or energy debating with yourself about whether or not to write. You will just do it. No questions asked. No resistance or procrastination. Just you doing what writers do.

Along with your new identity comes a corresponding set of beliefs, values, and mindsets. All of these help you achieve the results you desire—simply because you are being someone different.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that choosing an identity and becoming that person is a long process. If you believe that it will take a while, it will. But it can be like flipping a switch.

How to Take On a New Identity

So how do you choose and take on a new identity? Take these four steps.

1. Decide who you need to be to accomplish the goals you have.

Your intention could be related to relationships, finances, career, health, or something else. If you aren’t sure what identity you need, ask: What type of person would be able to accomplish this goal? Your answer might be “Someone courageous” or “Someone productive and committed.” Now you know who you need to be.

2. Consciously choose your new identity.

Your identity can change without choosing a new one intentionally. This could occur if you get promoted and suddenly start being a manager or get a marriage proposal and immediately begin being someone engaged. However, it’s best to choose your new identity intentionally.

Consciously decide to shift your identity in a way that helps you be someone who can do the things that will allow you to accomplish your goal. For instance, depending on your goal, you could choose to be someone who:

  • meditates every morning at 5 a.m.
  • writes daily.
  • eats a vegan diet.
  • drinks tea instead of coffee.

In each case, you have chosen a new identity:

  • You are a meditator.
  • You are a writer.
  • You are a vegan.
  • You are a tea drinker.

3. Do the things a person with that identity would do.

Initially, you might have to be entirely intentional about acting like the person you are now being. However, you will begin habitually taking those actions very quickly—sometimes almost instantaneously. You will do them automatically without thought because you are now a person who does that.

If that doesn’t happen immediately, put the actions on your calendar or phone as reminders. Then…

Meditate. Write. Eat a vegan meal. Drink a cup of tea.

4. Be the person with that identity.

Remember that taking on this new identity is not about faking it until you make it. That approach only reinforces the belief that you are not yet the person you want to be. You tell your brain that you do not have that identity, which deepens any beliefs and neural pathways related to not being that person yet.

Taking on a new identity is about being the person you choose to be from the moment you decide who you want or need to be.

If you think, “I’m not really a person who meditates daily,” you will struggle to meditate daily. Instead, tell yourself, “I am now a meditator!”

You can visualize yourself being that person or even use self-hypnosis to create neural pathways that program your brain to help you be that person. But being that person will accomplish the same result faster.

Be Who You Have Chosen to Be

Once you’ve decided on a new identity, be the new version of you. Even if at first it does feel like you are faking it, affirm that you are now a person who…mediates each morning, writes daily, eats vegan food, or only drinks tea.

And don’t argue with yourself about what to do. Only do the things that align with your new identity.

So, if you have to be somewhere early one morning, don’t debate if you will still meditate or write. Just get up earlier and do it. If you are offered a non-vegan meal, refuse it. And if you are passing Starbucks and jonesing for a mocha Frappuccino, keep on driving or stop and order an iced chai latte instead.

Be who you have chosen to be. Period. Align all your actions with that new identity. Then notice how easy it becomes to do the things necessary to achieve your goals.

Then, if you have a new goal or intention, you’ll know how to accomplish it. Chose another new identity. Decide who you need to be to do the things necessary to get from Point A to Point B. Then, be that person.

Have you experienced a quick and lasting transformation by changing your identity? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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