8 Ways You Use Your Inherent Creative Ability

You are a creatorYou were born with a spark of Divinity within. That means you are a Creator.

After all, we know little about God—the Divine Creator—other than that this Force is creative.

Almost every religion agrees on this fact. And spiritual texts from different traditions speak of God—or whatever you call It—as the Source of all. In other words, God is responsible for what we call “creation.” That includes humans, animals, insects, birds, Earth, the sun, the moon, the universe, the sky, the oceans, fire, trees, and so on.

Some of these sacred texts claim that humans are created “in God’s image.” I don’t believe the Divine Creator is a he or she or has human attributes. We don’t “look like” God, but we are god-like in that we are creators. We possess that creative spark of Divinity. Thus, I believe being created in God’s image means I, too, can create.

And so can you.

You are a Powerful Creator

If you don’t believe you are a creator, look around…

You created everything you have right now, whether you like it or not. You are a powerful creator who creates all the time—consciously and unconsciously.

Even the situations, people, and things in your life that you don’t believe you want, you still created them. Maybe you miscreated them without awareness, but you still created them.

Of course, you created the things you desire, too.

I may not have created the gorgeous views afforded by my home in New Mexico. I did not create the Sandia Mountains, for instance. But I created the opportunity to live in my house. And I created my life here.

Every day, I create my level of energy, focus, health, relationship, and prosperity. If these life arenas are not at the level I desire—or I don’t like some aspects—I could be a victim and blame someone or something else for creating them. But that won’t help me stand in my power as a creator.

It’s important to realize that you are always creating—even when you don’t know it. And to create powerfully and deliberately, you must take responsibility for what you created in the past and present. Then you possess the ability to create consciously in the future.

The Eight Ways You Create

Human beings use their creative spark in so many ways. However, I can think of eight primary ways in which we create.

1. Through your focus or attention.

You may have heard that what you focus on expands, or you are where your attention is. Both these adages speak to the fact that your ability to focus and pay attention are ways in which you create.

The more you focus your attention on something—like a blue Tesla, the more likely you are to see blue Teslas everywhere. Of course, you could argue that this occurs simply because of your awareness of this specific car. However, you could just as easily say you create more blue Teslas in your experience because that’s where your attention is focused.

With your thoughts.

Thoughts are things—they have a physical impact on the brain. They also have an energy that affects the world. Consider memes and “thought viruses.” But thoughts also create. That’s why the admonition is that you are where your thoughts are. Indeed, your thoughts create your experiences as well as the things you bring into them.

Thoughts relate to focus and attention. When you focus your attention on something, you also think about it. At odd times you may seem to pay attention with thinking—like finding your gaze trained on a flower, but your mind is likely chatting away the entire time.

3. With your words.

Words relate to thoughts since your thoughts are constructed with words. But speak or write your words, and you increase their creative ability.

Like thoughts, words have energy, which impacts whatever it touches.

Throughout the ages, mystics, teachers, and gurus have advised their followers to choose and use words carefully. Each word choice creates what you want…or don’t want, depending on what you say or write.

4. With your commitments.

Your life is filled with the things you are committed to having. Look around! You will see your commitments and what they gave created.

If you are committed to acquiring wealth, you likely have wealth—as well as a habit of saving and investing. If you are committed to good health, you likely have good health and a fridge full of healthy foods. And if you are committed to family, you likely have strong family ties—and your schedule is filled with events and times when you connect with family members.

5. With your values.

You create that which you value. If you don’t value something, you won’t focus your attention or time on it. You won’t think or talk about or commit to it. Thus, you won’t create it.

But the things you value! These you focus on, spend time on, think and take about, commit to, and more! And you create them—even if you don’t realize they are your values.

6. With your energy.

Everything in our world is comprised of energy and gives off a vibration. As I mentioned, your thoughts and words are energetic and have a vibration. In fact, when you focus your attention on something, you also put your energy toward it.

Your energy impacts how and what you create. If your physical energy is low, you’ll struggle to create. Raise it with exercise or breathing techniques, and you’ll create more easily.

You lower your energetic vibration if you think negative thoughts or feel negative emotions. And you will create more negative things from that energetic level. But raise your energy, and creating what you want becomes easy.

7. With your emotions.

Emotions are energy in motion. Since they are energy, they also impact your ability to create. For example, feeling angry, resentful, or sad lowers your energy and makes it hard to create. You will also miscreate or create things you don’t want from this vibratory level.

Change your emotions, though, and you change your ability to create and what you create. For example, feel grateful, joyous, or loving, and you will create positive things more easily.

Check out the Abraham-Hicks Vibration Scale to understand how this works. If you move your emotions up the vibratory scale, you become a more powerful creator.

8. With your actions.

A Kabbalist once told me that action is where the action is. This makes sense since we live in a physical world. Remember Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This law means that a pair of forces act on the two interacting objects in every interaction. The size of the force on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object.

So, when you take action, you create a force that impacts something else equally. More simply said, what you do, how you behave, what you say, and how you contribute or interact with others creates a reaction…and that results in a creation.

It’s unlikely that you can create something from nothing—unless you are the most highly-evolved being. First, you have to focus your attention, think about having what you desire, talk about what it is like to have it, feel how grateful and happy you will be to have created it and then raise your energy as high as possible. Then you must take action. Do something to create what you desire.

How to Stop Miscreating

Unfortunately, most people miscreate more often than they deliberately create. This happens simply from a lack of awareness or consciousness of how they create in every moment. To stop miscreating, keep your eight creative abilities top of mind.

Realize also how you miscreate.

  • Your mind habitually tends toward the negative. Without realizing it, you focus your attention, thoughts, and words on fear, worry, overwhelm, and what you don’t want.
  • You continually demonstrate habits of thought and behavior that don’t serve you. Yet, you are committed to them.
  • You believe you are a victim of circumstances—you aren’t responsible for anything in your life that you don’t like.
  • You stand in your own way by remaining in your comfort zone—even when it feels uncomfortable.

As a result, you create what you don’t want.

Step into being a creator and consciously and deliberately create by managing your

  1. Focus/attention
  2. Thoughts
  3. Words
  4. Commitments
  5. Values
  6. Energy
  7. Emotions
  8. Actions

Do what creators do. Consciously create what you desire by using your creative ability deliberately.

Be a creator. After all, it’s who you are.

Can you see that you are creating consciously in the ways I describe? Tell me in a comment below. And if you don’t feel you are miscreating and need support changing that habit, click here. Or schedule a quick chat here.

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