Two Ways to Create the Results You Desire

create the results you want

You are a powerful creator. Look at your life. The proof is in your results.

You may already realize this, but each result you achieve is one of your creations.

  • Prosperity or debt.
  • Good or bad health.
  • Loving or abusive relationships.
  • Your life’s work or a job.
  • Happiness or sadness.

All of these are results, and you create them.

You may judge your results negatively or positively, but most important is whether you are happy with what you are creating.

Answer this question:  What type of results are you creating—positive or negative, good or bad, wanted or unwanted?

If you aren’t creating the type of results you want, it’s time to learn how to create different results, is it not?

There are two effective ways to change your results. Let’s look at both.

The Transformational Results Method

The first approach relies on personal growth to help you transform your results. Yes, that means you have to change.

You are the source of your results. Therefore, you have to do or be something different for your results to change. You have to become the type of person who can get different results.

While many personal growth strategies feel difficult and as if you have to push or work hard to change, you can transform easily in an instant. Really. (And I make that claim even though I offer personal growth as a Certified High Performance Coach.) When that happens, your results begin to change immediately as well.

New Identity Leads to New Results

For that “magic” to happen, you have to do one thing: alter your identity. Be a person who creates the results you desire.

An identity shift is a decision. You decide, This is who I am. For instance, I am a person who…

  • Gets promotions.
  • Attracts the perfect clients or partners.
  • Finds it easy to lose weight.
  • Is productive and focused every day.
  • Has enough money in the bank.

You make that shift as soon as you decide on identity and become that person. But don’t decide who you will be later…unless you are willing to wait for new results. Instead, if you want them soon, choose to be that person now.

Results Come from Actions

Results are based on actions. When you decide—and commit to—being someone different, your actions change. They align with your new identity. For example, someone who decides they are a non-smoker will not buy cigarettes or smoke.

As you embody your new identity, you develop a different set of behaviors. And those habits will help you get a new set of results.

The Spiritual Results Method

The second approach to changing your results is spiritually based and focuses on getting what I call “inspired results”. Inspired results come from your spiritual GPS, or guidance positioning system.

Tap into your spiritual GPS, and you receive “directions” to get from where you are to where you want to go. Your destination is the result you want to create. The directions you receive are the actions that create your desired results.

To tap into your spiritual GPS, meditate, pray, or try journaling or channeled writing. Then ask how to create the results you desire. Even better, ask what results are for your highest good and how to create them.

If you aren’t receiving clear guidance, you can go to a psychic, channeler, or intuitive coach. Any of these spiritual guides can give you their opinion on how to get your desired results. Additionally, they can advise you on what outcomes will move you toward fulfilling your purpose and achieving your potential.

Use Your Spiritual GPS

I’m a big advocate of listening to your own guidance—whether that’s your intuition or messages from your Higher Self or guides. However, many people find these difficult to receive or understand.

I understand; I often feel challenged to notice or trust the guidance I get. And it’s easy to ignore intuitive hits.

If that’s you, too, no worries! There is another way to take a spiritual approach to getting results.

Take inspired action.

Take Inspired Action

Inspired actions are the things you do because you feel inspired. Inspiration comes from your spiritual GPS, which is a function of intuition and messages from your Higher Self and guides. However, it is also powered by being passionate and on purpose at the same time.

Tapping into your inspiration leads to the inspired action that creates the results you desire. In the inspired state, that next step toward your aspiration becomes apparent. You find yourself inspired and motivated to take it.

But you might be wondering how to get inspired. After all, not every one feels inspired or knows how to generate inspiration at will.

No worries!

Get Inspired

You can generate inspiration with a simple formula:


What do you want to accomplish in this lifetime? What is your life’s work or dharma? You might call this your mission, or calling, or life’s purpose. It’s your “Big Why,” or the reason you are here and the meaning behind your goals and the things you desire…including results.

Next, make a list of the things you are passionate about. This could be your family, stopping global warming, rescuing animals, helping women stand in their power, gardening, writing, painting, or just about anything at all.

Then, find a way to combine your purpose with your passion, and you will feel inspired. For example, if your purpose is to help parents raise conscious children and have a passion for writing, write about this topic. You will feel inspired.

How to Combine Purpose and Passion

If the result you want is increased income, consider if you feel on purpose with your current work. And are you passionate about it? If not, then determine what work feels on purpose for you. The work you identify is your life’s work; it helps you fulfill your purpose. Are you passionate about that work? If not, how could you combine it with something you are passionate about?

If your life’s work is writing and you are passionate about the arts, you might write for arts organizations. Or, if you believe your life’s work is to teach, what topic are you passionate about? Teach that!

Identify an Inspired Action

By combining purpose and passion, you generate inspiration. Once inspired, get quiet… Ask yourself, What is my next best step forward to get the results I desire?

The answer will come.

If it doesn’t come immediately, try journaling, asking for signs, or watching for new opportunities. Be patient.

The Importance of Inspiration

Combining purpose and passion always puts you into a state of inspiration. If you can’t see how the results you desire are related to purpose and passion, consider how to combine them anyway. The point is to feel inspired.

From that state of inspiration comes the realization of what inspired action to take—in any area of life. Here’s why…

When you feel inspired, you tap into your spiritual and internal GPS. You are in spirit or connected to your Higher Self. And from that state flows the knowledge of what to do next…what inspired action to take…to create the results you want.

When you are inspired, it’s easier to create. That’s when you are the most powerful creator because you are tuned into your spiritual GPS. You know how to create results.

The “Right” Results

If getting results that align with your desires continues to feel tough, keep this in mind: Your desired results might not be for your highest good.

In other words, you might want results that are not right or best for you from a spiritual point of view. Or perhaps you aren’t going about getting results in the best way.

For instance, you might want more income. So you keep working harder and harder in an attempt to climb the corporate ladder. Moving up to the next rung…then the next…is the result you desire.

If it’s been a slow and challenging climb, maybe you aren’t supposed to climb the ladder that way…or at all.

Ask for Guidance

That’s where your spiritual GPS comes into play. Stop pushing, struggling, and fighting for results. Instead, set your spiritual GPS on a destination, and listen for instructions.

Slow down and get in touch with your intuition or Higher Self. Then, ask for guidance concerning the next right step for you to take.

Additionally, align with who you want to be—your new identity. That identity knows what to do next.

Be that person, and you will feel inspired to do something. Notice what action you feel inspired to take. Trust that your spiritual GPS tells you to take that inspired action even if it makes no sense.

And then take inspired action. Each time you do, your spiritual GPS will speak to you louder and more clearly. As a result, your trust will grow, and you will create more inspired results.

Are you getting the results you desire? If not, join my 5-day Create Inspired Results Challenge on 8/23–27. Also, please share this post with someone who wants different results.

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