10 Word Choices that Help You Manifest What You Want

Alternative word choices for want and needFlorence Scovel Shinn aptly said, “Your word is your wand.” And she’s correct because words are magic. Whether you speak them aloud, write them down, or consciously or subconsciously think them, words create things.

The creative nature of words is not a new concept. Read the Old Testament, for instance. It relates to the story of God speaking the world into existence. “Let there be light,” God said, “And there was light.” The New Testament says, “In the beginning was the word….”

The Universe, Source, Creator, or whatever you call “God,” responds to your words. It hears your deepest desires in the words you speak and think as well as in those you commit to paper. It constantly discerns what you want to create based on your words. And then it helps you manifest those desires.

Your words act as wands no matter what you say or think. Your words create what you want and don’t want—depending on how you use them. That’s why it’s so important to choose your words with care.

Choose Your Words Carefully

By now, you’ve probably realized that you must be conscious of the exact words you use. Each word choice has important implications. For example, saying you “want” or “need” something sends the message that you prefer to “want” and “need.” Therefore, these words create more wanting and needing—more lack of what you desire.

For this reason, avoid words like “want” or “need” because they keep you in lack. They tell the Universe you don’t have something, and you want to continue not having it.

Words have Energy

One of the reasons that words are creative is because they emit energy that corresponds with their meanings. The world is an energetic place, and the Universe responds to energy.

The energy behind wanting anything—more money, a new relationship, a better job, super health, or whatever—is that of lack. You acknowledge you don’t have what you want now, and the energy of that word—want—is communicated as a desire to remain in lack.

I’m at fault for using “want” and “need,” too. A friend of mine pointed out three times the other day that I said, “I want….” Of course, I simply expressed a desire, but my choice of words blocked the manifestation of that desire.

Pay attention to the words you’re using, the language of your thoughts, speech, and written content. Each one draws things—both negative and positive—to you like magic. The wand creates based on the words you use.

Describe Having Your Desires

When my friend pointed out my use of “want,” I was reminded to describe my desire as already manifest. “Want” and “need” don’t do that. In fact, they describe the opposite.

You can use words to create what you “want,” but to manifest that desire, choose those that clearly state you have or already enjoy whatever you desire. Or your words must indicate that you know that desire is coming to you soon.

For example, don’t say, “I want more money” or “I need a new job.” Instead, say, “Money comes to me easily,” or “The perfect job is manifesting for me now.”

The first example states that you are now someone who attracts money. It’s an identity shift and a statement of having what you desire.

The second example makes it clear that your desire is coming…soon. It’s a shift in perspective and belief and a statement that what you want exists in the present.

Clarity Aids Conscious Creation

Also, be clear about what you want, and speak and think about that as much as possible. Most of us don’t know what we want and have an easier time saying what we don’t want instead.

Pay attention, and you’ll realize that you constantly talk and think about what you don’t want. This might take the form of worry or complaining. So it’s no wonder you manifest the opposite of what you actually desire.

Since what you focus on expands, focus on what you want. For example, if your thoughts are trained on how much you hate your spouse, don’t like your job, or are unhappy with your weight, you create more of those things.

Not sure what you want? Identify the opposite of what you don’t want. That’s your desire. And now you have clarity on what you desire.

How to Counteract Reverse Manifestation

Of course, you may not be aware that you are focused on what you don’t want. But the words used in your thoughts are still creative. Thus, you subconsciously create more of what you don’t want. You reverse manifest.

To remedy this issue, look at the things you don’t want in your life. Then make a list of all the thoughts you have around them. What do you think about them most often?

That list increases your awareness of your negative thinking patterns. With greater awareness, you can catch yourself thinking or saying them more quickly—and shift your thoughts to having what you want. (You identified that previously.)

Similarly to the exercise above, turn each thought on the list into one that clearly states what you want. Then, with clarity of desire, you can consciously create that desire more easily.

Use Words as Your Wand

To use words as your wand and manifest your desires, try different word choices or synonyms for “want” and “need.” I brainstormed a list of 10 other word choices or phrases you can try.

1. I like/enjoy…

Like and enjoy are powerful word choices because they are packed with emotion. Emotions have potent energy and, therefore, increase the creative power of your words. In addition, emotionally charged words send an unequivocal message to the Universe.

You might say, “I like my new job,” or “I enjoy having money pile up in my bank account.” You can feel the emotion around these statements. I understand that you may not have a new job yet to enjoy, or you may not have money in the bank to enjoy, so these statements may not ring true. However, the more you say such things, the more likely you are to create what you desire.

2. I prefer…

“I prefer…” offers an effective alternative to “want” or “need” because it’s a statement of choice. The choice comes from clarity. And, like a decision, it’s a clear message of desire.

A simple example might be, “I prefer chocolate over vanilla ice cream,” versus “I want chocolate, not vanilla, ice cream.”

3. I see myself having…

“I see myself having…” is a visual cue. Therefore, this word choice employs visualization, which is proven to enhance creative ability.

This option also puts “having” at the forefront versus “wanting.” That’s a powerful shift.

An example of this usage might be, “I see myself having money piling up in my bank account” or “I see myself having a new job.”

4. I have…

You also could say, “I have…,” which puts the manifestation of your desire in the present. It’s already done.

For instance, you might say, “I have money piling up in my bank account.” This may not be true yet, but the more you say it, the higher the likelihood that this becomes your reality.

Plus, this verbiage allows you to visualize experiencing the manifestation now. It also allows you to feel gratitude for having it (or knowing it is coming to you). Gratitude is the most powerful prayer and emotion you can offer to the Universe as you consciously create with words.

5. I am creating…

Try saying, “I am creating…” After all, you are a powerful creator. You create all the time with your words and energy—even when you aren’t trying.

“I’m creating…” speaks to the action of creation. You affirm that you are in the process of creating what you want, such as that new job or money piling up in your bank account.

6. I choose to have/create…

“I choose to have…” or “I choose to create…” are effective alternatives since they indicate a clear choice. You’ve made a decision, and the Universe understands that.

It’s in your choices that your destiny is determined. So commit to those choices, and watch more magic happen.

7. I decide to have…

Along the same lines as the last option, “I decide to have…” indicates choice. It’s a clear statement of a decision made.

Also, “choose” and “decide,” as well as “find,” are action words. Creation is an action.

For example, you might say, “I decide that I now have money piling up in my bank account,” or “I decide to find a new job.”

8. I love/am passionate about…

You could use the phrases “I love…” or “I’m passionate about…” to replace “want” or “need.” These are emotionally charged words as well.

For instance, you might say, “I love the fact that money piles up in my bank account,” or “I am passionate about earning more money.”

9. I fancy…

Another choice might be, “I fancy.” This may sound like a British way to state what you want. Still, it also demonstrates a preference, such as, “I fancy chocolate over vanilla ice cream” or “I fancy Milky Ways over Hershey’s Kisses.” When you can tell the Universe clearly what you prefer, you are more likely to manifest it.

“Fancy” also expresses emotion, preference, and choice. This fact makes it a powerful choice.

10. I’ve set my heart on… or I’m committed to…

The last option is, “I’ve set my heart on…” For instance, “I set my heart on having a new job.” “I set my heart on a new car.” This easily replaces “having.” Plus, there’s lots of emotion in this phrase.

“I’ve set my heart on…” isn’t far off from “I am committed to…,” which is another fabulous option. You create whatever you commit to. And when your heart is set on having something, you are committed to creating it.

Be Someone Who Has What You Desire

Last but definitely not least, you can use your identity to express what you desire. In this case, instead of saying, “I want…,” say, “I am someone who has…” Tie who you’re being to having your desire.

I realize that you don’t believe you are that person now, but stepping into the identity of having what you desire creates powerful magic, too. When you are being someone who already has what you want, you move from where you are to where you want to be. As a result, you begin doing the things that create your desire. That includes thinking and speaking about what you want as if you already have it…because, as that identity, you do.

Do you have different ways to express your desires? If so, share them in the comment section below. And please share this post on social media or with your friends.

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